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Polaris solar PV net news: “630” and “deadline” until the end, installing photovoltaic reconstruction tide. Do not know how many people stand in the “630” node, concerns the development of PV market next, imagining the prospect of distributed PV.

“630” origin, originating from the end of 2015, national development and Reform Commission issued a wind solar power on improving land benchmark price policy notice, the notice clearly states our class, the second class resources area of terrestrial photovoltaic power plants decreased 0.1 Yuan, 0.07 Yuan, three types of resources reduced by 0.02 Yuan. Also qualify after January 1, 2016 filing and included in the annual management scale photovoltaic projects, implementation of the 2016 photovoltaic Internet benchmark price. By 2016 for the record and included in the annual management of the PV power generation projects but is not fully put into operation before June 30, 2016, implementation of the 2016 Internet benchmark price. In other words, as long as the “630” installing successfully before the deadline, you can enjoy the preferential electric energy price in current.

Also because of this, China again in the first half of the historic wave of installing, rapid expansion of power station scale. National Energy Board figures show that a quarter of this year, China’s cumulative PV power installed capacity reached 50.3 GW, an increase of 52%. Among them, 43.3 GW of PV power station, distributed PV 7 GW. Only national installed capacity 7.14 gigawatts in the first quarter, an increase of 42%, close to the year 2015 total PV installed capacity by half. Some analysts pointed out that first half of 2016, China Solar PV installed capacity up to 12 gigawatts, or even 15 gigawatts. In “doomsday” before the National Energy Board announced on June 13 at the site of the National Energy Board issued on 2016 issued the notice on PV implementation programmes (hereinafter referred to as the programme), 2016-national scale indicator for 18.1 GW of new photovoltaic power plant, of which common PV 12.6 GW, size 5.5 GW of PV leads the technology base. Industry estimates, coupled with PV targets on poverty reduction, this index is expected to exceed 20 GW of PV power station.

Personnel of national development and Reform Commission said recently that China will improve the photovoltaic subsidy standard mechanism for establishing subsidy falling steadily until subsidies were removed. This means, “630” of PV subsidies cuts, is just the beginning. This will no doubt increase the pressure PV investment income, as well as speed up installed capacity increased by subsequent news value worthy of tracking.

At present, continuous record of installed capacity behind the shiny data, domestic growing up light becomes the focus of industry-focused. Experts point out that, within a certain area, percentage of new energy capacity 30% stretched to the limit, otherwise there will be to abandon power. At present, Gansu, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other regions in China, new energy has more than or close to 30% per cent, there has been a massive power cuts.

Department of energy data showed that abandoned the country when power cuts of about 1.9 billion-kilowatt in the first quarter, highest Gansu, Xinjiang and Ningxia, Gansu 840 million kWh, respectively, abandon rates 39%; 760 million kWh in Xinjiang, abandon rates 52%; 210 million kWh in Ningxia, abandon rates 20%. In addition, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Hebei, also due to gradually increasing the proportion of new energy capacity as power rationing in high-risk areas, installing undoubtedly increases the likelihood of abandoned light power again. Accordance with the requirements of the programme, Gansu, Xinjiang, and Yunnan has been stopped or suspended issuance of index, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Hebei, such as power high risk indicators are still issued in the provinces, the future power cuts will further exacerbate the situation on the ground.

Someone described, first half of 2016, China PV industry there is a strange phenomenon: on one side are busy installing surge, the other side of it is growing up in Northwest China Light power. “Abandoning not only a huge waste of energy, but also the entire photovoltaic industry caused irreparable economic damage. ”

For the specific reasons to abandon power, although different, but the core is the local absorptive capacity is not strong, power grid construction, delivery and transmission, is certainly of limited channel capacity.

For speed up solution this a serious problem, from early began, NDRC, and Energy Council, on have released has on do “three North” area can renewable energy elimination na work of notification, and on established can renewable energy utilization target guide system of guide views, and can renewable energy power full supportability acquisition management approach, and on agreed Gansu province, and Inner Mongolia autonomous region,, and Jilin province carried out can renewable energy near elimination na pilot programme of reply, and on survey implementation PV power construction conditions of notification About wind power, photovoltaic power generation in full protective notice of acquisition management, and so on. However, the policy does not immediately resolved to abandon the power cuts, landing and implementation of policies also take time and cooperation.

In fact, resolved to abandon power, undoubtedly will rely on three aspects, one is to dissolve, the second is transmission, three are stored. In reasonable layout PV power station construction of based Shang, East, and West, and Central and manpower advance; this based Shang, continued perfect PV power grid conditions, supporting grid construction, through construction across district transmission channel, will power excess area of energy effective transfer; equal important of is, upgrade storage can capacity, using storage can system, cracked PV power not continuous, and not stable, and not control, problem; indispensable of is is can renewable energy power quota business, only science arrangements adjustable peak, and FM, and storage can supporting capacity, Operating mechanism of power systems, resource allocation, running regional mandatory adjustments to meet the targets to ensure that renewable power market to dissolve, to provide institutional guarantee for sustainable development of renewable energy.

Noteworthy is that end of 2015 issued by the Department of energy of the national solar plan 2015-2020 Thirteen-Five (draft for soliciting opinions), planning for the 2020 PV cumulative installed capacity up to 150 gigawatts, but it is interesting, in recent public statements made by the energy Bureau, the figure was 110 GW. This shows that the Central Government began to realize that solar development, not the blind pursuit of PV installed capacity size. Perhaps addressing overcapacity, dependent on subsidies, dagankuaishang, abandoning good starting point for serious problems.

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