2016 strategic emerging products and services catalog draft excerpts from solar

Polaris solar PV net news: emerging industries of strategic importance is based on the major technological breakthroughs and major development needs, to overall and long-term economic and social development has a significant lead role, knowledge-intensive technology, material resource consumption, growth potential, comprehensive benefit industry. In accordance with the 13th five-year plan for national economic and social development of relevant content, in the emerging industries of strategic focus on products and services based on the 2013 Edition of the catalogue for the guidance of, and organize relevant experts in the field of study of the strategic industries focusing on product and service catalogue Edition 2016 draft, open views of the whole society. The deadline for feedback is August 3. Please send feedback, I Division of high-tech industries and manpower Coordination Office, e-mail [email protected]

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Strategic industry development Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference

The July 5, 2016

Following is the strategic emerging industries focusing on product and service catalogue Edition 2016 draft excerpts from PV and solar thermal:

5.3 the solar industry

5.3.1 solar products

Photovoltaic cells and modules. Includes crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules, thin film silicon, cadmium Telluride, Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium, calcium Titanium Ore, concentrating and other new types of photovoltaic cells and modules.

Raw material and auxiliary material of photovoltaic cells. Including monocrystalline silicon ingot/wafer, packaging materials of photovoltaic cells, organic polymer electrode, photovoltaic glass (TCO glass), Silane, special paste, high efficiency, low cost, new solar photovoltaic cell materials, graphite material with long life.

Solar PV system Accessories products. Including grid-connected photovoltaic inverter off-grid PV inverter, battery charge controllers, portable inverter for solar tracking devices, one device intelligent combiner box, photovoltaic, PV monitoring equipment.

Thermal products. Including high temperature solar energy collector tube, high performance flat plate collector, absorber coatings, high performance solar products, energy storage materials and products.

Thermal power generation products. Including high strength surface reflection mirror, and concentrated device, and concentrated field control device, and concentrated used deceleration machine, and concentrated used controller, and parabolic slot type endothermic tube, and Tower type endothermic device, and and glass directly seal received with new metal, and and metal seal received with glass pipe, and low heat loss fluid transmission tube, and inhale agent, and Fresnel endothermic device, and 350 ℃ above high temperature heat transfer fluid, and storage hot material and system, and oil Salt heat exchanger, and melting salt pump, and steam generator, and sliding parameter turbine, and Stirling generator, and organic lang Ken cycle power equipment, and High-focus than the solar oven.

5.3.2 solar production equipment

Photovoltaic equipment. Including high purity, low energy solar grade silicon production equipment, Mono equipment, polycrystalline silicon ingot making equipment, cutting equipment, efficient solar cell and module manufacturing equipment, thin-film solar cell manufacturing equipment, new solar cell manufacturing equipment such as condenser, flexible.

Heat utilization equipment. Including solar heating system and equipment, and solar in the high temperature set hot system and equipment, and solar air conditioning refrigeration system and equipment, and solar hot pump air conditioning unit, and solar and air source hot pump hot system, and solar in industrial and agricultural application of in the low temperature system and equipment, and solar and building combined set hot system, and solar endothermic coating of plating film equipment, and flat solar collectors production equipment, and solar set hot products with of laser welding equipment.

Thermal power generation equipment. Including number MW or dozens of MW and the solar high temperature hot power system and the equipment, large plating film machine, glass bent tempered equipment, clip rubber glass bent equipment, silver mirror preparation equipment, high frequency heater, set pipe round degrees calibration machine, metal/glass seal received equipment, vacuum tube exhaust equipment, melting salt synthesis equipment, vacuum tube Automation Assembly line, vacuum tube quality online monitoring instrument, high temperature pipe production equipment, vacuum insulation tube line, storage hot device production equipment, tingri mirror line, slot type concentrated device line, -Tank vacuum pipe automatic production line.

5.3.3 solar power generation technology services

Off-grid PV system technical services, technical services for distributed grid-connected photovoltaic systems, technical services for public power grid-connected photovoltaic systems, micro-grid photovoltaic power generation system technical service, trough, Tower, the dish solar thermal power systems technical services, wind-solar hybrid power supply system service. Solar power product testing and certification services, and solar energy resources assessment and prediction of power plant generating capacity services, design and construction of solar power systems, solar power systems after the inspection and evaluation service, smart cloud services, such as operation and maintenance of the solar power system and optimization services, solar power system, due diligence and risk assessment services.

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