AC Milan at the end of takeover battles the mysterious Chinese businessman Zheng

Polaris solar PV net news: 117, the top team in the world or China will mark the owner of AC Milan, one of the mysterious millionaire from the photovoltaic industry.

AC Milan at the end of takeover battles the mysterious Chinese businessman Zheng JianMing

On July 27, the first financial daily quoted authorities as saying, capital international joint Managing Director of GSR Zheng JianMing Wu Shenjun, may be through the “GO Scale Capital” Fund, purchase of 80% stake in AC Milan, contributions of about 750 million euros (about 5.5 billion yuan). Bloomberg news on July 20 came out the same information, citing a source close to AC Milan deal.

Interested in buying AC Milan’s rumours of Chinese capital, since last year, there are many versions. Previously rumored, Wanda group, Alibaba, hengda group, Baidu, the maotai group buyers list, but have been denied.

The rumors will hammer is not known, the current AC Milan official website has not published information.

It is worth mentioning that, has always been known as a low-key, mysterious millionaire Zheng JianMing and GSR is not the first time together. Zheng JianMing over its new energy enterprises (such as Boston, Crystal power, battery and other companies) have a venture capital investment figures of the jinsha River. The funds used to buy AC Milan “GO Scale Capital” held jointly by Zheng JianMing and GSR. GSR Wu Shenjun, one of the founders is focused on new materials and new investments in the energy sector, and the “solar giant” Zheng JianMing intersection.

Investment style: long-term research policy trends and grasp the precise timing after decisive shots

AC Milan at the end of takeover battles the mysterious Chinese businessman Zheng JianMing

Capital Giants Zheng JianMing

Howe threw the daughter of Zheng JianMing intends to AC Milan has been more low-key.

In 2015, the Forbes China rich list in the new energy industry, Zheng JianMing to 1.5 billion dollars worth, ranks 172th. Little is known, before stepping into the business, he served as international technical and Economic Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council researcher, Deputy Director of the Hainan special economic zone times.

Zheng JianMing, I may not be familiar with the international soccer events, but his investment style is that long-term research policy trends and grasp the precise timing speed after shots. Capital into overseas Chinese football clubs have become nearly two decades of investment, Zheng JianMing to acquire AC Milan are not without a header wide renown. According to incomplete statistics, since 2014, China’s capital has at least 11 overseas investing in soccer clubs, of which 9 are obtained a controlling interest, dispose of two acquisition did not disclose the amount, about 6.67 billion yuan of investment in China’s capital today.

Top level also showed a trend of positive of the football industry. March 2015, the State Council issued master programme for the reform and development of Chinese soccer. The programme refer to: encourage social forces to develop football. Boot the strength of well-known enterprises and individual investment professional football clubs, sponsorship of football matches and public projects, supports the exemplary and leading role of football to play, expand the Club and football development funding channels.

Zheng JianMing said in an interview, not easy to bet on an industry, will observe several years or even longer time, wait until the opportunity came to do the layout.

Recalled Zheng JianMing’s road to success, as PV bosses, Zheng JianMing resigned from the sea to enter the real estate growth paths and layout of new energy.

In 1993, when I first ran the real estate industry, Zheng JianMing chose Shanghai, developed the first commercial service apartment Shanghai, while investment in five-star hotels and high-end residential. In 2003, introduced stabilization measures the Hong Kong Government as property prices crash, Zheng JianMing aimed at office buildings, buy China Merchants Tower, Shun Tak Centre, Central, Hong Kong, 34/f, in one fell swoop netted hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars.

Real estate for Zheng JianMing to bring lots of money at the same time, he saw the ceiling of real estate. “Housing the administrative examination and approval are too complex, and we have not been the same. “Zheng JianMing said. After his direction, inspection technology, advanced manufacturing, mining, and other industries. Prior to the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, he has at hand all real estate sold and switched to the stock market.

In 2010, Gome’s battle when in full swing, Zheng JianMing bought 250 million GOME shares in about a month, cumulative spree 350 million shares, more than 2% shares, higher than when he was 1.25% of the GOME Group Chairman, Chen Xiao, becoming indespensible shareholder of GOME.

Take Wuxi Suntech, to create a complete photovoltaic industrial chain

In the stock market and ease Zheng JianMing ultimately in favor of the new energy. Zheng JianMing business acumen tells him is that traditional energy consumption, maintained a slow upward momentum but clean energy is an incremental, until after a certain period, it will be as an alternative to traditional energy sources.

PV as he headed off to the new energy industry. The first “appearance” PV is at the end of 2012. At that time, the photovoltaic industry is met winter, Zheng JianMing dips into. Through its wholly-owned company Faithsmart Limited, Zheng JianMing HK $ 199 million, buying Hong Kong stocks shunfeng photovoltaic enterprises International Limited, 462 million shares, 29.65% stakes sit the largest shareholder, who actually controlled the shunfeng photovoltaic.

Object of the expedition was also selected for the first time. Main shunfeng photovoltaic cell products (full name Jiangsu shunfeng photovoltaic technology company) holds the advantage in cell conversion efficiency, has been elected in 2009 and 2010 “most potential Chinese SMEs”.

Another is being talked about, in 2013, is the global leader of Suntech PV modules manufacturing industry has run was Zheng JianMing to offer 3 billion yuan in the Pocket.

Suntech has a glorious history, landing is the first United States capital market of Chinese enterprises, Shi zhengrong, the founder has been pushing China’s richest man, on the throne.

Zheng JianMing’s ambition is to create a complete photovoltaic industrial chain, integrating in his private enterprise–Hong Kong Asia-Pacific resource development investment company (APRD) this platform. Asia Pacific resource development investment Corporation was established in 2009, at present, have invested more than more than 10 company, covering on the middle and lower reaches of the photovoltaic industry. Downwind international clean energy limited as times a level platform, 2015 total electricity for 1016312 MW Shi, integration has 8 home clean energy technology service of company, except Wuxi Suntech outside, also including solar power station shipped dimension company Meteo Control, and LED Enterprise Crystal can photoelectric, and seawater power Enterprise Nano carbon tube (TCNT), and Germany inverse variable device producers Sunways, and solar power station operators SAG, and storage can company Powin Energy, and Constant power, hydrogen energy company.

But Zheng JianMing road of mergers and acquisitions is not invincible. In March 2015, and the rumored acquisitions similar to the combination of AC Milan, Zheng JianMing and GSR co-operation, from “GO Scale Capital” Fund to take the lead, acquisition of Netherlands Royal Philips LED lighting manufacturer Lumileds80.1% shares of the company, deals worth about $ 3.3 billion. But in January of this year, United States Committee on foreign investment for national security concerns, ending a takeover.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, according to the clean energy wind 2015 according to the annual report, solar products is highly competitive and effects of many domestic provinces and cities to abandon power, its turnover for 2015 is an increase of 22.4%, but the net profit of 58 million Yuan, was 95.6% lower than in 2014 to 1.304 billion yuan.

Benefit in the photovoltaic industry is not optimistic about the case, Zheng JianMing’s next stop will be a football? Wait to see.

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