Distributed PV jiaxing model rapid standard development absent save disordered

Polaris solar network: distributed solar power as one of the key solar power model in China, for many years, many owners, and manpower resources development bottleneck. Jiaxing city, Zhejiang Province, China in recent years through the “unified management of government guidance and market operation,” explored a path of development of an effective, rapid development, industry development rely on the absence of specifications, industry subsidies and disorderly development signs fade.

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Shajiabang community in xiuzhou district, jiaxing city, nearly hundred dwellings houses 8 slices of polycrystalline silicon PV modules are installed on, Sun, digital constantly beating on a bi-directional meter, by the conversion of light energy to electrical energy flowing into homes.

8 year PV 2000, spontaneous use of residents, the more electricity into the grid. “People only pay 3000 RMB per household costs, power 3 years before 2000 direct economic benefits annually, after 22 years of 600 Yuan a year direct economic benefits. “Sha Jia bang residents said Zhang Juwen, photovoltaic power is equivalent to renting out the roof, everyone thinks that the investment deal.

Many companies are also distributed in photovoltaic applications benefit. Xiuzhou national high-tech zone, located in the flat glass company limited in 120,000 square meters of factory building of distributed PV power station was built on the roof, total installed capacity reached nearly 13 MW, while annual average generating capacity of over 12 million-kilowatt. Photovoltaic energy hogs no longer worried that meet the summer peak, at the same time bring considerable environmental benefits: 12 million-kilowatt clean energy can save nearly 4300 tons of coal to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions from 395 tons, 36 tons of nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, 10000 tons.

Jiaxing, State grid power Corporation Deputy General Manager Wang Wenhua, photovoltaic power station construction requires a lot of land, but coastal land resources are so valuable, photovoltaic power generation combined with roofs to make effective use of idle resources to promote the development of new energy.

Reporters in jiaxing visits, from residences to businesses, hospitals, schools, large roof is effective use of photovoltaic power station in the market. By March 2016, jiaxing city has entertained distributed PV projects in 1318, total installed capacity of 751.2 MW, distributed PV power generation reached 263 million kWh.

The Government-led “roof economy” Opera

Roofs are hard to find, loan financing, incorporation involved difficult, electricity, recycling is a common challenge for distributed PV. The insiders, the Government set up the stage, unified planning, overall management of jiaxing factors of distributed PV development faster.

For roof hard to find, xiuzhou PV high district introduced has unified “three party agreement”, and Park roof owners, and investment party signed agreement, developed planning, according to investment party of strength reasonable distribution roof resources, balance distributed power station construction resources of distribution; for distributed project “small and bulk”, high-tech Park proposed has “concentrated even tablets, and diverse multiple” of package type development mode; for project financing difficult, jiaxing led established 1 billion yuan PV industry development fund, established has PV project special funds pool According to project maintenance difficult, high-tech zone, set up a professional operation and maintenance company, responsible for all distributed in photovoltaic power plant electricity bill settlement, operation and maintenance services.

In addition, the PV industry in a series of financial subsidies also strongly pull in jiaxing area distributed in photovoltaic development. “Jiaxing mode” enjoy the country, Zhejiang Province, jiaxing city, four of the high-tech zone, jiaxing PV subsidies, investment in PV power plant in jiaxing, project payback period can be shortened by half, an average of 6 years, some mature technology advanced enterprise of years or even less.

“The Government policies allow enterprises to be reassured of distributed PV, also allows enterprises to see the direction of development. “Zhejiang Yuhui solar energy company Chief Executive Li Xianshou said port security, get the PV manufacturing heart bottom, and can withstand a variety of market risks.

Jiaxing provided data showing, the first quarter of 2016, jiaxing city, PV enterprises 8.796 billion yuan output value on the gauge, rose 28.9%; total profits of 915 million Yuan, an increase of 395.4%.

Absence of norms rely on subsidized sprawl kept hidden

Multiple positive policies, under a warming trend in the market, photovoltaic industry is growing rapidly. According to the 2015 issued by the National Energy Board of the solar Thirteen-Five development plan draft, distributed by 2020 China PV power installed capacity will reach 70 million-kilowatt, which means “Thirteen-Five” during the annual average increase of about 13 million-kilowatt market prospects. However the industry fears related to planning, lack of standards will make the development of PV industry in a blind.

Reporters learned that in jiaxing area, roof has become a scarce resource with good light, so some PV enterprises look to fish ponds, forests, farmland and other land. Due to the lack of standards and planning parts of “PV” phenomenon, such as “complementary” projects, in building photovoltaic power plant discovered on the farm, farmland can only be grown on light requirements of a few crops, have been unable to large-scale cultivation.

“What kind of plots of land to build solar power plants? PV power station will have an impact on ecology and the environment? How to evaluate photovoltaic device failure? How to recycle old devices? Without answers to these questions. “People in the industry said, distributed PV is still in a period of extensive growth of only the immediate interests.

Zhou Jianqi suggest State grid power supply company in jiaxing, Deputy Chief Engineer, technical code for solar power should be developed as soon as possible, on the construction of the solar power network, and environment assessment, economic efficiency, safeguard measures, setting standards to guide healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

In addition, distributed PV lack of long term planning, parts of photovoltaic power generation project filing is approved, user batch installation, step by step implementation of power facilities can easily lead to a waste of resources. Urged local authorities to pay attention to the development of the industry plan, roll compilation, strictly enforced.

Third, multiple subsidy policy is the key to pulling the industry factors, but also current status of distributed PV enterprises relying too much on subsidies, some three years before the company got the subsidy amount is even higher than income. Insiders believe that solar power as the new power type, needs the Government to continue to support, but will also go-to-market in the long run. Perfecting the photovoltaic subsidy standards, the establishment of mechanisms of subsidy falling steadily background, distributed PV enterprises formed a mature business model still requires further exploration.

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