Pudong Development Bank green bond 50 billion yuan to complete the second half

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, successful bookkeeping issued 15 billion yuan of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank green bonds, since this is the year to issue financial bonds to the third green. So far, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank have successfully completed the regulatory approval of distribution of the amount of 50 billion yuan, debt continues to lead the race.

Prior to that, as the first green finance domestic bonds issuers, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank on January 27, March 29 this year, have successfully issued financial bonds to second before Green, size were 20 billion yuan, 15 billion yuan. It is reported that this issue 15 billion yuan of three green bonds, bond for a period of five years, coupon for 3.4%, 2.27 times times subscribed, get good market response.

Is of concern, with the Green financial characteristic transformation of commercial banks is becoming an important direction, green or the bond market in the second half of this year will usher in a growth spurt.

Front load amount accounted for Super 70%

Focus on four major economic circle

It is understood that the first to second Green of Pu FA bank financial bonds to raise funds to the account since the delivery in good condition. By the end of June, raising money has been invested in the green industry projects, put on the amount accounted for more than 70%, support for green industry projects were well reflected.

Launch project types, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank green bonds funds cover the list of green bonds support projects in the six categories, including energy conservation, pollution prevention, resource conservation and recycling major livelihood in areas such as project, with major environmental protection projects account for a large proportion of social influence, better energy-saving emission reduction results are obtained.

The project class includes: traditional utilities, wind power and other clean energy projects, cogeneration, energy-saving projects such as green building, pollution prevention projects such as waste incineration, sewage treatment, exhaust gas purifying and recovering waste residue, coke oven gas, LNG, resource recycling, new energy vehicles and other green transport and mass transit projects.

In addition, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank green bond project has also actively supported a number of transportation Internet applications, ecological restoration and other advanced technologies, green technologies, solid and effective in promoting transformation and upgrading of the economic structure and the transformation of economic growth pattern.

And regional launch, the first two green bonds is focused on investment in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, four in the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea, the Pearl River Delta economic circle.

Benefit of 310 companies

Power green industrial transformation and upgrading of projects

Industry analysts say, because spdb qualification excellent, investor groups in the interbank market with strong appeal release end of the bond interest rate is usually lower. On this basis, because green financial bonds to raise funds earmarked, lower financing costs will undoubtedly help spdb at assets put on the side of the rates have to fall, thereby reducing the project’s financing cost of green industry, strong support for green business development.

Statistical data show that Shanghai Pudong Development Bank green bonds 310 companies stocking to raise funds to benefit the country. Among them, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank green bonds funding the songyuan city of underground comprehensive pipe Gallery financing leasing factoring project of 2 billion yuan and Baoshan city, central city underground comprehensive pipe Gallery 1.1 billion yuan of construction projects, and so on.

Underground pipe Gallery is in urban underground for centralized power, communication, broadcasting, water supply, drainage, heating, gas pipelines, such as the common tunnel. August 2015, the State Council specially issued guidance on promoting the construction of urban underground pipe Gallery.

“Green by 50 billion yuan of financial bonds issued, further strengthen spdb services economy and the ability to support the green industry. “Pudong Development Bank said, will take this as an opportunity to continue to drive the green credit business, green finance business to a new level, and take concrete actions to boost enterprise strategic transformation and development of green and low-carbon growth, promote economic restructuring and upgrading of the industrial structure.

According to revealed, future, Pu sent Bank will continues to promoted raised funds of put, while do Green debt of acquired period management, ensure related information public transparent, through market constraints and test mechanism better to reflected green financial bonds issued of effectiveness, take built more perfect of bonds issued-funds put-follow-up management of full process management mechanism, for territory green bonds market of development made contribution.

Green market grew strongly

Green Finance Bank of important direction

An increasing number of facts show that green finance characteristic transformation of commercial banks is becoming an important direction of exploration of green financial market opening will be further accelerated.

First half of this year, China leads in green bonds, reached 54.9 billion yuan, accounting for 29.3% of the world’s, far ahead of other economies–the Industrial Bank of data from the latest release of the annual Green finance. Statistics showed that by the end of June, domestic market green bonds totaled 56.9 billion yuan, with companies outside the Green debt balance of $ 1.7 billion, total debt balance global green 8.6%.

Noteworthy is that after seven regional carbon market for domestic, national carbon market is expected to be launched in 2017, will catch up with EU-ETS as the world’s largest carbon market. It is reported that the preparations are intensifying their push.

In fact, at the national level, “green” as one of the five development concept was included for the first time the “Thirteen-Five” program, which means that green development a series of top-level policy and system design and operation will be in “Thirteen-Five” during the rapid advance. As planned, the financial sector “Thirteen-Five” programme (hereinafter referred to as the plan) will be launched in October this year, green finance for development will be important. Analysis of the industry, the plan will be from the perspective of overall construction of the financial system “Thirteen-Five” green finance during development.

Earlier this year, Central Bank Deputy Governor Chen Yulou once in “green Finance Forum in China”, said green finance for the first batch of pilot areas will be launched in 2016, including Zhejiang, Guangdong, Xinjiang, Guizhou and other provinces and autonomous regions. Pilot content included green innovation of the financial management system, preferential policies, such as matching. Among them, green credit loan of credit, refinancing, green bonds, loans, tax credits and local Green Development Fund, policy attention.

However, some experts pointed out that, compared to the Green financial target of 300 billion yuan, currently there is a greater distance scale. It also suggests that green the bond market in the second half will also usher in a growth spurt. Societe Generale Chief Economist, Lu zhengwei analysis shows that, beginning in the second half, China’s Green debt market has shown strong growth momentum in July, domestic market green bond issuance reached 43 billion yuan, Chinese entities issued overseas by $ 3 billion, two total over the first half of the cumulative level of issuance speed accelerated.

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