First Solar gave up Crystal back to main cadmium telluride

Arctic star solar PV network news: United States tellurium of CD film solar leading manufacturers first solar (First Solar) in 2013 Shi big purchased and, buy Xia maximum rival singular (GE) its of tellurium of CD film solar sector, that same year also buy Xia crystal silicon technology new create career TetraSun, across technology acquisition let people doubts, but years Hou of now validation, this abacus seems to playing not ring, first solar announced discontinued TetraSun crystal silicon products.

First solar Yu July 2016 Shi said, had acquisition TetraSun just to in high conversion rate products Shang for hedge, but with tellurium of CD technology development blueprint of success, reflect in first solar products hit 22.1% battery conversion rate, above had hope Silicon Crystal technology reached of 21%, due to main of tellurium of CD products on can reached high energy efficiency of excellent performance, also on no longer need crystal silicon technology of hedge, First solar to spend $ 100 million of high performance silicon solar experiment is over.

First solar think to its tellurium of CD technology can in 2017 hit 19.5% module conversion rate, can and Silicon Crystal technology a high Xia, medium-and long-term is can reached battery conversion rate 23%~25%, technology long pulled non-˙ cover labeidian (Raffi Garabedian) think first solar improved period volume produced products of conversion rate and energy density of speed at least than polysilicon competition opponents fast Shang 3 times times, expected soon can from many competition opponents between stand out.

Silicon product line will be completely shut down production of its Malaysia plant capacity will be converted for the production of thin film solar modules. TetraSun in front of the first solar acquired were originally has only 14 employees, raised just $ 12 million of the total of small startups, married into the Giants thought there, separated from the other solar upstream facing new ventures “Battle Royale” destiny, but with less noble itself, finally blowing taps.

Original title: buy the wrong Silicon start-ups?
United States first solar gave up TetraSun back to main cadmium telluride

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