On China PV double trial final repeatedly due to trade third variables allowing

Polaris solar PV net news: 2012 China Solar double of second review of countervailing duty found out eventually, parts manufacturers from the early 19.62% sentenced 19.2%, major Chinese manufacturers combined tax rates falls on 23.95%~33.13%, though still slightly the differential between the manufacturers, however, does not affect the United States layout policy. TrendForce EnergyTrend research in its green energy Deputy Manager Lin Yan Rong said Sino-US solar-powered double since 2012 the noise now, influence has been weakened by manufacturers overseas distribution, future concern only SolarWorld and Hemlock’s impact on Sino-US trade war between the two powers.

On China PV double trial final repeatedly due to trade third variables allowing manufacturers to move plan

Regardless of whether the SolarWorld will cause the subsequent double variables, current Trina, Crystal, Crystal Australia, hanwha, and Viet Nam PV is not limited by the rate of significant new capacity has been seriously affected United States market prices, EnergyTrend estimated United States industry module will average dropped significantly from US$0.6~0.62/W in the year end of US$0.48~0.52/W, 15% per cent within a year. Property of third price in the third after maturing, prices have fallen to about US$0.32/W, parity with the batteries on both sides at the end of this year. Lin Yanrong pointed out that capacity throughout the competition back to basic supply and demand, and in each subsequent year of review and double against huge uncertainty may cancel have been in previous years, manufacturers how to stand out in a massive new production capacity is the issue of most concern.

Double against retrial for: 1.2012 double requirement should be reviewed since this year to the end of 2017 2.2014 reviewed double back from next year to the beginning of 2020. Follow-up may impact analysis are as follows:

Not under the influence of SolarWorld, a year reviewing rates decline

If both the cells, modules of a trade war is not affected by other factors, it is generally accepted that sentenced in early 2014 after the next Chinese new year anti-China Taiwan area further downward adjustments in tax rates, the lowest tax rate for Motech or Xu Hong.

Lin Yanrong said that if next year, Xu Wang become Taiwan manufacturers of the lowest tax rates, its high-end PERC product will be able to direct United States and to open more markets. As a result, if overall Chinese Taiwan area average decline, can benefit from the manufacturers, but the third zero-rated capacity will be totally smooth mass production next year, Chinese Taiwan area with conventional batteries the premium will be limited. Fluctuation of rates of the judgment will determine China’s Taiwan region or third grab of the PERC capacity.

End of 2017 suppress double sunset review of anti-tax

If 2012 against the setting sun at the end of a review next year when China and the two-handed backhand, United States market will no longer be the third real estate and China’s first vertically integrated firms dominate, is initial cost remains slightly higher than China and Taiwan’s domestic real estate III, will face serious challenges.

By then, overseas capacity and to tax rate cuts early next year, China Taiwan manufacturers will only be earned before tax abolition a gap year, transfer machines, building cost is difficult to recycle, will enable the original still plans to increase overseas production capacity of manufacturers looking discouraged.

China abolished double tax before the end of 2017, or open module and polysilicon price limits

Between the double reverse immediately canceled, or open as a price limit polysilicon, module, trade between the two countries, is the first United States module Terminal market prices, there will be far greater than the drop for fear of encroaching upon the market price US$0.45/W next year. Meanwhile, slow down China’s polysilicon prices will plummet sharply.

China resorted to multi double polycrystalline silicon pin blocked many Western companies in China, China manufacturers expanding polysilicon production for nearly two years, if China is open again overseas, were, of course, will be in 2017, is facing a huge oversupply of polysilicon in China market, accelerated polysilicon prices, it is expected that this probability is not high.

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