Yongxin County in Jiangxi province on promoting healthy development of the photovoltaic

Polaris solar PV net news: the Township people’s Government, County Government and related departments and units:

PV is the world’s fastest growing renewable energy, photovoltaic industry has been included in the top ten emerging industries of strategic importance, Jiangxi province, State and provincial governments have introduced the appropriate incentives and preferential policies. Photovoltaic power generation in our county can use more, years of light for a long time, have the advantage of PV industry development, develop photovoltaic projects on County’s industrial transition and upgrading and structural optimization plays an important role in promoting. To promote the healthy and orderly development of PV industry in our County, and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

An led Panel. October 11, 2014 issued of PV industry investment project construction Coordination Conference summary of has established in yongxin County PV industry development led group, by County Sun Jintao comrade any leader, County Standing Committee, and Deputy County He Xiangwen comrade any deputy leader, County Government do, and County NDRC, and County Land Council, and County forestry Council, and County WCB, and County EPA, and County live built Council, and County Heritage Council, and County Meteorological Bureau, and County power company, units main head and the related Township government Township long for members; led group under Office, Office in the County’s development and Reform Commission, specifically responsible for the development of PV industry in the County overall coordination.

Second, on the project. All settled in my County of the PV industry project should agree to PV in our County request for poverty alleviation, PV industrial development leading group approved and submitted to the county record, carried out by the leading group after the arrangement. Any township or farmers may be supplemented, signed an agreement with PV. Without the leading group approved and submitted to the Government for the record, relevant departments units for which you are not allowed to go through the relevant formalities.

Third, on project size. Introducing projects to SOEs or larger and stronger private enterprise investment, settled in the total installed capacity of 20 megawatts or more.

Four, with regard to preferential policies. All PV projects settled in the County to enjoy national and provincial, municipal industrial development policy.

Five, on the project. By business enterprises renting land for construction, rent of not less than 100 Yuan/Mu years (including crop compensation and job requirements); items must be one year from the date of signing land lease agreements fully established, does not start construction within a year, all the signed agreements to terminate itself.

Six, on item help. PV industry such projects as determined by the County development and Reform Commission, the lead organization implementing, relevant departments actively carry out services from local towns and villages as a project support unit. Projects into the County’s major projects to achieve a certain scale scheduling platform.

Seven, on the appraisal award. Introducing and helping the PV industry enterprises investment projects the same way as with other industries, the same assessment.

The May 23, 2016

Original title: in yongxin County in Jiangxi province on promoting healthy development of the photovoltaic industry in order to inform

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