2016 year 12 construction of photovoltaic power generation project in Hunan

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the National Energy Board issued on 2016 issued the notice on PV implementation programmes (new [2016]166), national arrangements in our province the 2016 General construction scale PV power station 300,000-kilowatt (not including the rooftop PV and PV poverty). According to priority has starts project, and priority early work perfect and near two months within starts of project, and priority resources relative rich set area of project, and priority has performance and enthusiasm high of enterprise of project, and priority combined agricultural or fisheries development of project, filter principles, intends will yiyang Chase Lake East PV power limited 200MWp fishing light complementary project a period engineering, 12 a PV power project, and installed 300,000-kilowatt (specific project see schedule) into 2016 Hunan province PV power construction implementation programme.

Listed in this publication project has been started to improve in early work, to start construction as soon as possible, and completed and put into operation as soon as possible, before the end of October, we have not made substantial construction projects would be adjusted in due course, reducing the scale of transfers will be used for other not included in the present programme has started or the preliminary work to improve the project.

To further strengthen the supervision and management of PV power generation projects to ensure smooth implementation of the project, is to be incorporated into the annual implementation of the programme of publicity items (specific projects, see annex). Publication time is July 28, 2016-August 1. In the meantime, welcome to the community for public projects in the truth and there is no violation of relevant national laws and regulations and policy provisions, such as by fax or e-mail to the Hunan Province development and Reform Committee to provide feedback. Comments must affix its official seal and indicate the unit contact information, personal opinion must indicate the name, ID number and contact telephone number.

Phone/fax: 0731-89665103/0731-89665048

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Address: Linan road, Yuhua district, Changsha city, 29th

Zip code: 410004

The July 28, 2016


2016 year 12 construction of photovoltaic power generation project in Hunan province list of publication (table)

Original title: Hunan province in 2016 PV implementation programmes on specific project announcement

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