Guangzhou subsidies distributed photovoltaic power stations

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday, the Guangzhou Development Planning Commission issued a pointed out that to accelerate distributed PV applications in Guangzhou that encourage building owners contribute roofing resources, mobilize investment and construction of distributed PV initiative will launch a 2016 first solar photovoltaic power generation project construction Organization Declaration of special funds.

Grants object for residents family and administrative organ buildings solar PV power project, grants object for project construction residents personal or units, can application electricity grants; other type (refers to except residents family and administrative organ yiwai of) buildings or abandoned land, and mountain shortage slope, and agricultural big shed, and beach, and garbage fill buried field, and ponds, and Lake, site solar PV power project, grants object for buildings ownership people and project units.

Subsidies are divided into projects, wind power generation and the installed capacity of the project.

Among them, the generating capacity of the project may apply for grants, enjoy the electricity subsidy project for the first time since the project grid-connected electricity generated by the date to June 30, 2016, based on standard of 0.15 Yuan/kWh subsidy. Have already enjoyed 0.1 Yuan/kWh electricity subsidy project dating difference electricity subsidy on August 1, 2015 electricity generated by ~2016 on June 30, according to 0.15 Yuan/kWh on the standard rate of subventions.

In addition, the installed capacity of the project can apply for grants. According to 0.2 Yuan/w standards, according to the total installed capacity of the project, determine the amount of subsidy, and individual project grants once a maximum grant amount to 2 million Yuan.

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