Sixth list of renewable energy price subsidies or published in July

Polaris solar PV net news: following after reporting notice issued over the past six months for the sixth issue of renewable electricity price list of additional financial aid (hereinafter “the list”) recently announced.

Suffer from subsidy arrears of PV industry in China, which is a major plus.

Data shows that on January 30, 2016, the Treasury issued on reporting renewable electricity prices plus financial aid directory notice (fiscal office building [2016]9), requesting the organization declared the sixth instalment of renewable electricity price list of additional funding, and in the same year by February 29, reported to the Ministry of finance, national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board. Project specific audits, by the national renewable hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources information management centre.

In February 2016, and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water conservancy organizations in the sixth issue of renewable electricity price additional intensive audits financial aid directory. On May 15, 2016, the preliminary audit work completed, which does not meet the requirements of the project, the information is sent back to the retro.

Solar power, according to people close to the magazine disclosed that at present, list of audit work has been completed, the material has been reported to the relevant ministries, official listing is expected to be released in July, subsidies will also be in arrears after the list was announced by the progressive payment.

However, renewable energy subsidies there remains a large gap, the person familiar with the matter said, included in the list of photovoltaic power generation project, or only about 1.5 years of subsidy arrears.

September 2014, finance organizations for grid-connected renewable energy projects were completed in August 2013 before settlement of the subsidy funds, the fifth batch of renewable electricity price list of additional funding. With this as a starting point, as of February 2015, the time is 1.5 years.

In other words, the sixth batch of PV project list of renewable energy subsidies, owed part of its subsidies, is likely to be issued before February 2015 only part.

These people said these subsidies owed part of the project since March 2015, there is at present no clear solution. However, he said, has entered the renewable energy electricity price list of additional financial aid projects, released part of the subsidies will in future closings, in principle, no longer in arrears.

It is reported that entered the photovoltaic project directory about 20 million-kilowatt, major network into during September 2013 and February 2015. With five groups of about 6 million-kilowatt program into the directory, national and approximately 2600~2800 million kW of PV power development was incorporated into the national renewable electricity price range of additional financial aid.

By the end of 2015, domestic PV 43 million-kilowatt, that is to say, there are still some 15 million-kilowatt PV installed capacity not included in the list of national renewable energy subsidies. About 15 million-kilowatt if the first half of 2016 new installed capacity, 30 million-kilowatt PV installed capacity is about face subsidy arrears problems.

Financing renewable energy subsidies, still faced serious challenges.

From 2013, the PV market in China is developing rapidly, but due to lack of grant funding, subsidies granted caused serious delay, funding industry-wide collapse is coming for a long time, has become the healthy development of the industry’s biggest constraint.

Statistics show that by 2015, the national renewable energy subsidies of nearly 100 billion yuan per year, but levied annually renewable energy subsidies only 20.025 trillion yuan, gaps of up to 80 billion yuan.

Original title: the sixth list of renewable energy price subsidies or published in July

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