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Beijing city, and Hebei province, and Jiangxi province, and Henan province, and Shaanxi Province, and Tibet Autonomous region development reform Board, the province, and autonomous regions, and municipalities by letter Board (workers letter Board, and workers letter Office), and Energy Council, China power Enterprise Federation, national grid company, and China South grid limited responsibility company, China China can group, and China Datang group, and China China electric group, and China country electric group, and national power investment group, and China three gorges group, and Shenhua group, and national development investment company:

For upgrade power system adjustable peak capacity, effective ease abandoned water, and abandoned wind, and abandoned light, promote can renewable energy elimination na, according to CPC Central Committee State on further deepening power reform of several views (in the sent [2015]9,) file spirit and national development reform Board National Energy Council on issued power reform supporting file of notification (sent modified by body [2015]2752,) about requirements, we joint developed has can renewable energy adjustable peak unit priority power pilot approach, now issued you , Follow the implementation. Problems in the implementation process and circumstances, please timely feedback for further improvement.

Annex: priority power generation of renewable energy peak unit pilot scheme

Chapter I General provisions

First article for implement CPC Central Committee State on further deepening power reform of several views (in the sent [2015]9,) file spirit, implementation national development reform Board, and national energy Council on issued power reform supporting file of notification (sent modified by body [2015]2752,) of requirements, improve power system adjustable peak capacity, effective ease abandoned water, and abandoned wind, and abandoned light, promote can renewable energy elimination na, developed pilot approach.

Article for the promotion of renewable sources of energy to dissolve, at the national level through voluntary, grid and power generation companies have agreed to determine part of the unit for renewable energy peak. In normal peak obligations on the basis of renewable energy cycling unit priority scheduling, according to “who is peaking, who benefit from” principles of peakload unit incentives.

Article renewable energy peak should stick to mainly local, encourage inter-provincial enforcement, adhere to local conditions, adhere to the direction of the market.

Chapter II perfect peak motivation

Article fourth combined with renewable energy construction scale, eliminate, power structure and load characteristics, provincial (district, municipal) arrange a certain scale of coal turbine peaking for renewable an undisclosed amount by the provinces (district, municipal) Governments determined and adjusted by the relevant authorities and the power companies.

Article fifth stabilizing renewable energy fluctuations, peaking unit should be a priority, to increase or reduce output, load capacity should at least meet the requirements related to the power plant operation management rules. Unit capacity of conventional coal-fired power units up to the 300,000-kilowatt, at least down to the rated output capacity 50%; 300,000-kilowatt per cent of the units, at least down to the rated output capacity of 60%. Part of the output is less than 60% as a part of peak pressure reductions for renewable power. General area may apply alternate 7-10 days of down peak; peak areas or difficult period, as appropriate, extend down peak time.

Sixth principle of gradually changing the annual power generation of thermal power unit planning, adhere to the “fever”, and encourage the participation of thermal power unit in the heating period peak. Arrangements for the cycling unit of renewable heat and power units, prior to the State enact a uniform technical standard, heat/power ratio is higher than 50%, peak capacity should reach 50%, heat is lower than 50%, peak capacity should reach 60%.

Seventh according to priority power generation system of requirement for renewable energies peaking units, as higher than the local average utilization hours of thermal power generation level arrangements, specific amounts from various provinces (regions and municipalities) in conjunction with the relevant authorities to determine the relevant government departments, increase utilization hours and peak times and peak linked to the depth of the commitment.

Article eighth of renewable energy peak units peak priority power generation projects that cannot be completed, you should follow the principle of energy-saving and low-carbon electric power dispatching through alternative power deal to other units. Alternative power generation priority in the same group, encourage the participation of renewable energy alternatives. Replace both sides based on the principles of consultation on an equal footing, determine alternative power, trading hours, compensation, losses, settlements and so on. Alternative power are organized by month, monthly trade execution. Electricity market trading platforms have been established, through generation rights trade market mechanisms, through the market mechanism determine the price of electricity, and so on. Determination for renewable energies peaking unit, shall not participate in the power of direct transactions.

Nineth self-provided power plant of pure steam generator shall be encouraged to participate in peak. Participation at the peak, if you increase the power, regarded as alternative power in part by increased access to certain compensation; peak capacity of 50% and above, and assume the corresponding social responsibilities, and after becoming a qualified market main body, may participate in the power of direct deals to sell surplus power.

