For photovoltaic energy Internet industry what s new entry

Polaris solar PV net news: abnormal heat energy concept of the Internet in our country. For the energy of the Internet, there is no unified and authoritative definition, mainly in the following three views:

First, the energy Internet equivalent to the smart grid, such as State grid Corporation Chairman, Party Secretary Liu Zhenya in the global energy Internet book, global energy actually is based on ultra high voltage power grid to the Internet backbone network to transport clean energy-oriented, strong smart grid of global interconnection;

Second, some people think that Internet is mentioned in the documents of the State Council of energy smart energy;

Third, energy is an existing distribution network based on the Internet through advanced power electronics and information technology, has an abundance of distributed renewable energy generation equipment and distributed energy storage devices, realizing new efficient power grid structure of the flow of energy and information. Its large central generating sets, distributed renewable generation port, storage equipment, various types of Terminal electrical machines through automated and intelligent software and hardware to establish a connection, using Internet technologies, promote electric power system as the core energy of various types of equipment in the network information exchange to achieve balance between energy production and consumption in real time.

All three defined, first focus on smart grid, second only to focus on power, the third is systematically summarizes the essential elements of energy Internet, its content more rich and more comprehensive. In both the foreign energy demonstration projects on the Internet, distributed renewable energy, electric cars, based on the power of the Internet transactions and services platform is the energy the three basic elements of the Internet. In summary, energy can be defined simply as the Internet “smart grid + power supply + power facilities” combination.

Energy to the Internet by means of mass-distributed wide area coordinate and plug-and-play interactive distributed energy storage can be achieved in the future, to provide long distance and large capacity demand side response. Electric cars, home storage, storage buildings, gas and electric switch gas technology will be the key to the development of energy Internet technology. Global energy Internet-scale distributed storage equipment operating efficiently, requires a global and dynamic pricing in electricity market as institutional support, and peak-Valley electricity price difference is large enough to be able to attract investors and ordinary families actively into the electricity market. Image understanding, using solar cells, every building, every piece of open space can be “avatar” for the power plant, everyone from the “energy Internet” buy energy, but also to the “energy Internet” selling energy, online shopping services. With Internet technology, consumers and producers based on the spot price automatically adjusts power consumption and production.

Energy development emphasizes the integration of renewable energy sources and the Internet the Internet, which will upset the traditional energy system and fundamentally solve the problem of energy security. At present, China’s dependence on foreign oil is growing too fast and conventional grid there are major security risks, development of distributed renewable energy Internet of interconnection will be the trend. Due to the broad energy Internet content and the level of industry, involves complex and diverse issues, lead to energy Internet has been slow to reach a consensus, substantial progress has been made, but there is a general consensus that energy that the Internet is an important way to promote the development of distributed energy, photovoltaic industry will usher in a new development opportunity.

“The Internet +” will reshape the PV industry development mode

At present, the “Internet +” has become an important impetus for upgrading of the photovoltaic industry, with “the Internet +” Fusion has become the latest trends in the photovoltaic industry. PV industry from manufacturing, application, financial leasing, such as industrial chain has been “Internet +” wave of innovation. Strong promotion of domestic subsidies and preferential policies, whether centralized or distributed power plants, China has become the world’s largest PV Application market, but due to a large photovoltaic market transparent and irregular, asymmetric information issues, led to the entire high transaction costs. “The Internet +” will bring big data, and open, help to promote the sustained and healthy development of the industry. However, facing the power of the Internet to subvert the capacity of PV industry and also great challenges: even large scale PV enterprises have a competitive advantage, is also very likely to be innovative “Internet +” replaced by small enterprises in the short term. As the energy of the Internet with Chinese characteristics is a strong smart grid high voltage as the core, how to accept the development of photovoltaic distributed power into an energy Internet construction and an important part of energy transformation.

Electric power system reform, policy support and efforts to control carbon emissions on the PV industry has an important impact on development prospects.

