New thin film technology hits Manz speed up the localization process

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Zhang Yingying) a few days ago, world-renowned solar energy giants, large suppliers of Apple Germany German I (Manz) Group announced its exclusive research partner ZSW CIGS efficiency 22.6% breakthrough to regain the CIGS thin-film solar cell efficiency world leader. This ground-breaking world record once again, all eyes in the industry into the this Germany giant.

Reporters found in this announcement, Shanghai Electric said on May 24 announced, the company has, through its wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Germany investment limited liability company at 34.74 euros per share price, subscription Manz 1.5235 million additional shares, the subscription was about $ 5293 euro (about 387.7 million yuan). Is not difficult to speculate that Shanghai Electric had insight into the technology market opportunities, to spend money betting chips.

“Start a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Electric, we will continue to push CIGS thin-film solar technology forward, to further tap its potential, while leading the Manz solar production equipment CIGSfab whole plant solution customers and achieve optimal efficiency and minimal production costs for local CIGS thin film solar cell manufacturing. “Manz, Chief Executive, and the founder of Dieter Manz says, most people want to invest in PV industry receive substantial benefits now, so it can’t miss the CIGS thin-film solar cell technology, we will help this technology to the world.

Insiders say, Shanghai Electric and Germany Manz cooperation will further speed up the localization process of thin-film solar technology in China.

How big is the shock wave of new technologies?

CIGS conversion efficiency of up to 22.6% not only refreshes the existing world record, far more than the record of the original 21.7%. Dieter Manz’s words, this is a matter of pride and proud feat, also demonstrates the CIGS is by far has the best future prospects and has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of thin-film solar cell technology.

The technology with how large the blast? “In polycrystalline silicon solar technology and intuitive than in the CIGS in the laboratories of the highest efficiency far beyond 1.3% efficiency, charm of the CIGS technology significantly superior. This means that in the future, CIGS thin film solar cell and polycrystalline silicon solar technology will not only be able to go beyond and would significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency, the absolute impact on the status of the major polysilicon solar. “Dieter Manz says, the next solar investment boom came, CIGS technology is expected to become an important key technologies.

It is understood that the world record solar cell produced by co-evaporation technology, was developed jointly by the Manz group and ZSW’s patented technology. Excellent reproducibility of the process of this technology, production system engineering with excellent transferability of technology. Manz-Schwäbisch Hall CIGS innovation production lines, able to transfer this knowledge from the laboratory to the production line, and to reduce production costs while continuing to enhance efficiency. Manz’s research team has these important results have been achieved: Manz CIGSfab

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