Low price SteelSeries Sensei 49 99

Low price: SteelSeries Sensei. 99

SteelSeries Sensei is the flagship sairui mice, which have different derivatives. SteelSeries Sensei tried An Gaohua A9500 laser engine, 5700DPI, flagship mouse’s standard. It uses a 32-bit microprocessor, and firmware can be interpolated to 11400DPI what sounds very much. A customizable LCD screen at the bottom. FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case


SteelSeries Sensei historically low price of $ 49.99, about 300 yuan, the price at 380 Yuan, China in the same paragraph at 649 Yuan, the price advantage. Mouse repair is also simple, basically just a year or two years before they can have the opportunity to change fretting. Note that this seems to be peeling, sweating hands party take note. FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

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