Shanxi yangquan coal mining area Sun

Polaris solar PV net news: June 3, national energy administration official later agreed construction of yangquan coal mining area leader in photovoltaic technology base, yangquan demonstration base has become the National Energy Board “leader plans” demonstration projects.

Shanxi yangquan coal mining area

Niu Cun, Yu 50 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation project

This year, the State issued 5.5 million-kilowatt new scale PV leads the technology base, which reached 1 million-kilowatt base only three, leader in photovoltaic technology base in yangquan coal mining subsidence area (hereinafter “yangquan demonstration base”) is one of them. PV base construction projects is not only conducive to ecological restoration in mining subsidence area of yangquan, and promote the transformation and upgrading of energy structure in yangquan city, achieving black energy shift to green energy.

Built in coal mining areas of photovoltaic base

On June 26, stood on high, Niu Cun 50 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation project, Yu showing vigorous: covers more than 2,300 acres of hillside more than 160,000 pieces are installed on absorption and transformation of silicon solar panels, patches of dark blue Silicon in the sun shine. It is estimated that the construction in coal mining subsidence area of photovoltaic plants, produce 67 million-kilowatt kWh electricity per year, to meet normal electricity for 30,000 homes for a year.

Compared with the thermal power plants of the same generation, photovoltaic power saving 22,000 tons of standard coal each year, can also reduce emissions of various pollutants, carbon dioxide decreased by about 150 tons of 58,700 tons, 450 tons of sulfur dioxide, oxides, can also reduce large ash emissions and improve environmental quality, to provide local green energy. At present, yangquan city, phase II of the project has been listed as one of ten landmark projects in this year’s.

According to Zhu, head of the project manager, September 2014, with a total investment of 500 million Yuan, Yu Niu Cun 50 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation project, records of the provincial development and Reform Commission, started construction in early October, December 28 completed grid. When signing, when approved, started that year, when operating, creating speed and even the national construction of similar projects in Shanxi province. “The city’s energy-rich sunshine for a long time, less cloud cover and air transparency, strong direct radiation, which belongs to the resource-rich areas, suitable for investment in photovoltaic power plant. “Huo Hongwu, Director of yangquan city energy said,” Yu like Niu Cun 50 MW solar power project is located is located in the open-pit mine backfill, the ground undulates, unable to build industrial plants coupled with poor soil, dry, crops could not grow. Large ‘ ground ‘ PV power station but are at a huge advantage. This project plays a land value increased land rent income for local people, set a precedent for photovoltaic power generation project construction in coal mining areas, played a very good role model. ”

Two years from 2014, as represented by the photovoltaic power generation grew up new energy project in yangquan city mushroomed.

West cigarettes, Yu Zhen’s agricultural photovoltaic greenhouse project area of about 1 square kilometer, the scale of construction is 15 MW. On November 26, 2014, the grid project success. “In just 45 days from start to power generation, creating farm PV project ‘ speed of yangquan. “Guangdong nuclear power PV projects of agriculture, Yu said Huang Zanjiang, Director, construction of the project in the same industry are rare, similar project built generally takes from three months to six months.

Different from the ordinary lay PV modules PV power station, high mounting of PV projects in agriculture, space bigger, the rationale is that building agricultural greenhouses growing crops on project lands, and canopy roof laying photovoltaic modules for solar power generation, realize a photovoltaic power generation, agriculture and tourism as one of “a third, complementary”.

According to preliminary calculations, after the completion of the project, 25-year planning period when the average kWh for 20 million-kilowatt, can save an equivalent of 6000 tonnes/year, the annual loss of 19.2 tons of carbon dioxide, soot 1.9 tons of air pollution gases, has good social and economic benefits.

From black power to green energy

Song of the Sun, which lyrics were: “I have a beautiful desire, grow up I can seed Sun, seeded one, one is enough, will bear many many Sun……” now, yangquan “Sun” desires are realized.

As the country’s largest coal production base, yangquan, ensure national energy security, supporting national economic construction has made an important contribution. For many years, yangquan city, the industrial structure is a single, has always been “a big coal alone” pattern, the coal industry accounts for the city’s 80% industrial organization “one big companies alone”, yangquan coal industry output value accounted for half of the city. Plus due to the long period of large-scale coal mining and surface subsidence in some regions, environmental degradation, land disposal, farmers, industry development and ecological environment task is more urgent.

Two years ago, “new energy” in yangquan is a new term.

