Japan will develop PV safety technology and battery recycling technology

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan new energy and industrial technology development organization (NEDO) announced on June 28, 2016, added five in the photovoltaic project development issues.

New topics for “protection of design and maintenance of security” (three) and “waste reuse technology of solar panels” (two). These technologies will help increase long-term reliability required to import photovoltaic power generation, as well as building a circular economy.

“Aimed at guaranteeing the security of evidence” three items will be 2016-2018-2014-2018-PV system efficiencies and the research and development of maintenance and management of development projects implemented.

Due to the design and construction are not perfect, solar panels are high winds set off, when the flooding occurred, flooded cells can result in electric shock, these risks are worrying. In this context, in order to ensure the safety of photovoltaic power generation system, will in the future as standards of design, construction and disaster response measures integrated in the series made with guidelines for the implementation.

To this end, the will based on photovoltaic power generation system structures to investigate, research and demonstration experiments, electrical safety, preparation of design guidelines for safety.

The selected of development subject is “PV power equipment of security of related empirical test and the research” (scheduled delegate object for industry technology integrated Institute), and “in consider anti-wind security and the flood Shi anti-shock of based Shang development reasonable of design method” (PV power Association, and Austrian to built produced), and “PV power system affected situation of master and the anti-fire shock technology of development” (PV power station Network).

Among them, “taking into account wind resistance safety and flood protection against electric shock when development of rational design method on the basis of” implemented by the Association of photovoltaic power generation and production, to pile on support and the empirical testing of wind resistance performance, safety and design guidelines and manuals.

“Low-cost recycling of waste solar module technology development” two subjects will be 2016-2018-2014-2018-research and development of photovoltaic power generation technology development project implementation.

After the substantial import photovoltaic power generation, is expected to produce a lot of waste power generation systems. In addition to developing low-cost recycling technologies, the development of recovery, transport, sorting, repair, properly dispose of used power system technology, and the technology of recycling of used batteries.

Selected development issues in this regard as “On-Site reuse of module classification technology development” (scheduled delegate objects for photovoltaic power generation technology research association), “low-cost remediation technology development of waste solar modules” (G.M.G energy).

Among them, the “On-Site reuse of module classification technology development” implemented by the photovoltaic power generation technology research association, will develop in the decomposition site for fast and accurate classification of solar panel technology. In order to break down the diversity of environmental conditions on site, disaggregated by different used on panels and simple determination of electrical safety technologies will be developed.

Cell classification technology developed will be equipped with the name “mobile PV Lab” on the truck can be decomposed to classifying panels, thus helping to reduce transportation and packaging costs, and shorten the processing time required for classification.

Original title: Japan will develop PV safety technology and battery recycling technology

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