IT Giants have built solar company is behind a large chess

Polaris solar PV net news: Apple’s latest big news is the establishment of a subsidiary called Apple Energy, this is not big news, the bigger news is that the company hopes to obtain government authorization for sale of Apple’s investment in solar power plant for the production of extra electricity, all the United States can use Apple.

IT Giants have built solar company is behind a large chess?

Judging from the present rate of progress, while in California and Nevada has built two renewable energy projects, and a renewable energy projects are under construction in Arizona, but the company wants to dabble in energy markets may take time. A consumer-oriented technology companies will set up a new energy direction of subsidiary, this fact alone already reflects the Giants is increasingly active in energy management.

Apple and other IT Giants are exploring new opportunities in energy management, their goals often include the following four points: generate revenue, sustainable development, cost-control and increase the company’s capacity to respond.

Strategic objective 1: energy expenditure

Despite Apple’s Energy Division has been way ahead of other technology companies, but it’s two old rivals Google and Amazon are already one step ahead. Google at the end of 2009 on the establishment of a GoogleEnergy subsidiary, Amazon company Amazon Energy is in the middle of 2015 was set up. The IT giant’s goal of energy subsidiaries is “discovery and identification of opportunities to uses of energy cost management”, which is also in order to reduce their own efforts in global carbon emissions. Looking at the macro level, these enterprises to establish an energy subsidiary in response to different regional energy control above differences, as well as transnational corporations everywhere face the complexities of exchange rate by purchasing energy; looking at the micro-level, if a device consumes energy throughout the day, the energy cost is closely related with the total energy consumption of a single device.

Apple establish energy subsidiary wants to not only reduce energy costs, on top of economic benefit to consider is much more far-reaching. Apple energy subsidiary seeking authorization to sell power, which will enable it to recover from the energy consumption market their investments in renewable energy projects. Google and Amazon Energy subsidiaries have received marketing licences. Even without investing in renewable energy projects, commercial power users like Apple can also be powered by its energy subsidiary to improve the company’s responsiveness in electricity demand, reduced from an external utility or energy service provider time costs to reap the benefits of purchasing power.

IT Giants have built solar company is behind a large chess?

Strategic objective 2: energy sustainability

Google, Amazon and Apple, for better energy use cost management certainly has a lot of clear economic considerations, but on the company’s overall energy strategy, the establishment of subsidiaries in addition to controlling the cost of energy, has also an important mission is to meet the company’s goals of sustainable development. Apple, Google and Amazon have their own long-term plans in sustainable development, they are trying to buy or produce the equivalent company online store, Office and data center General renewable energy in the total energy consumed, to meet the company’s sustainable development plan.

Want to be actively the achievement of sustainable development goals, it is impossible to rely on conventional energy projects to promote the company. Standard lighting reform and set up solar power devices can effectively address the overall energy consumption of all types of Office installations issues. But if you want to significantly improve energy efficiency, increasing the use of renewable energy in the company’s sustainable development objectives, the pursuit in the enterprise 100% use renewable energy. In view of this, Google through the transformation of their data centers, has made its data centre energy efficiency than increased 50%. According to consider production and purchase of renewable energy in total energy consumption, can help companies the right to adjust the scale of investment in renewable energy projects, to avoid excess production or consumption of electrical energy.

Amazon, set goals for yourself is to the end of 2016, 40% of electricity through renewable electricity generation, and now Amazon has done 25% ‘s power comes from renewable energy generation.

IT Giants have built solar company is behind a large chess?

Strategic goal 3: energy costs predictable

Today’s big companies increasingly diversified sources of energy, large-scale solar and wind energy purchases had been planned, they also sought to turn around the company’s energy costs can be accurately predicted. Power purchase agreements for corporate customers for the next 10-25 years of wind energy or solar power purchase contract prices are well out, this renewable energy so that they can be resold to price less transparent wholesale electricity markets and benefit from it.

