Grid connected photovoltaic leader plans to detail analysis

Polaris solar PV net news: the Chinese Government formally launched in 2015 “leader plans”, which aimed to steer photovoltaic technology advancement and industrial upgrading. The initially planned 3GW demonstration project, and three year, 1GW per year batches completed. First 1GW demonstration project located in the Datong coal mining subsidence areas, grid-connected and has in its entirety prior to June 30, 2016. EnergyTrend analysis of leader plans to become China’s PV industry in promoting “strong tide in straitened circumstances” means.

A, standard

To promote PV industry upgrading and industrial restructuring, leader plans drawn up stringent product specification, as follows:

Grid-connected photovoltaic leader plans to detail analysis

And in the conversion efficiency of single and polycrystalline products, lead crystal products more products easier to reach standards, equivalent to encourage industries to develop single crystal.

Two grid-statistics

First project leader plan a total of 7 100MW project, 6 50MW project, grid-connected set in late June 2015. Incorporation details are as follows:

Grid-connected photovoltaic leader plans to detail analysis

Suppliers, provides about ja 420MW component is the biggest winner and to supply categories, there are more than 70% power plant using single crystal component, the other contains small amounts of PERC, N-Type products.

Grid-connected photovoltaic leader plans to detail analysis

Third, the conclusions

Project leader plan has a priority right to grid-connected with the settlement of electricity charges, but subsidies and General utility allowance difference, so plan the purchase price of the project leader will not be too high, PERC technology through leader scheme when made an obvious advantage.

Meanwhile, because of subsidies, leader plans to bid the enterprise too much premium efficient products. EnergyTrend think, the true meaning of the leader plan is to encourage leading technology products popularization and promotion, and promote healthy competition, manufacturers of brand value can also be promoted.

Original title: leader plans to resolve: mono product profitability, brand effect

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