Mysterious posters made by millet 2 5 detail exposed witnesses said the crash

Mysterious posters made by millet 2>5 new flagship Note 2 really coming?

Mysterious posters made by millet 2>5; detail exposed: witnesses said the crash victims were watching Harry Potter | Lei feng’s morning news” ></p>
<p>In the Android camp started in the first half for sale under the background of 6GB flagship, “fever” millet also produced more killing. The morning millet micro-release poster “2>5”, and “love, no losers”, background is the pitch, these vague clues pointing to a cell phone under the millet: millet, Note 2.</p>
<p>Current information shows that millet Note 2 is expected with a 5.7-inch 1080p screen, equipped with mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor, and 4GB memory, hat Edition would be 6GB, and rumors also stressed before, the aircraft is expected to have 12 million pixel camera pair of versions, the price is expected to exceed 3000 Yuan, this meeting will be with us for two months.</p>
<p>Comment: Iceland 2 balls larger than France 5 balls?</p>
<p>Comment: # no other monkey #</p>
<p>Witnesses said the crash victims were watching Harry Potter</p>
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According to the yangcheng evening news reporter investigation found, account complaints frequently stolen are not uncommon on the network. Victims generally agreed that software there are some flaws in the system, result in accounts being stolen and fraudulent behavior occurs. And because of the large number of users account information stolen, breeds on the Internet “Uber” groups were conducted using stolen account information for profit.

China responded to the yangcheng evening news reporter, the network security team has started investigating the matter and will take strict security precautions, continued consolidation of platforms through technical upgrades to safety.

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Scientists try to use 3D printing “planting” of military UAV

cnBeta MCM iPhone 6 Plus

Mysterious posters made by millet 2>5; detail exposed: witnesses said the crash victims were watching Harry Potter | Lei feng’s morning news” ></p>
<p>According to the United Kingdom broadcasting company reported on July 3, “planting” military drone sounds more like something from a science fiction movie, but United Kingdom scientists is trying to do that. Used by 3D printers built part in United Kingdom military aircraft in the not-so-new. Now, researchers began trying to use the same technology to produce UAVs.</p>
<p>Reports that the “planting” unmanned aerial vehicles in military superiority is self-evident-not only the production speed, but can be in a war zone. This does not require waiting for so long and complex supply chain practices, nature provides great advantage to defeat the enemy on the battlefield.</p>
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<p>Tesla’s autopilot system was about to be a major software update</p>
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Google VR Chrome browser allows all Web sites support VR

Although virtual reality quite high degree of attention, technology giants also have launched their own VR equipment, but there is no denying that is, compared with the wide range of hardware products, VR but appears to be some lack of resources and content. But the latest news is that Google’s plans for the Chrome browser added support for VR, so users can browse ordinary Web site in the virtual reality way.

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