Chapter III encourages cross-provincial compensation

Article tenth actively promote inter-provincial ancillary services market. Strengthening national dispatching, scheduling, communication and coordination among provincial scheduling, full use of the district difference between peak hours, spinning reserve, emergency reserve sharing, reduced enrichment of renewable power capacity, enhance the level of renewable energy to dissolve.

Article 11th renewable energy volatility characteristics, establish inter-provincial flexible date and day-trading mechanisms, achieve peak dynamic matching of resources and renewable power generation.

12th inter-provincial send renewable electricity, should be based on mandatory State and intergovernmental framework agreement, send the provinces agreed to send the plan. Inconsistencies in consultation, in accordance with the Government’s plan (an agreement). Encourage market-oriented exploration and consultation plan of power, by the market competition mechanism to determine the price, price transmission area of space should be in proportion to the provinces of renewable peakload unit compensation. Inter-provincial send renewable electricity price in accordance with the national development and Reform Commission on the improvement of cross-province area electricity price forming mechanism of notification on the relevant issues (the change price [2015]962).

Fourth chapter to increase load capacity

13th to encourage power plant coal turbine combustion, turbine, Qi Lu, as well as milling technological transformation, under the premise of guaranteeing the stability and to meet environmental requirements and enhancing unit load capacity 10%-20% online monitoring system of thermal power unit installation, speed up the heat accumulation, heat electrolytic coupling technology, enhancing thermal power unit load capacity for 10%-20%.

14th to encourage construction of back-pressure turbine heating system peak areas, strict restrictions on active-duty reform for pure condensing unit heat, really necessary heating renovation to meet heating needs, synchronous thermal storage equipment needed to ensure peak safety.

Article 15th on power plant technological transformation, encourage policies, supporting corporate bond financing or implementation of the loan.

16th article renewable energy in planning should identify market power to dissolve, synchronous formulate supplementary power out of the planning, improving government coordination mechanism, ensure that the power supply and the power grid project synchronization operation.

Article 17th power peak demand, rational layout plan, in order to develop a number of pumped, gas-fired peaking units, development of energy storage devices.

Article 18th technical standards for improving the load capacity of the generator, in the design, manufacturing and equipment selection process, taking into account peak requirements.

The fifth chapter to strengthen credit supervision

Article 19th credit supervision into full play the role of peak into power enterprise credit evaluation index system as a credit record, input power industry information platform, peak information transparent, traceable, verifiable.

Article 20th power dispatching will peak on a regular basis to provide the relevant government departments and third party credit agencies, third party credit reporting agencies in accordance with government requirements, establish a sound peak information publicity system, promoting the standardization and systematization of information disclosure procedures, in the specified Web site to post information, and accept supervision by the market players and Government Regulation.

Article 21st peak power generation enterprises and trustworthiness of encouragement and punishment mechanism, in accordance with the agreed implementation of peak-load regulation of power generation enterprises in accordance with the relevant provisions give preferential policies, for power generation companies to be warned of in violation of the agreement for breaking serious promise to include any negative information, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the disciplinary action.

Sixth chapter strengthen the Organization and management

22nd Provincial (district, municipal) Government authorities and the power grid enterprises in accordance with the actual situation, announce the list of specific cycling unit, regularly updated peak units peak capacity, develop renewable energy cycling unit management approach, implement renewable peakload unit incentives strengthening peakload unit priority generation policy implementation assessment. Has compensation for peak support services areas, to satisfy the grid power plant auxiliary services on the basis of the requirements of the interim provisions on the Administration to strengthen effective cohesion policy, ensure mutual promotion and concerted efforts.

23rd generation enterprises in accordance with the principle of voluntary participation in renewable energy peak, with a peak capacity of power generation enterprises priority power generation agreements or contracts with the power grid enterprises, subject to scheduling and arranged to meet peak demand.

Article 24th renewable power enterprises should create the conditions arrangements peakload unit tests to strengthen renewable peakload unit operation assessment, giving priority to power generation agreements or contracts, guarantees priority capacity to implement them. Peakload unit of renewable electricity generation process may not be “official” dispatching assessment limits.

25th article renewable energy peak of priority power generation should be combined with renewable energy sources close to dissolve the pilot joint, timely lessons learned in pilot area, laying a solid foundation for the next promotion.

The seventh chapter by-laws

26th article this way come into force from the date of issuance.

Original title: national development and Reform Commission and the State Council on printing and distributing the renewable energy cycling unit first generation trial procedures for notification

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