Plan a new decade Tesla will foray into renewable energy

Polaris solar PV net news: last month announced the purchase of Sun City (SolarCity), Tesla sought the transformation of faith grows stronger. 19th quietly after the company name changed to and musk in the 20th issue of the company’s “great plan”. According to the blueprint for the development of Tesla’s future business will be involved in the integration of solar energy products, electric public transport, unmanned vehicles, and rental and shared market of derivatives, thus becoming a vertically integrated clean energy enterprises.

Transformation of renewable-energy companies

In 2006, musk has published a “grand plan” proposes to build electric cars, and gradually realize the idea of parity. Shortly thereafter, Tesla unveiled its first electric sports car Roadster, also has introduced ModelS, ModelX, also plans to introduce a cheap Model3. In the past ten years, Mr MASKEY “prophecies” are achieved one by one.

20th Thomas g released his “second part of the plan.” In the latest plan, musk said Tesla would be transformed into a renewable energy company, new goals include development, manufacturing solar roof to store electrical energy; expanding electric vehicle product lines, production of electric trucks and large vehicles to develop 10 times times safer than driving, “real drive”, and “let your car idle for you to make money.”

Musk said, Tesla will enter the field of public transport, and is currently open for electric truck and “high passenger density” bus development and improvement, the two products will be published next year. In addition, he hoped that through the development of autonomous driving technology into the field of urban transport, even further into the carpool service for sharing the economic sphere.

Musk plans to form a Tesla driverless car-sharing fleet owners only need to press a button on the mobile application, you can idle car leasing. In the “orders”, the car can be done by automatic driving system, does not take up any time you can make a profit. Musk believes that even in semi-automatic driving driving only in the process of application technologies, security “is driving much safer than human” driverless cars will ultimately win regulatory approval.

But for now, the musk on the idea of self-driving cars also have considerable difficulty in practice. On May 7 this year, one of the owners of ModelS in the Tesla is enabled automatically Autopilot has died in a car accident while driving system. United States Highway Transportation Safety Board are investigating the security of this feature.

Sound the “upgrade” Horn

19th, Tesla’s website domain name from (Tesla Motors) to (Tesla). Observers believe this is a great event on its brand-building, marks the vehicle start-up companies will be freed from “motors” (car) limits, and develop more business.

In fact all along, musk emphasized that Tesla is not just a car company, but an “energy innovations” solutions provider. Tesla now range far beyond the production and sale of electric cars.

In March last year, Tesla announced the launch of “Tesla’s energy” project, which is a renewable energy storage solutions. Late last month, Tesla announced the acquisition of the nation’s largest solar panel manufacturer in Sun City (SolarCity). Using this “his left hand right hand” deal, Thomas g its two flagship clean energy companies will be integrated into a vertically integrated energy company with its idea of “one-stop” service is expected to become a reality.

Mr MASKEY, upon a successful completion of the acquisition, the core business of the two companies are to maximize the use and development. He set a long-term vision for the combined company: using solar panels for energy production, using battery energy storage, batteries are used for different applications, such as driving cars, managing the power grid and power the building. Musk hopes to consolidate these into a “container”, reduce the costs of both companies, provides a wide range of synergies.

Musk is more clean energy in the future Empire set ambitious development goals: as a combined set of cars, energy storage and power generation company, Tesla’s market value would reach $ 1 trillion. Last year, musk said Tesla would be a market capitalisation of $ 700 billion company, stand next to Apple. Currently, Tesla’s market value is only $ 30 billion.

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