Billions of PV in the two counties of Fujian scam

Polaris solar PV net news: known as the output of billions of government investment projects, its registered capital and initial investment funds came from a financial loan, such absurd things happen in Fujian province, two counties of financial transfer payment.

From the relevant channels, County of Fujian Provincial poverty relief and development work focused on clean for introducing JI Sun photovoltaic projects, total violation lend 230 million yuan of funds to investors, since 2011 has so far failed to recover. In June, those responsible–Fujian Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau, Deputy Director, the former Qing Liu Liang Yizhang, Secretary of County party Committee to outline the review.

Qingliu investment loan model, cloned from another focus of poverty-alleviation of xiapu County, Fujian province. As early as September 2010, involved twice from xiapu County of Jiangxi Xinyu JI Yang investment limited financial loan of 150 million Yuan, for incorporated xiapu JI Yang new energy co., Ltd. At that time led the investment loan, while Chang Liang Yizhang.

In clean County Secretary any Shang was local people called for “cool breeze” of Liang Yizhang, had any Fujian Ningde city mindong daily social Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and municipal government Deputy Secretary-General and municipal government are at level investment Center Director positions, September 2009 Hou turned any xiapu County Deputy Secretary, and generation County, and County, June 25, 2011 from mindong Exchange minxi transferred, sanming city, clean County Secretary, April 30, 2015 up was transferred Fujian province Heritage Council Deputy Secretary until Lok Ma.

A paper loan agreement how many injuries the mystery

In 2010 and 2011, the global PV industry is facing after rampant growth capacity of cold fear. Fujian province xiapu in Fujian and contrarian expansion, qingliu, outreach to build large-scale solar PV industrial base, project reaches the postpartum and 15 billion yuan output value of 50 billion yuan.

Both major satellite project, but even the registered capital of the company are offered to the local government.

The author was informed by the people, on September 4, 2010, xiapu County, headed by Liang Yizhang County Government and Xinyu JI Yang investment on thin crystalline-silicon solar cells project signed the investment agreement and the supplementary agreement on the thin crystalline silicon solar cell.

Investment agreement, Xinyu JI Yang JI Sanyo Energy limited, company registered in xiapu County formed in xiapu, the registered capital of 300 million Yuan, and plans to invest 48-per-1920MW ultra thin crystalline silicon solar cell production line, with total investment of 3 billion yuan (excluding land and buildings). Whole investment project staging implementation: project a period investment construction 12 article annual can for 480MW super thin crystal silicon solar line, which equipment investment about 720 million Yuan, project a period built up postpartum, years can achieved output about 5 billion yuan, tax 200 million Yuan above; project two period investment construction 12 article annual can for 480MW super thin crystal silicon solar line, which equipment investment about 720 million Yuan (not including land and plant); phase I, built Hou, can achieved output about 10 billion yuan, Tax revenues of 400 million Yuan or more; third phase investment project construction 24 able to 960MW thin crystalline silicon solar cell production line, including equipment investment of 1.56 billion yuan (excluding land and buildings). Completed 3 years of the project reaches the postpartum, the annual output value of about 20 billion yuan and taxes of about 800 million Yuan.

According to the investment agreement, to support the construction of the projects described above, xiapu County Government should provide 75 million Yuan loan to the Xinyu JI Yang company, and the supplementary agreement to increase the loan amount to RMB 150 million. In addition, xiapu County Government should coordinate a bank branch of xiapu, Fujian province, JI Yang letter of loan commitments project, promised the loan amount for the first phase of RMB 300 million, project phase II of 400 million Yuan.

The sources for the formation of registered capital of 300 million Yuan JI Yang new energy co, xiapu, Xinyu JI Yang on September 26, 2010, the first phase of the company registered capital of 75 million Yuan into capital verification account, xiapu, xiapu County on September 27, 2010, the Government will import Xinyu JI Yang, phase I borrow $ 75 million corporate accounts, xiapu JI Sanyo energy company registered and established on September 30. Xinyu JI Yang Corporation on December 22, 2010, the second phase of the registered capital of 75 million Yuan into capital accounts, xiapu County on December 24, 2010, the Government will borrow $ 75 million Yuan into the second period of Xinyu jiyang corporate accounts.

