IPad Pro Tiger body shake Exynos 8890 running top

IPad Pro Tiger body shake: Exynos-8890 running top

A9X performance is well known on the iPad Pro is very bossy, and Xiao long next year 820, Exynos 8890 will impact on its strength, judging from the latest running information, carrying Exynos 8890 Galaxy S7 in the multi-core performance has been beyond the iPad Pro and is superior to the other eight-core products.

IPad Pro Tiger body shake: Exynos-8890 running top

Judging from the foreign media Sammobile running totals, Galaxy carrying Exynos 8890 S7 on Geekbench 3 solo 2294 of the score, this score is already very considerable, but relative to its competitors A9, long 820lai, Xiao said was slightly weaker, and A9X is monster could not reach. However, with as many as eight CPU core, Exynos-8890 multicore run close to 7000, which has a larger advantage relative to competing products, and Xiao long 820 (Galaxy S7, quad-core) and the A9X (iPad Pro, dual-core) and the previous generation Galaxy Note5 (Exynos 7420, an eight-core) is around 5400. Runs from the leak, iPhone 7 of the A10 until Exynos 8890 early next year, Xiao long 820 and the A9 on a single core performance can be said to be equal, equal, we will follow up on GPU comparison. Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus Kenzo iPhone 6 plus

Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus

Run chart source: Sammobile


IPad Pro Tiger body shake: Exynos-8890 running top

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