Velocity PV equipment press the fast forward key

Polaris solar PV net news: at present, the domestic photovoltaic core device is in rapid progress, narrowing the gap with imported equipment, while many components companies began trying to “substitution of the machine”, “automatic production lines” and other new models to explore “smart” manufacturing possible. Future growth of domestic photovoltaic equipment business space where it has become the focus of close attention in the industry … …

(Reporter Wang Shasha) in 2015, the PV industry as a whole gradually from an adjustment period to maturity, with the further expansion of the industry, compatible with the continuing improvement of the manufacturing equipment in the field.

It is understood that the current PV manufacturing equipment consists of four key parts: manufacturing equipment, components, materials and equipment, battery packaging and laminating equipment.

In traditional thinking, the equipment is always better foreign manufacturers, but in recent years the rapid progress of technology, the gap is gradually narrowing of the domestic and imported equipment.

Meanwhile, in recent years, facing downstream pressure of the port parity, many enterprises, particularly component manufacturing company started by domestic equipment “substitution of the machine”, “automatic production lines” and other ways to explore “smart” new model of manufacture.

Imported welding equipment hit “Waterloo”

It is learnt that the accumulated so far, photovoltaic equipment business in China has been basically with solar cell manufacturing line of gear, including 3 device (automatic screen printing machine, automatic sorting machine, flat-PECVD) totally dependent on imports, some products such as diffusion furnace, plasma etching machine has started few exports. Domestic enterprise offers 10 kinds of solar cell production line of 8, 6 of which (diffusion furnace, plasma etching, cleaning/texturing machines, low temperature drying furnace quartz tube cleaning equipment,) has dominated the domestic production lines, 2 (tubular PECVD, rapid sintering furnace) coexists with imported equipment, but share is gradually expanding. Especially in solar cell welding link opens Pandora’s box of Wuxi aote dimensions may not think about them, the preparation of field devices in China’s new energy waves, so many imported PV devices in a matter of two years from the “pet” has become a “pariah”.

“In cell welding equipment, along with the year Suntech, LDK LDK, and Trina, Yingli solar module manufacturer’s capacity expansion, welding machine market quickly pulled into China. Market before 2014 is Germany TT (teamtechnik), Germany Suo Mengte (Somont), United States kumaisi (komax), Spain geluosibeier (gorosabel), Spain mengtelagong (Mondragon), Japan Toyama, and Japan NPC and Korea imported equipment manufacturers such as HANWHA occupy domestic welding equipment industry market share of solar cells. After nearly two years of competition and development, current market pattern has been different. Import welding machine, and the extended service suffered a rare sharp drop in demand, domestic series of welding machines are gradually replacing imported equipment. “Wuxi aote strict dimensional Global Sales Director, told reporters.

Has struggled along with the welding machine manufacturers in this context jumped onto the stage, became the lead. From the automatic feeder, Ribbon towing, servo position handling bodies, appearance of CCD detection and location systems, welding mechanism to lower cell preheating units, belt transmission agencies, collection agencies, such as the entire equipment chain, domestic firms began to perk up.

“The reason is, on the one hand domestic welding equipment technology, performance, and gradually increase, rising yield, on the components become increasingly keen competition in the industry in China, prices are continuing to fall, the background of declining corporate profits and component manufacturers to keep costs and bulk purchasing domestic equipment. “The discipline mentioned. Originally an import welding machine, prices are for the more than 4 million Yuan, and made two years ago with the specifications of the equipment price of just more than 1 million, are imported equipment priced at 1/3 or 1/4. While the quality is not inferior to imported equipment and performance, even in certain technical aspects, than the imported equipment, such as welding capacity, rate of debris, white (welded cover grating position), the rally, behold the power and so on. The second half of 2013, auto-dimension automatic welding machine in Changzhou Trina solar energy trial, fragmentation rate and welding speed and other indicators with comparable business equipment in Europe and, in 3, 4, 5, grid cells much compatible than imported equipment, Trina solar year on the purchase of more than 100 units, calculated in accordance with a 1.5 million Yuan, with sales of more than 150 million Yuan.