In corporate-owned capacity investment of xiapu, Fujian qingliu and photovoltaic projects in Jiangxi Xinyu JI Yang investment limited financial strength is not strong. Industrial and commercial registration information, JI Yang of Xinyu investment Ltd on June 17, 2010, registered and established in yushui district of Xinyu city, Jiangxi province, Ha Tsuen industrial base, the registered capital of 400 million Yuan, the current paid-up capital of 80 million Yuan, including 20 million Yuan shares and investment execution, jimo, Shandong province, have been frozen.

Investment agreement displays from xiapu County, JI Yang launch of new solar energy project investment has a precondition, xiapu County Government advances in 500 acres of industrial land leasing and high standard workshop construction funds. Public reports, the upfront investment of nearly 300 million Yuan by the local government.

Advances made from the Government lent the registered capital, land and xiapu PV projects built plant, surrendered to the period after the completion of the project is in a shutdown state. Jiangxi Xinyu JI Yang failed to return two borrowed 150 million Yuan, is not in accordance with the agreement, “production within 3 years from the date of the project with a one-time payment of land transfer”. Hot key investment projects in the past, having a “wound”.

Officers destroyed three Qing Liu

Was established October 20, 2011 Qing Liu Ji Yang new energy is located in the clear stream, and Liang Yizhang Party Secretary of xiapu County in June of that year by transferring clean are not unrelated.

And one writer familiar with media sources, JI Sun photovoltaic projects of actual control Sun Liangxin said Liang Yizhang transferred from xiapu solar was after local commanders bad-mouth time and again, their investments are not facilitated and respect they deserve, and are treated in a clean contrast.

According to the media reports of the end of March 2012, clean ultra-thin solar cell production project is a provincial key projects, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, covers an area of about 500 acres. After the project has settled in, qingliu project team, Department coordination, sharing tasks, the rapid advance of certification process, land levelling, laying of network management, water supply, transportation of building materials, plant construction, equipment purchase, staff recruitment and other items and topics, site analysis and other forms of problem solve the difficulties encountered in the process of building strength ensure that when ordered to advance the project.

The told Ding Ji (djzgdj micro-signals), for its convenience and respect of qingliu photovoltaic projects, its core provisions settled conditions are as follows, whereby government borrowing, advance land bank credit loans, construction plant and coordination. But in the so-called reached 230 million yuan of investment and 4200 square meters with a building after building, the PV project is equally hard to escape the fate of unfinished lockout.

After the Liang Yizhang flow clean, JI Sun photovoltaic project related issues in the discipline behind departmental vision. In early 2016, sanming city, a patrol of rectification “look” informed the show, qingliu sanming municipal party Committee in the original illegal loan case funds were outstanding, also continue to an illegal loan 20 financial funding totalling 66.16 million Yuan, “Stern tracing, full, serious accountability” deployment of rectification. Subsequently, the party patrol corrective action is not implemented, is not in place, established corrective action leading group appointed in sanming city, establishing disciplinary review, ad hoc surveys “two working groups to” push forward, for dealing with disciplinary problems related to staff discipline review, investigation of alleged financial crimes enterprise.

On June 29, the supervision Bureau in sanming City Web site said, qingliu, former Liang Yizhang, Secretary, granted, I do not know, do not charge hand, discipline against suspected serious disciplinary violations by examination, alleged crime clues were transferred to judicial organs according to law.

Liang Yizhang clean PV project at Lok Ma seems to be early signs. June 14,, sanming city, discipline monitored organ “supervision practice JI information management system” in the “a case double check library” page displayed such a information: qingliu Standing Committee financial Board Director, and County Finance original Secretary Langenwang on lending funds no strictly regulatory, no seriously audit mortgage assets, lack integrated security initiatives, on found problem no timely report, led to lending funds exists risk, problem, by commandments Mian talk asked accountability processing.

