The surface PV future technologies to be improved

Polaris solar PV net news: “surface of PV in the emerging photovoltaic market developments is a major innovation, innovative applications of photovoltaic power station has a choice. “China renewable energy society Vice President Zhao Yuwen held recently under the new situation the surface PV development, system design and construction management, said at a seminar.

In recent years, the roof distributed greenhouse plant, mountain station, agricultural technology is becoming saturated, and the basic untapped water power station, project site restricted factor is small. Surface photovoltaic power generation as a new form of photovoltaic power generation concern, in national land exploration and practice.

Surface photovoltaic power capacity advantage

“Our country is rich in water resources, lakes and reservoirs in many developed surface of photovoltaic power station with land, to avoid uneven subsidence in coal mining areas, reduce water evaporation and other advantages, you can broaden the PV application. “New energy for hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources Deputy Director Wang Jixue think, our existing surface photovoltaic plant on a smaller, shallow water (about 3 meters) with” fixed pile + fixing bracket “, a small amount of” fixed-pile + trace rack “, there are also deep-floating (not less than 3 m).

Experts estimated that float on the water power plant investment costs about pile fishing light complementary power station 10%, fisheries and light complementary 4.4% higher than conventional photovoltaic power plant investment (including substation).

“The surface PV relatively high difficulty, increased construction costs. “Le, Executive Director of photovoltaic technology Assistant Wang Yingge think, pontoon/floating on the water power station floats + I-+ deep water anchorage forms the base, base material is corrosion resistance, low density, frost resistance, resistance to wind and other high performance requirements, increase the project costs 1.05~1.15/w.

What surface of photovoltaic power stations advantages to industry to its attention? Reporters at the scene discover, explore the surface PV land use, economic, policy, PV in poverty and many other advantages, capacity advantages stand out.

XI and solar power company limited Chairman Gu Huamin believes that on the surface PV power station in improving the efficiency of power generation, water on the PV modules has a cooling effect that inhibits the component temperature rise, power up the roof or on the ground about photovoltaic systems can improve 10%~15%.

“Water power station to improve power generation, is inclined surface radiation levels on the surface of the ground. Two is running a surface component temperature low. Third, water power station water intake, regular cleaning reduces the contamination of PV loss. “Dong Xiaoqing, Deputy General Manager of Hebei energy engineering design data is slightly different, she thinks some generating capacity can be higher than the ground around the water 6%~8%.

So the surface PV prospects? Wang Jixue think that the future has three main trends: the photovoltaic applications will continue to increase on the water. Breakthrough limited, Sham Shui Po, floating power plant will grow. Optimize the system design to promote electricity costs continue to decrease.

“Taking” technology needs to be improved

Water floating photovoltaic power plant (the industry referred to as “taking”) as a form of surface of photovoltaic, development prospects is also the industry look good.

“‘ Taking ‘ is still in the pilot phase, technology maturity should be improved, is an important direction of future surface photovoltaic. “Wang Jixue said construction of experiment and demonstration projects, and gradually accumulate work experience, solving of components in a humid environment for a long time reliability, bearing capacity of floating platform and technology issues such as life, which has good prospects of development and utilization of the system.

“With the roll out of scale, construction of accumulated experience, floating photovoltaic plant on the water economy of would be better. ”

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