Scientists find driven neurons in mice cups don t stop

  Alcohol is not a good thing for the human body, but people often do not understand why this drink so much. Recently, a neurological discoveries may help alcoholics who jumped out of a vicious cycle in the future. From the Texas medical school scientists have identified in mice of neurons and inhibit their alcohol consumption habits.
Scientists find driven neurons in mice cups don't stop

  The study, published in the medical journal Biological Psychiatry on the latest issue, study says brain neurons in the dorsomedial striatum may control alcohol addiction plays an important role. Dorsomedial striatum facilitate goal-driven behavior, it is located under the forebrain cortex.

  The study found neurons with tiny, pointed the Synapse, its branches are referred to as D1, D2. The team last year in a study published in August found that D1 synaptic connections of neurons causes the subject mice consumed more alcohol. The research then found D2 synaptic connections of neurons in the test mice had a “drinking” excessive time inhibited further consumption of alcohol. Moschino iPhone case

  In this study, the scientists also found that reduced synaptic signals will let D2 makes test mice looking for alcohol, would otherwise be treated subject mice without the urge to consume alcohol. In addition, the study also showed repeated alcohol consumption weakened D2 and D1 Synapse the Synapse in the role of the test mice consume alcohol.

  In fact, the experiment proved that: the more people drink, the more difficult to contain my desire for alcohol. However, researchers said the findings of the study cannot currently provide abstinence from neurological approaches.

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