With the advancement of energy Internet, distributed energy will usher in new opportunities of development, photovoltaic industry will enter a new period of development. “Reform” has a key impact on development prospects of photovoltaic industry, due to the power system, water, abandoning wind, up from time to time, development and utilization of new and renewable sources of energy face difficulties, development system is not perfect, renewable energy and renewable power difficult, photovoltaic industry has not yet formed a virtuous cycle of development, production and promotion.

Some opinions on further deepening the reform of electric power calls for open grid equitable access, distributed power to develop new mechanisms:

First, the development of distributed power, on the premise of ensuring security, actively develop the integration of advanced energy-storage technology, information technology, micro-grid and smart grid technology, enhance absorptive capacity and energy efficiency of the system;

Second, improve network operation services, support for new and renewable energy Internet, active promotion of new and renewable sources of energy and other network effective connection according to planning and implementing renewable energy generation system of guaranteeing the purchasing and solve the problems of discrimination-free, barrier-free Internet access;

Third, full release user side distributed power market, release user side distributed power construction, support enterprise, and institutions, and community and family according to their conditions, adjusting measures to local conditions investment construction solar, and wind, and biological quality can power and gas “thermoelectric cold” cogeneration, various distributed power, allowed access the voltage grade of distribution network and Terminal electricity system, encourages professional energy service company and user cooperation or to “contract energy management” mode construction distributed power.

The reform on solar power plant construction, Internet access and other problems are fully taken into account, but can be implemented in practice there is still a lot of uncertainty. Construction and operation for distributed generation model there are many obstacles, “Internet and network regulation of spontaneous use, remainder” effective implementation of the business model there is a great deal of uncertainty.

Fully Shang, PV industry of development prospects, and scale and speed by policy of effect factors larger, if currently support PV industry development and products application of policy can get maintained or strengthened, coupled with recently China has proposed national independent contribution target (INDC), 2030 China to achieved carbon emissions peak, carbon emissions strength declined 60%-65% of control row target, future China carbon emissions control will increasingly tighter, energy structure adjustment speed will speed up, this background Xia PV industry will ushered in new of development opportunities.

Take energy Internet Dongfeng, PV industry in the future will go the way of upgrading

Energy Internet for the new entrance to the development of the photovoltaic industry. Energy development of the Internet is inherently distributed energy promotion and popularization of the process consists of three steps.

First, to promote intelligent distributed energy resources, and continuously improve the proportion of distributed energy in the energy supply structure.

At present by way of laws and regulations to promote distributed PV, distributed natural gas development, actual installed capacity and planning objectives there is a large gap, in order to analyze the reasons on the basis of more targeted and more effective incentive policies and measures, advance planning, capacity goals.

Second, steps to promote the energy Internet, subregional. For intelligent distributed energy good communities, parks, urban, progressive Internet pilot regional energy, the energy Internet applications to “low-carbon community”, “low carbon zone”, “low carbon cities”, “low carbon homes” building a low carbon society in various fields so that it covers all aspects of public life.

Third, regional energy Internet received some popularity, and take practical measures to promote interoperability between regional, national and even global energy Internet.

For PV companies, future development of the photovoltaic industry will no longer be a simple production, promotion and application of, is no longer the era of easy profit relies on Government subsidies, development of the industry to fully embrace Internet “+”, and constantly enhance the industry innovation and profitability, key to do the following work.

Is PV industry through close ties with upstream and downstream industry chain, implement the strategy of vertical integration, ongoing technological and product innovations. 2016 in the photovoltaic field, we have seen an increasing number of PV manufacturers are establishing intelligent power station and large data centers, the introduction of “Internet + PV products”, believe that in the future there will be more firms to enter this field.

Second, PV enterprises wish to strengthen our ability to integrate resources, implement the strategy of horizontal integration, supplied by the product provider to service and integrated solutions transform. Through cooperation with the Internet giant, domestic photovoltaic power stations have found a PV solution for efficient collection of data while using the Internet data platform to further expand the market potential of PV industry.

Third, the PV industry development through business model innovation, seek new profit growth point. “The Internet +” will contribute to changing the management of photovoltaic power generation and changes the industry business model, promote the formation of new profit growth point.

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