Zhejiang Quzhou people in politics salesmanship set up a home photovoltaic

Polaris solar PV net news: people in politics: recently, the public has told this newspaper that, overseas teams door-to-door family installed PV, the other side says its photovoltaic products are of good quality, the service life of up to 220 years. In this regard, Zhang doubted, though willing to install, but door-to-door sales personnel status it is difficult to identify, I do not know maintenance have guarantees. Similarly, the public Ms Chan also raised a similar question, what is the PV of the family? If you want to install, and which programs are to go? Door-to-door sales staff trusted you?

Municipal development and Reform Commission: public feedback “domestic PV” is actually “residents of rooftop PV” is an individual with its own house construction of distributed solar power projects. In 2013, the national development and Reform Commission has issued a pointed out that businesses, households and other power users, not only solar, wind and other renewable energy self-sufficiency, unused electricity can be sold to the national grid.

Residents of rooftop PV installation requires high levels of expertise, project design, consultation, installation and supervision of the unit should have a corresponding qualification established by the State. General Engineering team difficult to operate.

In recent years, photovoltaic manufacture more fierce competition, product quality is uneven, some PV products for small businesses rarely achieve national standards, these enterprises will focus to rural markets. At present, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the relevant departments have received more than 20 complaints reflect rooftop PV patchy, maintenance cannot protect. People have someone who come to promote rooftop PV installation, don’t believe it.

The next step, the city will promote rooftop PV projects, and issued management method, set the investment threshold, regulate the market. From the beginning of May, the city has begun mapping surveys, particularly for roof rights clear area at the township level, door-to-door visits, statistics suitable for mounting and residents on the rooftop PV demand number, then by counties (cities, districts) unified foreign investment and choose the access standard enterprise investment, construction, maintenance, residents of rooftop PV. People if you want to install, and can be reported to the village or community, given by the report towns or streets, then into counties (cities, districts) were arranged.

Install all expenses incurred by the residents of rooftop PV will be paid for by Governments and businesses, public offering, helping do some simple maintenance work.

Original title: Zhejiang Quzhou people in politics: salesmanship set up a home photovoltaic credible?

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