Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation

Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation

The S5000 is Lenovo in October launched a flagship performance and lightweight design Android tablet, and its styling is similar to mobile phone, what about its actual hands-on experience? Join us to find out.

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The S5000 package style is concise, positive show is the product of the positive, as well as brand logo
Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation


Back of packaging-related parameters and product-related information

Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation


Packaging open after the first layer is the S5000

Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation


The second layer is accessories

Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation


Parts manual, data cable, power adapter, special comes with a paper base

Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation


S5000 uses black and silver matching, as speakers in the front, so it looks like huge cell phone

Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation


S5000 uses a 7-inch screen, the screen border, one hand holding up a little reluctantly. Screen resolution for 1280*800, grainy the more obvious

Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation


Speakers, a front-facing camera, light sensor, proximity sensor, and is similar to mobile phone form

Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation


Bottom of the brand logo

Phone model Lenovo S5000 experience evaluation


Back using the particle itself out of the silver back cover


Post 5 million pixel camera


Use curved design of the fuselage, so will your handheld to the human body is very thin feeling


Top 3.5mm headphone


The bottom is micro-USB interface


Right side of the fuselage press the


Moschino new iPad case

And iPad mini2 contrast size, due to the size of the screen, S5000 is than a circle on the mini2



S5000 used Association home desktop, eliminating secondary menu design, the icon also did some landscaping, the system default icons are rounded rectangle


Initiator settings, you can set the page turning animation, gesture, gestures, double-click on the Add gestures


Start the editing interface, you can add Widget


Still the dropdown bar divided into left and right sides, the left side is the notification bar


Drop down to the right is a shortcut


Lock screen, and Android native-like


System settings changed to predominantly white, menu layout and similar primary system


System information system is based on Android, 4.2.2, kernel version 3.4.5


Percentage battery display can be adjusted


16G ROM, available capacity in 13G


Due to power on the system RAM available in 550MB


Camera interface, S5000 uses a 5 million pixel camera, you can adjust exposure, white balance, scene modes


Album interface


S5000 resolution is 1280*800, so with some Android software with HD suffix no problem, here are Sina weibo HD


Treasure HD


File master HD


Although the S5000 resolution of relative levels of high-end Android Tablet and it 1080P and even 1440P there is a gap, but in application compatibility, 1280*800 resolution for Android tablet is the most suitable, can at least ensure the application’s interface is not anything unusual happens, and high resolution Android tablet is hard to do that.


Hardware performance testing

Lenovo S5000 MT8389 1.2GHz processor, the processor is actually more familiar MT6589 tablet version, which uses the schema for quad-core Cortex-A7, GPU is PowerVR SGX544


Rabbit test, score 13527


Vellamo, HTML5 test Android device performance score of 1531


GFXBench 2.7.2, it is a GPU performance testing, test version 2.7 2.8 frames version 2.5, tested 10 frames


NBA2K14, in the opening game at the same time frames using the FPS Meter testing, the average frame number 20


Wild racing 8, the highest average number of frames under the special effects 21 Moschino new iPad case



S5000 form, system, performance and battery life gives the feeling is great. Lenovo VIBE series is continued on the phone’s appearance features, simple design style and atmosphere. System essentially continues the original Android features, add some icons and menu of landscaping. S5000 is not very high resolution, even MT8389 levels of on-chip can cope with most of the scene. For the average user, use this plate online, play some games can still cope with the situation. For 1500 Yuan-priced tablet, S5000 with its more balanced performance is a good choice. Because of its similar mobile phone speaker (earpiece) design and less of the difference, 3G seems to be more than the WiFi version is recommended.

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