First TencentOS inWatch t experience

Speaking of smart watches, you will first think of the famous Apple and Android Watch Wear, and today we want to introduce is a TencentOS smart watch. Ted Baker iPhone 6 Case


First TencentOS inWatch t experience

InWatch t package is very simple, white tray, positive brand logo.


First TencentOS inWatch t experience

Packing the side with Tencent OS logo, Tencent is a intelligent system based on Android OS, devices such as smart phones, smart watches, VR, and here of course is the smart watch version of Tencent OS.


First TencentOS inWatch t experience

Open the packaging, there is a Brown transparent round ball-shaped plastic box, sort of like “Elf ball.”


First TencentOS inWatch t experience

Open the plastic box you can see the watch body, there is a protective film on the surface, but to ridicule is to watch from the packaging remove the base a little more difficult.


First TencentOS inWatch t experience

Accessories are simple, charging cradle, microUSB data cable and power adapter.


First TencentOS inWatch t experience

Charging cradle with inWatch and TencentOS logo, but there was no identification of the operating voltage and current.


First TencentOS inWatch t experience

We got the price of silver of 999 Standard Edition, a “nice, Milan” steel strap, give the feeling of a fiddle.


First TencentOS inWatch t experience

Watch the side has an entity key is also a function of this watch is the only key, and rely entirely on touch-screen operation.


First TencentOS inWatch t experience

Watch five round holes at the bottom, this is inWatch t speaker, you can through it and the microphone for hands-free phone.

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First TencentOS inWatch t experience

There is a hole at the top, is the microphone.


InWatch t back and like many smart watches, each with a heart rate sensor, there are also five metal contacts, for charging and data transfer. From the bottom of the logo can be seen using the 316L stainless steel, the watch itself “weight”, and along with water and dust proof IP56 standard.


Metal strap and metal buckle.


From a profile view, inWatch t face value inside the smart watch is very high, but weight control still has room for improvement.


Because the dial itself is a screen, so many watch manufacturers in the form of dial’s harangues, and TencentOS is no exception.


Long press the dial to select a different dial Panel.


Can light up the drop down bar, date and screen brightness information, such operations are logical and Android Wear is very close.


Gray line with color at the end of the system menu icon.


Setup menu with a dark grey tie in blue, this style is also reminiscent of the native Android 4.X system.


InWatch t system is based on Android 4.3 per cent, relative to the Android 6.0lai behind many of the Wear.


As a smart watch, TencentOS also has common features with any other product, such as pedometers and more fashion shows compared to other products in the form of.


Heart rate can be measured.


Because of the speaker, inWatch t can play music directly from the phone, the watch itself with 8G storage space to save the file. But unfortunately cannot connect Bluetooth to play music, only “free standing”.


Also benefit from the hardware configuration of your speakers, inWatch t can be used directly on the watch phone features, of course, to call a watch this behavior may cause weird looks from passers-by (and completely open status the call), if the functionality is better to join the Bluetooth headset.

Missed call notifications.

Micro-quick preview of the letter of notification and communication, micro-forms of the letters using voice reply, watches itself and not the soft keyboard, so you can’t directly enter text.

TencentOS dedicated Tencent watch Assistant on watch dials, application, health data management and synchronization.


As with many smart watches, inWatch t also has a lot of individual dial, by Tencent watches assistants we can download more dials, dials the number and of course Android Wear there is a big gap, but is enough to meet the needs of users.


Application market for the time being, only six third-party applications, due to their products, TencentOS has a built-in micro-letter and QQ, so extensions can temporarily a 8.

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Install third-party applications to “shake the sieve”.

Comes with game balance balls, bored pass the time is still very good, but the sensitivity of the sensor needs to be improved.

TencentOS as carrying the first smart watch, from inWatch t experiences, which can basically meet the needs of users to watch. Features, playability it offers a high variety of dial, as well as the ability to play music, connect to the telephone directly, compared to normal Smart Watches there is a clear difference. InWatch t 300mAh lithium battery, if and mobile phones to remain connected battery about 2 days left, belongs to the normal level. Systems experience, TencentOS’s logic is very close to the Android Wear, certainly compared to the native Android Wear system Tencent’s system to a more grounded, at least without relying on very distant with General user of Google services. But in terms of functionality and extensibility, TencentOS compared to Android Wear there is a large gap, in the hope that more developers to participate in the application of the system development, device used for this system so as to make carrying easier.


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