PV prices decline aggravated September recovery

Polaris solar PV net news: solar power quote while 2-3 months of consecutive downturn, but the recent declines aggravated, for now, not only the industry’s original estimate of “boom in August is expected to return to temperature” will bounce, even September is not good, the extent to which business frozen beyond expectations. In addition, the 27th Taipei water park “solar fire” incident, the recent “price-supporting” solar group chips begin to appear loose, should be on the alert for future development.

According to the State Science and technology research agency regulating sets its green energy business unit EnergyTrend pointed out that July price tumbled on both sides of the solar cell 9%, 7% drop in silicon wafers to the upper joint impact, many modules are factory stock is more than 2 months, not only the industry’s assessment of August back to temperature not reached, even by September are difficult to see.

This situation can also be from a solar cell back sheet Rainbow is evident. Rainbow yesterday investor, for the solar boom frozen at the present stage, it assesses the amount of solar back-panel shipments in the third quarter, compared with the second quarter slumped by 53.19%, even less a month than April.

EnergyTrend research assistant manager Lin Yan Rong said at module, our inventory has been more than 2 months, plus vendors in third place, the terms of new capacity, will be coming on stream, supply and demand will be more stringent.

Lin Yanrong said monocrystalline solar cells offers continuing Cliff dive this week, price has fallen below $ 0.265 per watt, this influence, even the third General of the prices have been good batteries and efficient PERC battery prices have decreased significantly. As for the decrease of silicon wafers with a similar battery, weekly at 2%.

Solar power quotes this week continued to dive, so yesterday (28) appears first loose chips in the near future, although declines have mostly between 1.5-3% and it’s not too serious, but investors have to be careful about a “boiled frog” effect.

Original title: solar energy quotes September continued collapse recovery

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