Crack renewable to dissolve contradictions still need to symptoms and treatment

Polaris solar PV net news: after years of rapid development, renewable energy has been in the world. But lie abandoned in front of renewable wind, abandoned and other ills but it has not cured. Last year, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice about renewable energy close to dissolve the pilot in April of this year, national development and Reform Commission approved in Gansu province, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Jilin province renewable energy close to dissolve the pilot. On June 7, held in Beijing, China-us also renewable energy close to dissolve the pilot policy dialogue on renewable energies to dissolve the problems faced, renewable energy close to dissolve the pilot implementation was discussed.

Then, renewable energy close to dissolve as a solution to abandoned wind, abandon light issues a bold attempt to be able to turn the tide? How to play the role of market mechanism to increase absorptive capacity? Need any policy next steps … … Recently, a number of experts in the industry on this issue an interview with this reporter.

Eliminate problems economy is particularly important

“Since the invention of the electric moment, destined to solve the problem of power supply and load, it produced a near elimination of basic principles, reduce costs and losses. In fact, power supply and load mismatch is normal, continued development of the grid to solve this ‘ mismatch ‘ problem. “Countries to cope with climate change and international cooperation, said Li junfeng, Director of the Center for strategic studies, renewable energy in recent years to dissolve the problem is encountered new problems for renewable energy development, renewable energies of intermittent, most far from load centers and other issues before the grid is seldom encountered, you now need to resolve. After all, the development of renewable energy is our only way to transition from fossil to non-fossil fuel energy, these problems must be solved step by step.

“Now is a good time to solve the problem. An electric power system reform in particular marketing electricity side open, construction of the second is the energy of the Internet will play an important role in promoting renewable energy close to dissolve. “North China electric power University Professor Zeng ming said.

National strategy for climate change research centre Chai Qimin, Deputy Director of strategic planning and international cooperation also believes that the last 3 years is the rapid development of the renewable energy sources close to dissolve, policies, mechanisms to create convenient conditions are better able to reduce the costs of near elimination, improve the economy of nearby to dissolve. Inter-provincial delivery, near to dissolve two ways in order to better tackle the vast ratio of abandoned light wind up.

In the interview, Li junfeng, told reporters that the Sino-US policy dialogue on renewable energy close to dissolve the pilot chapters more embodies the concept of improvement. As “in place” to dissolve cannot be achieved, it is recommended that renewable energy “in place” to dissolve into “nearby” to dissolve.

On consent of the Office of the national development and Reform Commission, Gansu province, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Jilin province renewable energy pilot programme for the Elimination of the reply of the clear renewable energy close to dissolve, refers to expanding demand, improve transmission and distribution price policies, promote market transactions, enhance absorptive capacity of renewable.

To this, Zeng ming believes that renewable energies near elimination is the key “abilities”, which is building new energy micro-grid, distributed power generation, energy storage and demand side response for balance, there are many kinds of energy as complementary, to coordinate between the micro-grid and grid. Therefore, the new distribution network is active mode of distribution network, including planning and operating model, to convert from passive to the active power distribution network.

Renewable energy close to dissolve the pilot implementation should not affect inter-provincial to dissolve. In an interview, many experts say renewable energy sources close to dissolve and the power delivery is complementary. “To dissolve and power delivery rarely grab the nearest electricity. Long-range transport efficiency renewable energy currently only traditional thermal power plants of one-second, near to dissolve on the economy will be a great space, through a combination of healthy competition to improve efficiency and reduce cost, renewable energy development is also positive. “Chai Qimin said.

Crack to dissolve contradictions still need to symptoms and treatment

Interview some experts believe that the absorptive capacity of a region on the premise of not accepting foreign transfer industry, there will be no significant change in the short term. “Increasing energy alternatives, the level of renewable electrification of the regions rich may be the faster option, from the Chinese-American dialogue in the local share practice examples can be seen. “Chai Qimin said.

“Use of market mechanisms to promote renewable energy to dissolve, this is the direction of change, one of the specific models available in the market, structure, rules, and the prices of related measures in favour of renewable energy sources close to dissolve. “Zeng ming, said renewable energy issues can in principle to dissolve must be nearest to dissolve cannot dissolve centralized grid-connected long-distance transmission. All policies should be adapted to local conditions, first place nearest to dissolve, then according to the resources on a large scale technology demonstration to determine the long-range transport of centralized Internet access plan.

Lin boqiang, a professor at Xiamen University, told reporters: “if further excess power may give rise to more serious abandon wind up light, short term the best scenery of the measures is to reduce the number of regional growth, strengthening other areas of distributed development. Future energy systems. ”

Li junfeng believes that renewable energy close to elimination on the crux of the problem lies in the plan was not fully implemented, market did not comply with market rules. “I recommended the adoption of the reform and opening up, simplify approving procedures, shortening the approval process to solve the problem. And renewable energy to dissolve referred to the National Energy Board is responsible for, short of total goals and finished the absorptive region of the task, reducing next year’s energy goals. Additional responsible for collection and return of subsidies granted to the national development and Reform Commission. Treasury investment subsidies and tax breaks in place. In addition, total carbon, total energy, the proportion of non-fossil fuels to co-ordinate arrangements, such as the overall consideration.

Renewable energy close to dissolve is a problem all over the world, countries are also trying to find a solution. “We can assure Germany established priority Internet guaranteed renewable and other clean energy, fossil fuels into clean energy cycling mechanisms. Or learn United States market mechanisms through investment subsidies and tax credits, renewable energy has become the most competitive power supply and have the competitive advantage in a competitive electricity market. “Li junfeng said.

Experts stressed to reporters in an interview, renewable energy close to dissolve needs actual policy support and long-term development perspective, cannot be regarded as an expedient measure only. Local governments and enterprises to play activity, from bottom to top to explore, find several absorptive potential, market competitive technology routes, encourage the innovation of business models. Introduction to practical policies of the Government, not only from the ends of the absorptive, also from the construction of the source.

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