Trial measures for the normal PV project competitive allocation of Inner Mongolia

Polaris solar PV net news: Chapter i. General provisions

First to standardize the photovoltaic power generation project management, optimizing the allocation of resources, doing the normal PV annual construction plan optimization work, according to the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board on improving the PV scale management and ways of introducing competition to configure the project’s guidelines (the change of energy [2016]1163), developed this approach.

Article II scope of these measures for common PV and business sectors in our region have registered businesses. Ordinary lead PV mean PV technology demonstration bases, PV scale of poverty alleviation and the State not subject to annual limits on other items.

PV third ordinary competitive allocation (hereinafter referred to as competitive allocation) optimally. Optimization work to follow compliance according to law, the principles of openness, fairness and justice.

Chapter II. procedures

Fourth, Inner Mongolia development and Reform Commission (hereinafter referred to as State development and Reform Commission), grid access conditions, according to the Union, the level of power to dissolve, as well as the annual PV power station construction completed on factors to co-ordinate common PV annual construction scale of the State assigned to the AU head of municipal investments Department, organized the annual construction target of Union City investment authorities selecting the best configuration. Related work by the city announced to the society.

Fifth, in accordance with this approach, each League principles and requirements determine the annual implementation programme for photovoltaic power generation in the region, and reported to the State development and Reform Commission, summary form a photovoltaic power station construction program.

Sixth city investment authorities should be entrusted with accrediting bodies of grade a engineering consultation qualification organization, evaluate the number of experts and form determined by the competent departments of city investment, should ensure that the selection process is open, fair and equitable, the whole energy regulators and discipline inspection and supervision departments are invited to participate in.

Seventh group of experts issued in written form to participate in the selection of projects score comments, Union City investment authorities according to the expert opinions to determine annual implementation programme for photovoltaic power generation in the region, and to the public.

Chapter III. assessment criteria

Nineth participate in selecting the best enterprise shall satisfy the following conditions: participation in selecting the best business business scope of registration shall contain the new energy development, construction, operations, and other related content; registered capital shall not be less than 5 million; non-defaulting credit.

Article tenth participation in selecting the best projects should meet the following requirements: investment section Nineth; with a clear site coordinates and flag above the county level issued by the Lands Department land views flag issued by power grid enterprises above the county level grid access.

The fourth chapter. selecting the content

11th highest rated content including price evaluation, technology assessment, business investment capacity and performance evaluation, evaluation of grid access, power to dissolve evaluation and social responsibility assessment contents of these six parts, as detailed in the annex of the Inner Mongolia normal PV project selection criteria.

Chapter fifth. supervision

12th annual construction plans of the project should be made in strict accordance with the National Energy Board issued the notice on implementing renewable energy generation project management (new [2015]358) require, in the National Department of energy renewable energy generation project management information management platform.

Article 13th project investors (shareholders and equity ratio) and the main building are not allowed to change. As adjusted due to mergers and acquisitions, in the same Division of labor within the Group and other reasons, the need to change investment or equity ratio should strictly carry out change procedure according to the relevant State provisions. Project owner for any reason is strictly prohibited the sale of annual construction programme.

14th by optimizing access to construction project shall be in accordance with the contract price and standard construction, production should be entrusted to authorities after completion of the project work, and form a comprehensive completion report, invested by the city authorities to review and provide comment.

15th composite acceptance does not pass or acceptance of data falsifications projects are not declare additional renewable electricity price subsidy, project companies and groups may not engage in such competitive allocation activities within 5 years.

Article 16th all departments and units for any reason is not allowed to charge made the annual construction plans of the enterprise.

17th may restrict foreign participation in the competition and not to collect any fees for any reason; no price sale items or performance shares and other illegal means against the legitimate interests of enterprises.

The sixth chapter. supplementary provisions

18th article this way a trial period of one year.

19th article this way as of the date of promulgation.

20th article of the approach by the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is responsible for the interpretation of the development and Reform Committee.

Annex: Inner Mongolia autonomous region, General optimization of PV power plant project score sheet

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