Supply chain price record low of solar cell production support

Polaris solar PV net news: solar market frozen, visibility is poor third quarter orders, wafer, solar cell, component inventory backlog. TrendForce’s new EnergyTrend study by the Energy Department Deputy Manager Lin Yan Rong said, in the face of immense market, July prices will continue down the supply chain, in which the cells become the hit of this season, prices hit a record low. Due to this year’s massive glut of industry expansion led to serious, EnergyTrend more pessimistic forecast August solar market, third quarter also appear in temperature.

Lin Yanrong pointed out that due to installing surge overheating in the first half, China demand recovery in the fourth quarter compared with the previous year to slow and gentle, around the recent inventory accumulation may make recovery difficult in the fourth quarter increase, continued expansion of new production companies of the future will face tough off-season testing, apart from actively reduce the efficiency, and enterprise development strategy is still the primary subject in response to fast-changing market.

Supply chain price record low of solar cell production support

Comprehensive provision for the supply chain, cell line loss

Rapid expansion due to silicon manufacturers, the market still strong demand for polysilicon, make the polysilicon price sector of the most support in the near future. July China price premium held steady at RMB140~145/kg, and the season starts, and many silicon manufacturers supply reduced due to annual maintenance, August is still a support. Markets outside China because there are no barriers to interference, making polysilicon prices slightly.

Mono and multi chip factory utilization rates still loaded, however, solar cell prices, should quickly, leading silicon chip prices also fell significantly in the near future. July multicrystalline generally sold in Taiwan around US$0.75~0.77/pc, China RMB5.6-5.8/pc. Lin Yan Rong said, compared with cell into a negative gross margin price war, polycrystalline drop relatively slowly, EnergyTrend estimated Silicon sector in late July to August is going to have significant price pressure, subsequent polysilicon prices also fell below and have US$0.74/pc.

China’s relatively strong demand of single crystal, Silicon is still able to maintain the balance between supply and demand, and silicon chip manufacturers rather than with the much widened spreads, it showed a significant cut in the near future. July China Silicon price of about RMB6.45/pc, and the spread of polycrystalline silicon chips remained at RMB0.6/pc, Taiwan silicon chip prices from US$0.88/pc down. Due to China’s monocrystalline silicon wafer costs competitive, expected follow-up adjusted for polycrystalline price policy does not change.

Market quiet, Taiwan solar cell cost is still unable to compete with Chinese solar cell cost. July solar cell market has fallen to US$0.26/W from top to bottom, Chinese battery plant can tolerate lower prices and competition in the “thanks to” situations, Taiwan solar cell factory utilization rates fall far more obvious than Chinese manufacturers generally fell between 60%-80%, estimated August cells might remain trend to prices falling. In addition, the recent plunge in China’s monocrystalline cell prices, even monocrystalline solar cell prices are Cliff-diving, and Taiwan manufacturers are still due to the high cost, unable to take orders for most trading sidelines.

Components, Hemlock, SolarWorld struggles added, American double reverse and the subsequent uncertainty in market conditions, games between the two countries in the short term due to a single vendor changing moment changes, so the industry remain watch, first to basic supply and demand respond to the off-season market. Lin Yanrong pointed out that due to the component for the expansion of this year’s most competitive sectors, stocks are rapidly accumulated, leading to falling price synchronization, except prices have been higher in the United States, Europe, Japan market, prices generally fell to the rest US$0.44-0.47/W.

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