Solar panels to alternately tilting annual output increase of 30

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan NTT facilities June 29 Earth-oriented set up photovoltaic power station, released a set of solar panels: a new method is not facing South in the past, but tilted to the East-West direction.

Solar panels to alternately tilting annual output increase of 30%

Panels like a roof that slopes towards the East direction settings. Seen from the South, East and West to continuous m-shaped, without a space.

Due to the array (in units of fixed solar panels on stage), there was no space between, to maximize the number of solar panels to power stations set up.

Tilt toward the South before setting the panels because the North will have Panel shadow, you need in between the back seat empty until a certain distance. And headed west to tilt, you no longer have to consider the impact of shadow, rows without having to empty out the distance between before and after, you can increase the number of panels.

Solar panels to the tilt towards the East and West, compared with the tilt toward the South, although electricity per Panel per day would be reduced, but within the station laying additional panels generate effects to improve efficiency.

NTT facilities, and tilts towards the South before panels of power generation systems, unit covers an area of solar panels can be installed capacity increased 20~40%, annual energy output increased 10~30%.

With the lower purchase price and land suitable for photovoltaic power generation, such as, in the future, PV power station design requires a higher level of efficiency. Methods consist of the East-West direction tilt setting panels, to maximize the number of makes, improve space efficiency, aims also guarantees power station operational in the future.

Using this method of photovoltaic power generation system could serve as a “f-m Type Solar Package” put into production and start selling. 2016-sales of 800 million yen.

Supplied without prejudice to construction and maintenance of the case, with m-shaped configuration of solar panels and photovoltaic inverter (PCS) and other power equipment.

Panels tilt to the East and West directions, generating electricity is not the same. On an East-West direction tilt panels are used to power control mechanism.

Original title: to alternate panels to tilt new techniques, to increase the annual output of 30%

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