The world s largest solar powered aircraft flying over the Atlantic map

Polaris solar PV net news: the world’s largest solar-powered aircraft “shinin” 2nd to 23rd in Spain ended the 15th leg of its world tour. In this leg, “shinin” 2nd lasted for three days and three nights, accomplish purely driven by solar power, for the first time in the history of “zero emission” feat of flying across the Atlantic.

The world's largest solar-powered aircraft flying over the Atlantic (map)

On June 23, the solar-powered aircraft “shinin” 2nd pilot Bertrand ˙ Picard landed in Spain Seville airport take self-portraits.

“Shinin” 2nd team published on the day said from the United States after New York, “shinin” 2nd after 71 hours and 8 minutes long flight, 23rd at 7:38 A.M. local time (Beijing time on 23rd 13:38) flew to Spain in Seville. Flight mileage 6765 kilometers, highest altitude 8534 m, an average flight speed of 95.1 km per hour.

Said the 20 ‘s of the last century, United States Aviator Charles ˙ feat Lindbergh across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, lays the Foundation for commercial airline flights now “shinin” 2nd implementation does not use any fuel across the Atlantic, opens the way for a clean energy future.

Last July, “shinin” 2nd flight around after 118 hours of uninterrupted flight, completed from Japan in Nagoya to United States Hawaii 8200 kilometers across the ocean journey. As of now, “shinin” 2nd completed all 15 of the 17 stations around the site, universal journey into the closing stages. In the lower leg, which took off from Seville, across the Eastern Mediterranean arrived in the Middle East, and is expected to return to their places of origin in the summer U.A.E. capital of Abu Dhabi.

Original title: world’s largest solar-powered aircraft flying over the Atlantic Ocean

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