Residents of a photovoltaic power station in Jiangxi province were accused of

Polaris solar PV net news: with PV technology development, national policies and costs stabilized, more and more urban residents in their roofs, terrace building individual PV projects. According to incomplete statistics, distributed PV projects more than 1000 residents of Nanchang city.

In the sunshine, photovoltaic Silicon panels reflecting the bright blue, forming beautiful “high tech landscape” for the city to add luster.

Residents of a photovoltaic power station in Jiangxi province were accused of unauthorised removal


Crystalline silicon solar panels built frame is broken

Embarrassing is, in law, after getting the approval from the relevant departments, CE owners own photovoltaic power station in the initial stage was halted, local urban management Department in the presence of owners who have not be torn down.

Do the procedures of project I want to tear?

In March, Ms Wong of distributed solar power projects with the residents in Nanchang in old Chiu agreed, in her home in spring of Cheng Cheng Lake, Lake Road, Nanchang district building distributed in photovoltaic power stations, building area of about 40 square meters, the installed capacity of 5-kilowatt.

However, on July 11, in the case of Wang family is not present, Nanchang County Committee law enforcement team to force removal of crystalline silicon solar panels built frame.

13th afternoon, reporters saw at the home of Wang, stainless steel frames have been removed. Wang believes that demolitions of the urban management enforcement team is open to discussion.

Wang introduced early this year, she prepared in the House balcony in front of an open platform to build solar power stations. “The investment of about 75,000 yuan, will give 15,000 yuan subsidy from the Government. After approval, Wang got the approval, and by the Government of the for the record business–construction of Nanchang Jing energy technology company.

Press Conference in Nanchang city, Ms Wang to provide the form of thousands of rooftop photovoltaic power generation demonstration project, energy Bureau, Nanchang, Nanchang city development and Reform Commission, State grid electric power company in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, seal of the supply branch are covered on the table to allow construction.

“In addition, the platform owner Chen in March, authorized me to use. Formalities, just the silicon plate stainless steel framework, urban management, they have torn down. “Ms Wang, 11th, after Wang’s husband arrived on the scene, take out the energy Bureau of national development and Reform Commission and the form, Chengguan stopped dismantling and leave.

City said the project is in violation of building

Wang said that she and her family find theories of urban management department obtained response, stainless steel frames are illegal structures. On 14th, the reporter observed, Ms Wang home affixed with a correction notice of violation issued by the 8th, Nanchang city departments require owners to 10th to remove illegal buildings. But reporters noted that the recipient of that instrument, not Wang, saying “property referred to.”

“6th stainless steel framework have already been set up, during which we don’t have at home, did not receive a notification, 11th I am not in the law enforcement field. “Ms Wang said, urban management, notification properties are in place, the spot approvals themselves, may not be removed.

“Before the owners in building photovoltaic power generation facilities, the relevant materials to the property, agreed with owners after construction equipment at the four-floor platform. “Jie Shang-Cheng Lake spring community management of millions of homes and property company said that the 8th, will also inform Chengguan, Ms Wang is not built in the sun room, but photovoltaic energy generation facilities.

Nanchang County Committee town management group II squadron leader responded by saying that Cheng East chenghu Lake spring for the County’s main road, is strictly controlling the area nearby, private lift construction is not allowed. “Owners of PV power station under construction and turned over to the urban management department procedures. If the construction eyesore the city, Chengguan may still legally removed. “The official said, 8th, rectification notices issued two days later, has not seen the owner contacted law enforcement officials, so they dismantled the organization team.

Authorities need to strengthen coordination

In August 2015, Nanchang, Nanchang city, release the thousands of rooftop photovoltaic power generation demonstration project implementation plan, and strive to build 1000 within 3 years, no more than 5-kilowatt per household, and strive to complete the total residents of 5 MW rooftop PV demonstration project.

Energy Bureau of national development and Reform Commission in charge of Nanchang city, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project construction to maximize simplify approval and procedures must take into account the carrying capacity of buildings, but owners will be required to clear the housing ownership and construction of grid access such external conditions.

People in the industry said, PV owners not only for users, can also be sold into the national power grid. Country encourages individuals to use their own roofs, open spaces such as construction of distributed PV power station, but must get city support. To this end, in June 2014, Nanchang, Nanchang city development and Reform Commission has communicated to the Chengguan, urban management Department, within the mandate of assisting in promoting the province’s Wanjia rooftop photovoltaic power generation demonstration project.

“In Nanchang, photovoltaic power generation facility is urban management Department dismantled had occurred more than once. Urban Management Department dismantled photovoltaic power generation facility, guise may be worried about residents installed PV power, irregularities in other structures. “Jiangxi China new energy limited, Liu Tao said the owners through the formal procedures to do the alignment procedure, by a formal service providers building project itself won’t be a problem. At this point, the formal communication service providers have a responsibility to assist owners in consultation with the Urban Management Department.

“Residents of installed PV systems, you must take into account security and property rights belonging to avoid disputes and misunderstandings. Nanchang city, according to the demonstration project implementation plan, as well as other relevant policies of the State, competent departments in the Urban Management Department does not appear in the list. “Professor Zhou Lang thought of Nanchang University, involved residents of distributed PV Nanchang city development and Reform Commission and the Department of energy, Urban Management Committee also needs to further strengthen communication and coordination, avoid making PV power station technology in this beautiful landscape is blocked.

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