Jiangxi ruichang company occupying the wetland construction of photovoltaic

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to provides, in provincial important wetland engaged in production business, has strictly of approval procedures, but, a name for ruichang City Rainbow source PV power limited of of enterprise, in provincial important wetland–Chi Hu wetland ruichang city Wu Jiaoxiang Lei Jiahu, and Dahl lake waters construction 50 MW solar power project, in no made using wetland about procedures Hou, is unauthorized starts construction, makes this tablets important wetland faced was damage of situation.

Jiangxi ruichang company occupying the wetland construction of photovoltaic power plants

Lei Jia Chi Hu wetland lake waters is building solar photovoltaic project

Provincial wetland built on photovoltaic power plants

The day of the end of June, Xunyang evening news reporter Chi Hu wetland in ruichang city, Wu Jiao Xiang Lei Jiahu, and see the waters of Dal Lake, water build up a thick cement pole, a busy construction situation.

Chi Hu and separated only by a dyke of the Yangtze River, an area of 68.9 square kilometers, is the fifth-largest natural lake in Jiangxi province. In January 2015, the Jiangxi Provincial Forestry Department published the directory of important wetlands in the first province, Jiangxi province, Quanzhou wetland was listed.

Ruichang City Rainbow source PV power limited of 50 MW solar power project accounted for water 1500 acres, but, face this a was local vigorously publicity for environmental project of water power field, a name photography lovers is is worried: “Chi Hu is provincial important wetland, annual to Chi Hu winter of migratory birds up to more than 10,000 over, in wetland Shang built so big a PV power field, will will destroyed migratory birds of homes, if not as soon as possible stop, several months Hou, this a large wetland, will into Pu full solar electric Board of PV power field! ”

Using the provincial wetland must obtain prior approval

According to the regulations, occupy or impose an important wetland, has a very stringent approval processes. The Jiangxi province take up critical audit management of wetlands regulations, expropriation, land units should be located to the wetlands of the County (city, district) apply to the Forestry Department, fill out the application form for the use of wetlands and other materials, forestry authorities at the county level after the acceptance of the application should send a qualified professional and technical personnel, conducted field surveys. Following a preliminary examination, district forestry sector review. Districts after the approval of forestry departments, the Provincial Forestry Department. After approval by the Provincial Forestry Department, to land granting consent to the use of wetlands on the examination. Forestry departments above the county level wetlands occupied against the land application is not approved, applications will be returned.

Ignoring project to forestry sector communications

In recent days, the reporters came to Hongyuan, ruichang photovoltaic power plant located in mine-waters of Lake project requiring operators to produce occupy important wetland of Quanzhou provincial approval documents, but without an interview.

Ruichang City Forestry Department official, told reporters after the project occupied wetland-related applications have been submitted to them, but the company without the approval of the case, the permission to start the construction. On April 27, ruichang City Forestry Bureau, served on the company of the letters on the management of important wetlands audit procedures, require the company to immediately stop the construction, restoration, but the company has not been ignored.

Ruichang city forest Public Security Bureau official told reporters that they have been occupying the provincial wetland in the company investigation.

Unauthorized construction on wetlands will destroy the balance of

Insiders told reporters that PV power generation projects is clean energy, but if the unauthorized construction in the woodlands, wetlands, will damage the natural ecosystem. Wetland was called “Earth of kidney”, through photosynthesis, absorption carbon dioxide, and PV power project erection PV Board will blocked sun light, and effect plant normal growth, Lai Yu plant growth Habitat of birds, animal and microbial survival will will by effect, wetland once was damage, repair up quite difficult, so, related sector does not advocates in woodland, and wetland, and arable land above construction PV power project.

Original title: Jiangxi ruichang company occupying the wetland construction of photovoltaic power plants

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