PV double reverse question do you want to continue to fight the war

Polaris solar PV net news: PV “parties” battle about who wins or loses?

On July 5, has 34 members of the Organization for solar energy in Europe SolarPowerEurope (formerly known as the European solar industry association EPIA) joint letter to the European Commission, stated the Chinese solar panels, panel products, import policies have many negative effects for European trade barriers.

SolarPowerEurope formed by the European solar-related practitioners, representing 130,000 companies across Europe, a total of 1.3 million employees benefit.

Its CEO JamesWatson said: “this is represented by the solar energy industry related organizations throughout the European Union for the great support. “He said, the EU has for more than three years of trade restrictions on China and European industry didn’t help, but hurt more than 80% jobs throughout. He called on the European Commission to think about other ways to promote solar energy, not to continue trade barriers and price restrictions.

The so-called “1000 800, since the loss hurt the enemy” torture “double reverse” war European PV companies first bear. Perhaps the men in the EU, it’s time to change how we change ideas!

“Double back” sanctions: the continuous encirclement of China

“Double reverse” investigation, means from one (or several) countries or regions of the same product at the same time anti-dumping and countervailing investigations. In recent years, China PV often encounter in the international market, “double reverse” investigation, suffered a severe blow as a result.

Beginning of the photovoltaic industry in China was developed because of the broader European market, in the “double reverse” before the formation of industry is the core materials, technologies, markets, “three-headed”, is based on competitive advantage of cheap labour and export subsidies for development model, belongs to the low levels of processing in the whole industrial chain.

Immature stages of industrial development, inevitably there is a market and technology dependent double worry, order of the domestic industry as a whole is also induced by profiteering is rife with irrational extension boom. You can imagine, such a heavy reliance on export model of development in the face of “double reverse”, the inevitable market decline, suffered.

2012 China solar manufacturing hot period, on July 24, the European PV manufacturers Alliance filed to the European Commission for “PV manufacturer in China of dumping” lawsuit, on September 6, the European Commission issued a bulletin launched on China’s exports to Europe in photovoltaic cells and components, such as the anti-dumping investigation. While China and the EU at the Government level and enterprise level had a lot of communication and consultation, but “both sides” sticks were heavy falls on the Chinese PV industry.

The European move, setting off the international market of China PV “double reverse” siege warfare:

On November 8, the United States Department of Commerce officially registered for PV products start from China “double reverse” investigation, launched in December 2013 and thereafter was second to China’s PV “double reverse”;

On November 23, 2012, the India Ministry of Commerce and industry issued a formal filing notice originating in Malaysia and the United States, mainland China and Taiwan’s photovoltaic cells to launch anti-dumping investigations;

On May 14, 2014, TindoManufacturingPtyLtd company, Australia anti-dumping Committee issued Bulletin No.2014/38, I exported Australia PV product launch anti-dumping investigations.

On December 5, 2014, the Canada border services agency on the domestic photovoltaic industry applications, originating in or solar photovoltaic products imported from China launched anti-dumping, anti-subsidy investigations.

These trade sanctions, China PV the difficult situation in the international market, and gloom, have to be moved vigorously expand the domestic market. Fortunately, in recent years, domestic PV market the rapid rise of China PV companies not only survive but also ushered in a “second spring”.

“Double back” a double-edged sword: the war is also necessary to continue it?

From the European point of view, of China PV “double reverse”, not only cause frustration to China PV industry, launched the “double reverse” a party is not a good thing, in the SolarPowerEurope of the European organization called for an end to “double back” can be seen as an example.

2010 Europe PV manufacturing industry’s output value reached 20 billion euros, production value plummet to 2.5 billion euros by 2014 year EU PV installed capacity has dropped from 2012 24GW 7GW of 2014, world share in installed capacity decreased from 74% to 14.5%.

Not only that, it is estimated that the “double reverse” about Europe more than 240,000 people were unemployed, 200 companies bankrupt, losing more than 22 billion euros of industrial value added. 47.7% due to imposed on Chinese products up to an average tax rate of anti-dumping duties, result in decreased joint European consumer PV installation-related reduction in demand after sales services, which caused the reduction of employment opportunities, and European suppliers of photovoltaic materials, high-end parts suppliers and related marketing company of China also lost a lot of business customers.

From the Chinese point of view, first encountered “double reverse” a blow when, moments in the entire photovoltaic industry slump, data showed “double reverse” causing 300,000 people out of the Chinese PV market, losses of 300 billion yuan of industrial added value. At that time, important peacekeeping Suntech solar giant game has hit business hard for continued, industrial chain on a large number of enterprises have been closed down.

“Double” is “a double-edged sword”.

Looking back now, is on the international market to “double back” at home opens up a vast world of China PV industry, on the other side are trade protectionism does not rely on powerful, but unemployment increase bankruptcies to the European market. Although China PV domestic share has exceeded export as a primary source of profits, but still holds a large proportion of export and also related to the PV industry to international industrial strategy, participation in the world market.

Given Europe’s photovoltaic industry is now less optimistic data, we are not difficult to understand SolarPowerEurope stop “double reverse” proposals for action. Trade sanctions war, not who is the beneficiary of, hope that the EU can take this opportunity to reflect on the traditional trade barriers and that cooperation by all States in the international PV market and build a PV market and realize the common vision of global clean energy development.

Original title: photovoltaic “double reverse” question: do you want to continue to fight the war?

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