Some pride and some frustrated. East West rain to describe the situation of imported equipment in the period cannot be overemphasized.

In nearly two years on the world’s largest solar energy exhibition in Shanghai, above several major foreign chain welding machine manufacturers in addition Germany TT and the United States kumaisi, and Spain outside mengtelagong, other devices are almost absent, and even company representatives are hard to see. Spain geluosibeier bought by mengtelagong has been difficult, while Germany Suo Mengte with another company to restructure, has largely given up welding equipment business.

Financial difficulties are more visually reflects the importation of equipment manufacturers “block hard”. Komax Holding AG earnings results showed that in 2012, the annual solar energy sector orders plunged 86%, to 9.7 million dollars. Based on this, Komax solar sector shed more than 50%. Company expects solar market is unlikely to improve. Komax explanation is given at a news conference: “the solar industry struggling, danger to the public. KomaxSolar were not able to escape the negative impacts. ”

And another series of welding machines manufacturer Japan NPC are harder, it reported consolidated revenue of the industry profits from the originally estimated surplus of $ 652 million yen to cut down loss of 734 million yen, and ultimate profitability of consolidated net profit from the surplus of $ 394 million yen to cut down loss of 1.658 billion yen consolidated sales from 17.021 billion yen minus 40.8% to 10.078 billion yen. This is the official statement: due to the European debt crisis, and European Governments for solar power subsidies measures of uncertainty, resulting in solar plant investment turned more cautious, dragging down solar cell manufacturing equipment market size with incredible speed down.

Insiders told reporters, Japan Toyama and NPC have been in confrontation with the welding equipment manufacturer in China completely lost, mainly due to its adhering to the hot-air welding technology courses have been nearly eliminated, cannot meet the domestic demand for new production lines.

“Velocity”: 50% market share to create “160 times” myth

“Expansion + reducing cost and increasing efficiency” as well as the financial costs of the compression and technical difficulties had a negative impact on the business of imported equipment, objectively good Chinese equipment manufacturers. According to strict said, in response to domestic equipment gradually “bigger” before imported equipment manufacturers no longer in terms of price, strong, 4 times times more active price from domestic equipment decreased 2.5 times.

For nearly two years in PV on the market occupied by foreign equipment vendors for years, domestic companies are starting to make important breakthroughs. For example, auto dimension in relation to successive winning Trina, Crystal energy, photovoltaic, ja solar, solar, East Sunrise, GCL and other first-tier component production line project of the customer, and in the past, these customers will primarily select foreign companies imported welding equipment.

Trina, Crystal energy, ja and other first-tier component companies, Japan TOYOMA and the NPC, and Germany TT (teamtechnik) of imported equipment, such as market share, once as high as 70%, a monopolistic position. After 2014 the new production line in centralized purchasing imported equipment manufacturers often encounter failure of an embarrassing situation. “Now Germany other than the TT, bidding on the welding machine, it’s hard to see other vendors, even with imported equipment manufacturers participating in the bid, eventually struck out. “Strict said. Another head of the welding equipment manufacturer in China, told reporters in 2015, the welding equipment bidding, only Germany TT winning Jinzhou Shanxi jinneng Sun title and is the subject of, other makers of imported equipment “was” out of the game.

In fact, the same Carnival not only auto dimension. Dang Japan NPC, and Germany TT, and Germany Somont and the United States kumaisi, and Spain imported equipment manufacturers such as geluosibeier when sales fell, including Wuxi aote dimension, China, Wuxi guide intelligent welding machine manufacturers in China’s shipments of 2014 for the first time exceeded the foreign equipment makers. According to reporter incomplete statistics, as the world’s largest component manufacturing market in 2015, including Mr Ottaway and domestic equipment, pilot smart contracts to local component manufacturers to deliver 900 series welding equipment (including single and dual), Wuxi, which Mr Ottaway family shipped more than 400 units, accounted for about 50% of domestic demand as a whole. Yan ming told reporters in 2015, domestic welding equipment have accounted for more than 95% of its new production line.

