Dow Chemical closed solar building materials product line just look beautiful

Polaris solar PV net news: join the GOU arms compared to the fate of Sharpe solar energy continues to flourish, and combination of DuPont Dow solar was not as lucky as the former.

Dow Chemical closed solar building materials product line just look beautiful?

According to the United States, Michigan, local media reported MLive, owned by Dow Chemical power home solar system 2.0 (Power House Solar System 2.0) solar roof line was closed on July 28, the last shipping date is August 10.

This means by the United States Government funded by tens of millions of dollars of Dow Chemical solar career to an abrupt end. From the world famous chemical giants launched ambitious green roof plan, in just the last four years.

Instead of building better housing, construction and installation of rooftop solar panels, roofing materials embedded solar cells directly, once built the roof, you can use clean solar energy, savings for higher electricity costs for family expenses. The once United States population sounds pretty good marketing idea, ever let Dow solar business became a focus of the global photovoltaic industry-the flagship product of its solar shingles won the innovation award for that year.

In March 2013, Dow Chemical announced the successful acquisition of solar startups NuvoSun, and saw it was the latter development of thin-film technology can be applied to photovoltaic roofs. Enter a solar roof tile large-scale implementation phase begins.

NuvoSun company was founded in 2008. The company uses Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) technology converts solar energy into electrical energy. NuvoSun before Dave Pearce in the creation of NuvoSun, the founder of the company, which creates another PV–MiaSole in early 2013 is controlled by Li Hejun hanergy holding merger. Public information, MiaSole was United States Silicon Valley photovoltaic industry representative in the Decade in the development of many venture investments of more than $ 550 million.

According to Dow’s Solar tiles said in its official website, the Solar tiles low price, its ultra-thin Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide solar cells, can be used with traditional asphalt shingles, laying on the roof and did not see any difference. In addition, ordinary people are, roofing contractor without the solar array installation skills or expertise, you can install the solar panels. The product’s Web site also claims that plant “completely change the way the world sees the roof” because “it is no longer simply lying in your House, but the charge into energy for life.”

In the United States the momentum of rapid development of solar Sun power a professionals told reporters, Dow solar shingles really hit the current United States solar market several pain points.

Dow solar solutions business unit also won the United States Government strongly supports. United States Department of energy allocated $ 20 million funding, financing of Dow’s solar energy development is suitable for residential and commercial housing market “building integrated” solar array.

However, the reality is chemical giant a basin of cold water were poured. According to the energy and semiconductor industries of authoritative professional information media technology news Tech News Inc. said Dow solar shingles within the building materials to build solar cells, reduces installation costs, does not occupy space, if applied to the roof, the roof can also smooth and beautiful, at first glance, seem to have economic potential but deadly problem in solar cells used in building materials, its power generation efficiency is poor. This is because the higher solar cell temperature, lower the efficiency of power generation, integrated into building materials, cooling installation of solar panels is worse than others.

Despite the environmental attractiveness of new housing or refurbishment of used building materials to build solar cells may be exempt from additional installation costs, but due to poor efficiency of power generation, over time loss of power and not worthwhile. Also, for existing buildings, it is impossible to rebuild roofs destroyed in order to install solar cell market space is limited.

A construction and PV integration operators who believe that solar panels can be set when the roof space is saturated, solar energy materials will rise, solar wall, solar Windows, or even solar block will be tapping the potential of remaining solar roof. He admitted that given the current prevalence of rooftop solar installation, wait until the roof completely saturated, there is still a long way to go.

These United States media said changes within the Dow Chemical is one of the reasons affecting the production line shut down. Dow Chemical is busy with another chemicals giant DuPont reorganization and merger, downsizing due to the combined Dow Chemical, ready to cut 2500 jobs in the world, has been in the market “look good” but no real contribution to the Dow’s Solar business object becomes first being laid off. Under the influence of Dow Chemical closed solar production line, cast a shadow over the future of the NuvoSun.

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