Notice issued photovoltaic pilot programmes for poverty alleviation in xinxian

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New county people’s Government Office

On the issuance of notice photovoltaic pilot programmes for poverty alleviation in xinxian County

In every village, town, Xiangshan Lake Management District, Jin Lanshan Street offices, relevant departments of the County:

The photovoltaic pilot programmes for poverty alleviation in xinxian County has County government research agrees, it is issued to you, please practice, paying careful attention to the follow-up.

The May 26, 2016

Photovoltaic in xinxian County poverty reduction pilot programme

PV poverty County, the County Government to promote precision, steadily increasing poverty for poverty alleviation of farmers ‘ income, speed up the County’s poor people out of poverty and to take important action. In order to do this work, programmes are formulated.

A, guideline

In-depth implement party of 18 big and 18 session three in the, and four in the, and v plenary spirit, full implementation XI General Secretary, and Li keqiang Prime Minister on poverty development work of important indicates, combined Niigata actual, through first pilot model, and again full promotion of way carried out PV poverty, help poor established long, and stable increase channel, constantly exploration and find associate poverty new industry, and widened poverty new way, and established poverty new mechanism, ensure I County all poor in 2017 years Qian achieved poverty.

Two, the pilot scope and object

BA Li fan Zhen Wu jianshan, Nam Chong, Jin Lanshan Street neighborhood Committee, Wu Chen Zhen Yang the River Mound village and Jin Xiang Yu Dian Cun, Yu Chong village part of the poor.

Construction scale of the three, photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation

Calculated according to the poor building size not exceeding 3-kilowatt per household, each pilot building one 50-kilowatt small centralized PV power station and 2 3-kilowatt with distributed PV. The 5 small centralized PV plants and 10 with distributed PV master scale is 280-kilowatt.

Four, building operations and financing

(A) building

To speed up the photovoltaic pilot project construction progress on poverty reduction, and play an exemplary role, introduced by the County canvass of China power investment group and the Jiangsu Province Xu source limited joint venture established in xinxian County new Asahi solar limited unified construction, facilitate harmonization of technical standards, maintenance and guarantee the quality of products.

(B) operations

1. small centralized photovoltaic power plant. Set up by the village organization of 17 poor PV cooperatives for poverty alleviation, through cooperatives are responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the power plant. Power plant revenues net of repayment and normal maintenance fees and the rest divided equally poor participation of cooperatives, utility cooperative assets belonging to all.

2. distributed photovoltaic power plant. All assets vested in the poor individuals, responsible for day-to-day operations and management by poor individuals.

Power plant after the completion of the implementation of full Internet access power, enjoy the national PV benchmark pricing policy.

(C) financing

After calculation, photovoltaic power plant investment budget for each Fund 1-kilowatt 8000 Yuan, building 280-kilowatt PV poor pilot, funding of 2.24 million Yuan. Among them, in PV to the alleviation of poor capital 8000 Yuan per household, a total of 760,000 yuan; County development and Reform Commission, integrated green energy demonstration counties stock capital of 550,000 yuan; County Nong Khai poverty alleviation Office responsible for raising capital of 930,000.

Poor individual funding can apply for small interest loans; poor participation of cooperatives, run by cooperatives in power station construction and poor contribution to the same standard apply for small loans and repayment of loans. In order to ensure that the poor can have a stable income every year, power station 1/3 of revenue each year on loan until the loan out.

Five, implement

(A) the County of supervision is responsible for the formulation and implementation of programmes, track inspection supervision of the project;

(B) the County Commission, Nong Khai Group Office of poverty alleviation and the Department of finance is responsible for the financial part of the project integration and project forward;

(C) national grid new County power company electricity access programme (free of charge), grid-connected mode, network debugging, metering and subsidy funds settlement;

(D) the County Nong Khai poverty alleviation Office, financial institutions are responsible for the poor to handle small subsidized loans;

(E) pilot Township (district, Sub-District Office) responsible for project implementation of the poorest families in the village of identification, cooperative set up, access to land, as well as problems of coordination in the implementation of the project.

(F) the ANI photovoltaic company in xinxian County village (neighborhood) is located is responsible for power station construction plan and speed up the projects to ensure project quality.

Original title: photovoltaic pilot programmes for poverty alleviation in xinxian County issued on notifications

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