PV agricultural science

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 19, the XI General Secretary during visits in guyuan of Ningxia’s agricultural photovoltaic technology in greenhouse, agricultural photovoltaic becomes hot again, so what is agricultural photovoltaic, how it develops?

PV agricultural modernization of agriculture in the development of a model for China’s agricultural development and photovoltaic in the development of a new solution to the issues raised. Agricultural modernization cannot leave the facility agriculture and agriculture because of the high cost and investment are not suitable for single-family business, requires the formation of large-scale, specialized business model. PV industry in China is developing rapidly, but also encountered a lot of problems, such as resource-rich areas and eliminate distance is too far, lack of long-distance power transmission economy; eastern population centres, although strong absorptive capacity, but scarce land. Agricultural applications in PV and, in the case of no change in land use and use of property, realization of photovoltaic power stations and facilities cost sharing and common development.

Glass greenhouse big shed can as a is PV big shed of prototype, with agricultural and PV of further development, some enterprise began attempts to development agricultural PV big shed, and with domestic PV market fast development, agricultural PV development also gradually speed up, its mode also began extended, from traditional of agricultural PV big shed to fishing, and forestry, direction expand, according to national NDRC announced of approval situation, only to 2013 end of, has 2.9GW of agricultural PV and fishing light complementary project get approval. National ministries has issued relevant supporting policies.

PV Standardization Committee on agriculture experts, preliminary PV agriculture is defined as: agriculture, agricultural services agricultural development and improved efficiency of the photoelectric and complex system of agriculture. Current mode are:

1, PV plant

Photovoltaic and farming together, including PV PV PV seedlings, flowers, vegetables, PV mushroom, Chinese herbal medicine, tea garden, photovoltaic PV solar PV forestry orchards, etc.

2, solar farming

Photovoltaic and farming together, model PV livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, birds, etc), as well as the PV fishing (freshwater aquaculture, mariculture and the surface PV, etc).

3, solar water

The combination of solar and water conservancy facilities, including agricultural irrigation, drinking water for people and livestock, forestry and desertification control.

4, PV cottage

With beautiful countryside construction, rural buildings in photovoltaic applications.

With the rapid development of agricultural photovoltaic, some problems emerged, the main issues focused on land, subsidies and financing aspects. Agricultural photovoltaic lead roles are not clear, there is always light in the implementation of agricultural chongguang, combination is not a reasonable question, investment companies more efficiency of the photovoltaic project, does not take into account the needs of crops could not achieve the goal of 1+1>2. In addition to land issues remain to be resolved, energy photovoltaic projects are fundamental farmland within the red line under construction in the country, land belonging to the immutable nature of land use, and due to the large-scale development, often imposed on farmers land, if farmers do not have access to tangible benefits, have concerns about agricultural photovoltaic does not endorse, land acquisition will encounter difficulties. And because of the large initial investment, the payback period is longer, bank loans for PV projects audit strictly agricultural financing PV projects. Experts suggest, on the one hand to establish agricultural photovoltaic business model, in terms of financial support policies on the one hand to increase its efforts to start, promote agricultural development of PV.

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