European solar companies calls for suspension of trade barriers

Polaris solar PV net news: European organization with 34 members SolarPower Europe (formerly known as the European solar industry association EPIA) on July 5, a joint letter to the Commissioner of the EU’s Executive Commission, called on the EU to suspend the trade barriers of China’s import of solar cells and panels. They believe that relevant measures will have a negative impact on Europe’s solar energy industry.

SolarPower consisting of Europe by the European solar energy-related industry, on behalf of the whole of Europe between 130,000-related interests of the company, a total of 1.3 million people. They calls for EU suspended on China by set Xia of trade barriers, and while will joint letters sent to 20 a EU members, including: Belgium, and Cyprus, and Czech, and Denmark, and Estonia, and Germany, and Greece, and Hungary, and Ireland, and Italy, and Latvia, and Malta, and Netherlands, and Poland, and Portugal, and Romania, and Slovakia, and Slovenia, and Sweden, and and United Kingdom, and hope take this persuaded EU adopted recommends.

SolarPowerEurope CEO James Watson said in a statement: “this is represented by the solar energy industry related organizations throughout the European Union for the great support. “He said, the EU has for more than three years of trade restrictions on China and European industry didn’t help, but hurt more than 80% jobs throughout. He called on the European Commission to think about other ways to promote solar energy, not to continue trade barriers and price restrictions.

China-EU trade barriers

In August 2013, the European Commission formally began importing Chinese Solar Panel and battery levied against tax, and introduced “price limit agreements (MIP Protocol)” for Chinese businesses to import a certain quantity of products at certain prices.

Original double countermeasures shall be terminated in December 2015, but EUProSun filed in 2015 to tell against acts contrary to the Protocol, China and against Taiwan, and Malaysia manufacturers to assist China to avoid countervailing measures. The European Commission accepted, countervailing measures delayed 15 months, is expected to be terminated in March 2017.

The end of 2015, 21 Taiwan manufacturers with 5 Malaysia manufacturers by the EU identified as “real producer” and exempt from anti-circumvention duties. Reboot during the investigation, another Chinese manufacturer, active or passive, to exit the Central MIP Protocol, including Trina, Yuhui solar, manufacturer of high visibility.

Original title: European solar companies calls for suspension of trade barriers

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