A two-track automatic welding machine can replace about 40 welders (monorail can replace about 20-22 workers), along with the PV installed capacity gradually expanded intelligent manufacturing and industrial development and module manufacturer, China’s manufacturing operations were forced to “out to sea”, a growing number of PV module manufacturers in overseas factories is becoming China welding equipment manufacturers such as auto dimension of new customers.

Market leaders in the technological advantage.

On the device compatibility, auto dimension is realized the transcendence of the imported welding equipment. Three gate as the market mainstream, the company’s automatic welding machine is compatible with the four gate, five and a half screens, tablets, and other functions. Therefore, since 2013 products put on the market in just three years time welding machine is not to become the industry leader, dominated the market situation not only broke the imported equipment, and greatly promote the component Enterprise automate configuration process on the market.

“Cell welding process in the past, teamtechnik and NPC foreign equipment welding equipment is used widely. Though expensive, and charge a higher maintenance cost, but due to domestic firms is unable to provide such a product, many domestic customers can only accept. However, with the advancement of welding equipment, auto d dual-rail welding machine, dual high speed welding machine, automatic high speed one welding machine, online film machine and automatic typesetting machine began to repeatedly win component customer order. ”

Product 50% market share when the auto dimension ushered in the capital markets in the spring. On May 9, 2016, as representatives of the innovation-oriented enterprises, Wuxi aote dimension in national SME share transfer system listing in Beijing financial Street held a ceremony officially landed “new plate”. Announcement, Tevez within just three years from 2013, revenues from less million Yuan surged to 235 million Yuan, an increase of 222.94% net profit of 57.993 million Yuan, an increase of 250.29%. 160 times fission increase auto dimension achieved by unknown automation companies to occupy half of intelligent equipment for automatic welding equipment company’s turn, and 160 times by industry peers also jokingly referred to as “Otter velocity.”

And the other set of data supporting this “ultra high-speed” development of Chinese equipment company’s strength: announcements, as at December 31, 2015, auto d annual research and development investment 17.8641 million Yuan, annual revenue reached 7.6%, up 60.76% from the previous year.

In the strict, auto dimension is dormant in high speed maximum base for the development of demand-side research, Tevez will be on the air at the same time, closely followed by national strategies.

Solid “intelligent manufacturing” layout of battery equipment

“Core equipment inside has been China’s industry pain points, as one of the conditions, auto dimension defines himself as ‘ intelligent plant ‘ slogan of the provider is not a retreat, we hope that there is a greater role in this field. “The discipline mentioned.

“Made in China” 2025 “under the logical framework, the industry production facilities design standards and practices is also brand new. First of all is the parts and products of intelligent means parts and products with a high level of “data” and “information” feature, namely labels, to identify, in real time tracking. Second, process designers to have a more profound understanding parts, including parts of all technology and processes, parts and equipment requirements, and interactions may ultimately, machines and machines in the factory between the “dialogue” achieved line optimization based on data analysis. Digital simulation in the product, can be found which link redundancy is high, thus to rationalize their production line improvement, formation of lean production. Flexibility is the diffusion and adaptation of tools, tweaking a production line can be adapted to different products, to reduce the number of tools and digital tools. “In our high speed welding equipment, have largely achieved the ‘ lean ‘ and diffusion as well as applicability. During the welding process, realize the switch of cells with different specifications, and prejudicial to the battery during the charging process the infrared view, greatly improving production efficiency. “Strict, auto d want to copy PV core next industry successfully on the device, in order to consolidate the auto dimension” intelligent plant “strategy.

According to Mr Ottaway’s plans, the company’s intelligent Assembly system for lithium battery samples technical validation work has been completed and is about to hit the market. “160” growth can auto dimension in the field of preparation of lithium copying PV myths, we’ll see what happens!

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