Amazon has recently signed a contract reflect a priority in its energy cost forecast. Amazon’s Virginia data center power costs are relatively fixed, before Amazon invested the power generated by renewable energy projects in the wholesale energy market prices often change, the company may receive substantial returns from such volatility. This makes Amazon and local power plant Dominion Virginia Power, Virginia (referred to as DVP) sit down to negotiate, set a new standard tariff. Under the new standards, when wholesale energy prices when Amazon can DVP power plant to pay the electricity at lower prices, in turn, electricity is paid a higher standard. Signing this new contract makes Amazon’s total cash flow of the company in terms of energy expenditure is more coherent.

Virginia was not originally a hot market for renewable, precisely because of the State’s high-tech industry with a floating price policy, makes a large number of technology companies come together. World-class Internet companies in order to control electricity costs more than your data center is located in Virginia, the network traffic that is worldwide, there are about 70% through Virginia.

IT Giants have built solar company is behind a large chess?

Strategic goal 4: improve responsiveness

In the past few years in the United States suffered the destructive storm of public sector and private businesses tend to invest more resilience of infrastructure services. Google, Amazon and Apple to improve their facility’s ability to adapt is nothing new. Technology companies in order to ensure that data centers can continue to operate during the blackout, diesel and natural gas standby generator is a very common device. In addition to technology companies, hospitals, food storage and the Labs also power supply’s ability to have higher requirements, they often have to rely on a traditional generator.

But as battery prices are way down and stored energy increases, using battery power has also become a new way to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity. In recent years, several giants such as LG lithium battery chemistry, Panasonic, Samsung and actively expanding capacity, always ready to bargain qiangshi, lithium-ion batteries in the past 18 months has dropped the price of 70%. But Tesla’s Super Gigafactory upon completion of the battery factory, lithium battery prices will drop significantly.

According to United States national renewable energy laboratory (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) statistics, the 2015 global lithium-ion battery capacity of up to 53 million, but only 40% used in practice, which was similar to the Stem of the energy storage startups the opportunity to transition to energy management services. Stem of lithium battery storage system was originally designed for business customers cut peak demand in order to help customers save electricity now Stem reserve 4 hours and are available for enterprise customers of energy storage systems to support energy management services, such as electricity frequency adjustment, transfer of power load time and to support the integration of renewable energy.

Microsoft also is very active in to secure a stable power supply, in June this year, the company and the Primus Power companies, on their global data centers that use battery power. This project is part of the Microsoft global renewable energy strategy and objectives is through the use of high-performance battery to improve power supply reliability, improve energy efficiency and make full use of this type of renewable wind and solar power.

The energy services market to increased competition

The energy target is not, this complexity as an energy service provider provides an opportunity to display their arms and legs. Energy service providers should adhere to the core value proposition is to simplify energy procurement for corporate clients involved in all aspects of work. Ecova,, EnerNOC, General Electric, Schneider and Siemens has been active for many years in business-oriented and industrial customers in the energy supply market, now they are starting to produce energy and store energy as part of their core energy management products. At the same time, some of the world’s largest energy companies such as Centrica, Duke Energy, Edison has aimed at energy management launched a takeover of the company in order to compete with existing positive energy service providers. As early as in 2011, at a cost of $ 63 million for GE investment direction of 10 energy startups, the business of these companies cover the Wireless charging, intelligent buildings, LED lighting and other aspects, forms a complete business matrix, for GM to further develop energy services market and lay a foundation for enterprise users.

Competition for energy management services not only energy Giants game, in which a number of start-up companies are also very light. Energy startups mentioned above Stem in 2015, got $ 27 million in series b financing, like Hara with Verdiem’s enterprise is for enterprise energy management provides the operating software and the cloud platform. Energy management services market is booming, but also led to the gold mine next to people selling water, startups Retroficiency energy services suppliers and power plants developed data analysis and management platform.

However, with Google, Amazon and Apple’s industry-leading enterprise began to gradually expand their energy management plan, we will see increasingly fierce competition between energy service suppliers will, more companies will join the ranks of independent energy management company.

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