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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the 2016 1, PV power station project of the notification on the relevant issues

A few days ago, 2016 PV power plant project in Shaanxi Province development and Reform Commission issued the notice of construction-related issues, documents clearly stated that by 2013 the record, end of December 2016 are not grid-connected PV power station will be cancelled for the record and subsidy eligibility 2014-2015 record, without the required incorporation will also be cancelled filing qualifications.

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2, issued by the Department of energy of the 2016 across the province, Jiangxi province, photovoltaic power generation project construction scale of distribution plan notice

Recently, the National Energy Board based on the notice about ordered 2016 PV implementation programmes relating to the order of Jiangxi province, the 2016 General added construction scale of 400 megawatts of new photovoltaic plant requirements. Through research, the construction scale and planning requirements is to be informed.

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3, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, average PV competitive allocation of pilot scheme (draft for soliciting opinions)

For specification PV power project management, optimization resources configuration, do General PV power station project annual construction plans optimization work, according to national development and Reform Committee National Energy Council on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views Inner Mongolia autonomous region, developed has for this district of pilot approach, main of applies range for General PV power station project and in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, business sector has registration registered of enterprise.

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4, the national development and Reform Commission of Hebei province provisions guaranteeing the purchasing wind power, photovoltaic in full the minimum number of hours

Work for guaranteeing the purchasing renewable electricity generation in full, national development and Reform Commission of Hebei province in accordance with relevant regulations the following requirements: Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan and photovoltaic power generation areas, all grid-connected power station are the guaranteed minimum number of hours arrangements provided electricity plan, the power generation enterprises active docking with the power company in Northern Hebei, North China power grid company. Exceed the guaranteed minimum acquisition outside the hours, and in a market-oriented manner to dissolve, price is determined by power negotiation, operation mode directly by the Hebei electric power exchange implementation plan (for trial implementation) of the relevant provisions.

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5, the fifth instalment of grid-connected photovoltaic project in Jiangsu Province electricity prices: 1 Yuan/kWh for full Internet PV pro-poor 1.15 Yuan/kWh

Recently, the Jiangsu provincial price Bureau zhongtian PV 14 fifth instalment of grid-connected photovoltaic project price standard, documents show that on June 24, 2016, fifth instalment of grid-connected photovoltaic projects, 12 projects carried out 1.00 Yuan/kWh price, total installed capacity 60.82MW,2 project 1.15 Yuan/kWh of PV electricity price for poverty alleviation, the total installed capacity of 10MW.

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Market review

1, “photovoltaic double-reverse” behind the reflection

Recalls in recent years, the global PV industry and market complex, the situation is grim, “photovoltaic double-reverse” undoubtedly exposed all kinds of problems with the PV industry in China, how to resolve problems and promote industrial development? This view is: only cooperation can win, speed up startup and launched in the domestic market of the United States, South Korea “Poly double-reverse” investigation is necessary.

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2, Chinese enterprises to enter the African energy advantages

In the past more than 10 years, China’s installed capacity of new energy investment and rapid growth of the world, the rapid development of related industries but also for the significant decline in the cost of global new energy made a contribution. Whether the Chinese Government or the industry, has been actively involved in the construction of new energy in Africa. Industry insiders say, the obvious advantages of Chinese enterprises, mainly reflected in the strong execution, cost-effective, there is no historical burden of colonialism.

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3, photovoltaic capacity exceed dozens of times, Jiangxi to the “solar thermal” cool down

Recently, the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of energy on photovoltaic power generation enterprises issued the alert emergency notification, request illegal construction projects will be immediately shut down. According to reports, the more current violation of PV projects in Jiangxi province, exceeded the national plan projects are prone to risk. Energy Bureau of Jiangxi province for the protection of interests of the enterprise perspective, introduced the above document, requires ongoing projects and quickly stopped.

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4, abandoned Western Mongolia less than 4% Why not?

In 2015, the annual utilization hours at 1133 hours on average in the country context, in the northwest part of numerous PV power station area, there is a more serious phenomenon of abandoned light, including Gansu abandon rate of 31% for the year. However, in Central and Western Inner Mongolia stood hundreds of PV power plant, abandon rate is less than 4% for the year. Why is there such a disparity?

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5, Jiangxi, Ningxia standard ground construction of photovoltaic power plant

Jiangxi province and Ningxia provinces enacted policies that specifically city and County (district) moratorium on new PV record. So, in South and North provinces issued specification of PV industry development policy advice, which is in a period of rapid development in China’s PV industry what does that mean?

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6, residents of a photovoltaic power station in Jiangxi province were accused of unauthorised removal

With PV technology development, national policies and costs stabilized, more and more urban residents in their roofs, terrace building individual PV projects. Embarrassing is, in law, after getting the approval from the relevant departments, CE owners own photovoltaic power station in the initial stage was halted, local urban management Department in the presence of owners who have not be torn down. Why?

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Enterprise version

1, power ring 138 million selling wafer then photovoltaic business

Finally getting out of the drag on the performance of the PV industry, power rings were also busy with parties to “abandon” the remaining assets. On July 13, the GD solar sale wafer 51% of its shares, valued at 153 million Yuan, the tone of 138 million Yuan. In accordance with earlier transactions, nobody is delisted, embarrassing Optronics still reveals new company established by power ring.

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2, Mr MASKEY “Super plan” lower part of Tesla’s mission is changing

Over the weekend, Mr MASKEY said on Twitter is planning “a super secret plan part II”. Current analysis, the plan is likely to be the first part of Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla initially displayed on the page “Tesla’s mission is to focus on clean transportation” now shows the “Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the shift in sustainable energy in the world.”

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Comment article

1, Hong-Wei: change of PV plants financing must follow

Solve PV financing, has been a watershed for different enterprises in the future, entrepreneurs can’t wait to be out of the question. But this product of asset securitization in the implementation process of the PV market, tells entrepreneurs: financing problem solving PV power plant, sometimes worry is useless, it needs to follow.

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2, if he did not converge in Xinjiang will face!

Some time ago, by letter issued by the Committee concerning autonomous regions of Xinjiang 2016 public, regulated power generation plan file notice maxed out your circle of friends. File in the displayed, Xinjiang for 2015 end of Qian production of wind electric unit and PV power station respectively give 700 hours and 500 hours of supportability power; and previously national NDRC issued of can renewable energy power full supportability acquisition management approach and on do wind electric, and PV power full supportability acquisition management work of notification phase compared, this a data far below national NDRC approved of wind electric 1800 hours, and PV 1350 hours of minimum guarantees acquisition years using hours number. The industry asked the two apparently conflicting files who is playing who in the face?

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