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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1.2016 Heilongjiang PV competitive allocation scheme (for trial implementation)

Recently, the Heilongjiang provincial development and Reform Commission has developed a 2016 Heilongjiang PV competitive allocation scheme (for trial implementation), in 2014, 2015 through open tender to determine PV project in Heilongjiang province construction investment construction recovered but fails to implement them. Apart from across the province in national PV pro-poor focus scope, individually striving for the construction scale of 20 poor counties (cities) areas other than.

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2. on the allocation of the first photovoltaic project in Haiyan County, Zhejiang investors notice of financial assistance fund

Audited total of 9 companies in compliance with grant conditions, approved by the County Government, are allocated the first photovoltaic project investment 7.4344 million financial assistance fund, capital of 893248.78 public finance budget superior grants “other energy-saving and environmental protection expenditure” accounts, capital of 6,541,151,.22 Yuan Special Fund “industrial development” expenses.

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3. energy on photovoltaic power generation enterprises in Jiangxi province to alert emergency notification

Currently, illegal under construction or proposed new projects over the next few years may be scheduled for PV power station construction plan of the province. Most of the project bidding, timely State-building plan, there is a serious risk of loss of the project. Ask you to immediately require all building plans shall be immediate cessation of construction projects, not start new projects. New start or continue construction projects on their own, the risk borne by the enterprises themselves.

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4. the Hubei Provincial Bureau of energy notice of assessment work on 2016 PV power station

Hubei Province PV power plant project will take the form of competitive excellence configuration request within 3 months after the record starts and shall not discriminate between local enterprises and mandatory participation for poverty alleviation.

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Market review

1. the sixth list of renewable energy price subsidies or published in July

Following reporting notice issued over the past six months, after the sixth issue of renewable electricity price list of additional financial aid is due to officially announced recently.

Suffer from subsidy arrears of PV industry in China, which is a major plus.

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2. the United Kingdom exit of China PV implications?

“Exit” win, United Kingdom will gradually out of the EU. This for the EU “double reverse” the Chinese PV industry investigation, seemed to see the dawn. Number of PV industry told reporters, United Kingdom exit will cause decreased coordination of EU launch trade war, Chinese enterprises to open European markets.

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3.2025 introduction of PV module costs will drop to 57%

Cost of photovoltaic power introduced in the global decline, 2015 issued to $ 1800/kWh of electricity. With the same exchange rate (1 US $ = 120 yen) to calculate PV introduction cost 21.22 million yen. In future, photovoltaic modules, such as costs decline by 2025 will be reduced to 800 dollars, down to 57%, photovoltaic power introduced cost 100,000 yen/kWh.

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4. the development trend of China’s PV industry from competition

After two years of shuffling adjustments, in 2013, the PV industry has begun to bottom out. In 2015, the PV industry and present a steady trend. But at the same time, continued development of the photovoltaic industry also faced domestic overcapacity, protectionism and the low prices of internal and external problems abroad.

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5. “the Sun” distribution of PV targets Super 200,000-kilowatt expert assessment

National Energy Board ordered to Sichuan province to 2016 PV projects, new construction 400,000-kilowatt index task, compared to last year has fallen 200,000-kilowatt, and actual reporting project far exceeds the State’s task, indicators become scarce resources. Head of the energy Bureau of Sichuan province, relevant departments said, introduced the main purpose of the notification is to be more scientific and reasonable allocation of plant indicators resources, specification for further strengthening the management of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic power plant construction across the province, promoting the diversification of energy structure in Sichuan.

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Enterprise version

1. eat Yao Zhenhua vanke had used the same means to wash before another company!

In recent days, with treasure to make removal including Wang Shi, Yu Liang, 12 directors and supervisors, Wanbao struggle entered a new round of the climax.

In fact, today in the diplomatic scene, has also appeared in another listed company in Shenzhen—CSG a.

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2. Yingli creditors agreed on the conditions for payment

Has been how to achieve profit troubles of Yingli Green Energy (hereinafter referred to as Yingli, NYSE:YGE) in 2016 and begin to finally get some relief: an iconic business performance in the first quarter the inflection point, achieved its first profit in four years.

Yingli reached the operating foundations, will get another gift. Bloomberg Beijing the night of 28th said poly Baoding tianwei Yingli new energy bonds in China released a response to the resolution of the creditors ‘ meeting announcement. Reply to your post indicates above, from a number of large banks ‘ bondholders to Yingli continues to give “breathing space”.

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3. clean energy the wind wants to “light” to sell photovoltaic power station business is not smooth

Suntech is known outside the industry in mergers and acquisitions tailwind on clean energy, implementation without hesitation to become “more light” strategy–its huge large ground station assets looking around for the next disk access.

However, in the increasingly downward trends in the global economy, to find interest in PV and the strength of the Consortium is not easy. On sale even sell “heavy assets” along the way, the Chinese territory’s largest private clean energy giant’s restructuring did not go smoothly.

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4. return shell back into the new energy market

Shell Group is returning to the new energy market and the layout of new energy investments. Shell Group Executive Committee member, gas integration and new energy CEO Daniel vasella (Maarten Wetselaar) said in an interview, new energy investment now accounts for than shell’s assets is lower, less 1%, and investment in the future will focus on three areas: new fuel, natural gas and renewable energy, through digital and Internet service end-users of energy solutions.

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5. the Jiangxi ruichang company occupying the wetland construction of photovoltaic power plants

According to provides, in provincial important wetland engaged in production business, has strictly of approval procedures, but, a name for ruichang City Rainbow source PV power limited of of enterprise, in provincial important wetland–Chi Hu wetland ruichang city Wu Jiaoxiang Lei Jiahu, and Dahl lake waters construction 50 MW solar power project, in no made using wetland about procedures Hou, is unauthorized starts construction, makes this tablets important wetland faced was damage of situation.

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Comment article

1. the PV industry needs a domestic “double”

After a vote of the Member States, the European Union has said recently, not recognizing China’s market economy status. In recent years, suffered from Central Europe, China and the “double reverse” torment of China PV industry, precisely because of the non-market economy country status and eating a lot of hidden loss in the game, the damage to the industry as a whole has not yet ended.

However, please wait to accuse Westerners of hypocritical, because this should be an opportunity to reflect on their own.

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2. the development of distributed PV to the price mechanism

Distributed PV development in China first of all is the price mechanism. Financially, said at this stage, the current national tariff policy or add additional subsidies has been around, it’s hard to lift the financial profitability of the project to motivate investment levels. It can be said that distributed PV development in China has yet to find the most appropriate mode of support.

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3. the Tesla’s acquisition of Solarcity wrong?

As musk’s fame, a time article on Tesla’s acquisition of Solarcity’s analysis such as snowflakes, pros and cons of alternate. Although the latter camp was slightly stronger, the stock market also has to make its own choice, but dare to believe acquisition error none of that seems to be a, so made this great discussion as is the current United Kingdom exit polling, vote more with less is not necessarily more or less representing the truth.

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