Functions related to personnel in sanming city, Fujian province, disclosed to Ting Ji, former Director General of Bureau of Langenwang, qingliu did not carefully review of mortgage-backed assets, should be JI Yang qingliu is located in the industrial park of the company’s machinery and equipment and other personal property. This issue of the jiyang company produces a homemade solar equipment, collateral offers nearly 500 million Yuan to the local government, a total of 230 million Yuan have not released financial borrowing, qingliu.

Open letter source displayed, for qingliu violations lending financial problem, local has on including original County Secretary Liang Yizhang, and Shi any County successor County Secretary Feng Mingsheng zainei of 17 name leaders problem rectification poor for responsibility held, which give independent Commission against corruption talk 7 people, and light disposition and organization adjustment 5 people, and heavy disposition and major positions adjustment 2 people, and suspected illegal filed review 3 people, recovered funds 21.7074 million Yuan…

As early as Liang Yizhang is not double end of February 2016, sanming city, founded by public security, auditing, price, development zones, and other departments of the group, qingliu JI Yang new energy-related equipment and peripheral works price finds that JI Sun photovoltaic project in qingliu, concluded only more than 92.95 million yuan of investment.

JI Sun photovoltaic, small horse-drawn cart scam

A registered capital of the actual book value of only 8 million Yuan, Jiangxi Xinyu JI Yang investment companies, enterprises set up after 3 months of registration was established with a registered capital of 300 million yuan in Fujian xiapu JI Yang new energy Ltd, and move known as the billions of investment projects. Depends on what? Illegal lending is based on the local government finance Fund and reimbursed land grant, is based on achievement of certain lust for officials are either overambitious, impulse.

Such a “good thing”, a year later in another four cities in qingliu County, Fujian Province the same.

Clean zhentianxiang PV project construction in 2011, it is a even the leading Suntech PV enterprises had to suspend, to deal with difficult circumstances of the moment, JI Sun photovoltaic, little-known but growing expansion of legend.

On November 24, JI Yang holding PV industrial base agreements with the Hubei xiantao City Government. JI Yang of publicity of the project the first phase investment of 2.38 billion yuan, 30MW PV and 300MW PV module production line, production capacity up to 3.5 billion yuan.

On October 21, fangchenggang city, Guangxi, with JI Yang holdings signed an agreement to invest 6 billion yuan in the city, mainly the production of 10GW photovoltaic components and supporting products, production capacity reached 50% of global market demand.

September 20, Fujian qingliu and JI Yang holding held signed ceremony, claimed total investment 5 billion yuan of efficient crystal silicon solar project settled in; July, JI Yang holding said to in 5 years within in Korea Jeju road investment 300 million dollars; previously of May, JI Yang holding proposed, 5 years within will in Jiangsu sheyang established output 100 billion, and capacity 10GW PV solar formed base, reference fangchenggang project, its investment also will up to 6 billion yuan.

Media reports said JI Yang company in as little as 2 years, have already invested in the photovoltaic industry and plans to invest 35 billion yuan. Meanwhile, JI Yang new energy across foreign investment even if fully operational, is likely to reach and even exceed global photovoltaic solar energy production.

35 billion yuan of investment, MA how to pull the cart? In the PV industry in serious oversupply and extreme cases, JI Sun Volt capital mysteries and expansionist intentions who suffered from media questions. When the industry analysis, JI Yang areas of investment by companies, mostly small and medium strong desire less developed counties and local government economic development area, are more likely to go is selling equipment, enclosure, mortgage, seek local funds of Government and banking support, first start mode of operation.

Sure enough, I now disclose the investment agreement was enough to trigger an unlimited imagination: obscenity violations of government borrowing and achievement, whether it led to the staking, the explosion of capital scam?

Paper tiger is going to be wet, and were mercilessly shot down in the mud on the ground. It is understood that, for alleged fraud and other economic crimes, JI Yang company has now been filed for investigation.

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