Yangquan, in the selection of many alternative energy sources, solar power more attractive. Yangquan is rich in solar resources, suitable for photovoltaic power stations construction. Based on this, the Committee in yangquan city, the Municipal Government starting with new energy development, hoping to realize the change from black power to green energy.

In addition, the development of photovoltaic power generation there is a special requirements: solar energy resources in the development of photovoltaic industry in coal mining areas, and sinkholes in coal mining, coal gangue mountain combines both land of photoelectric equipment can also be achieved, effective utilization of gangue in coal mining areas, and to improve the ecological damage to the ecological landscape of the area, can be described as too. “Previously yangquan engaged in ecological restoration, but time proved, whether in mining subsidence area which cannot grow crops to grow on land can’t make money, farmers of all labour in vain, finally found, mining subsidence area is only suitable for ‘ species ‘ of solar energy. Implementation yangquan model base project, land no longer is white sun Sun, but Sun out has benefits, farmers received has land rental fee, while power station also derivative out has series of employment and returns, model base in to national contribution green energy of while, land also into has property sex returns, real achieved has ecological and livelihood benefits, so model base project of value and meaning very major. “The yangquan city development and Reform Commission, said Yang Quansheng, Director.

Starting from 2014, yangquan city, country historical opportunities to accelerate solar energy resource development, developing photovoltaic, yangquan demonstration site development plan came into being, and the National Energy Board under the stringent selection of experts to review, “photovoltaic leader plan” one of the second batch of 8 approved items.

4569 square kilometers of the total area of yangquan demonstration base, focus on, coal gangue in coal mining areas and mining regions such as backfilled area. Planned total installed capacity of 2.2 million-kilowatt, in two years. At present, the first phase of project development capacity-building at the base of 1 million-kilowatt, divided into 10 projects, scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

Soon, the provincial power company, jinneng group, Guangdong yuedian group, the country’s new energy, such as large power groups are looking to yangquan, yangquan city, there are many power company officials were to visit photovoltaic projects.

Old and new energy will “split”

In recent years, many national ministries enact policies to varying degrees of support the photovoltaic industry. On the play, national development and Reform Commission issued notification of price leverage to promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, domestic PV subsidies according to lighting conditions are divided into three classes, implement 0.9 Yuan per kWh, respectively, 0.95, 1.00 Yuan benchmark price, distributed utility uniform subsidy of 0.42/kWh. Belong to the three categories of yangquan area, enjoy State subsidies of electricity 1 Yuan per kilowatt hour, power stations, distributed PV Returns were 10%, 11%, yields are high. These policies have greatly improved the economics of PV power generation projects, enhances the enthusiasm of enterprises investing in yangquan PV projects.

In addition to good policy, Yang Quan also has a unique “resources” for demonstration bases. Yangquan city, Energy Department officials told reporters that a 50-megawatt photovoltaic power plant requires at least an area of 1500 acres, investment of 500 million Yuan, down to about 10 megawatts of capacity needs 100 million Yuan. In other words, per acre less than 300,000 yuan of fixed assets investment, such investment was less than tens of million Yuan more than fraction of the intensity of investment in industrial projects.

At present, yangquan power total installed capacity of 3.0163 million kilowatts, thermal power total installed capacity 2.803 million kW; new energy-generating capacity of 213300 kilowatts, including grid-connected wind complete 97,800 kilowatt, grid-connected PV complete 115,500 kilowatts.

2.2 million-kilowatt leader in photovoltaic technology base after completion of construction, new energy-generating capacity will reach 2.4133 million kilowatts. By then, the new energy power generation accounted for 46.3% of the city’s total size power, new energy generation “split”.

And in “Thirteen-Five” new energy industry planning in the, is expected to to 2020 end of, yangquan city scenery electric total investment will reached 32.6 billion yuan, formed power total scale 3000 MW, total years economic 4.2 billion yuan, produced of social benefits and equal power thermal power plant compared, annual can save standard coal 1.2153 million tons, emissions carbon dioxide 3.8883 million tons, emissions sulfur dioxide 1.17 million tons, emissions nitrogen oxide 58,500 tons, save water 1500 tons.

Yangquan city, head of the national development and Reform Commission, said yangquan in the new energy future and gradually replace traditional sources of energy, new energy industry as a new growth point, will transform the economic development pattern as the main line, with guide of scientific planning, gradually form excellent ecological environment, industrial chain loop, demonstration of economic pluralism.

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