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Polaris solar PV net news: provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the national development and Reform Commission, the Department of energy, national development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang, relating to energy companies:

According to the State Council on carrying out the policy of steady growth measures required, for accelerating the complementary optimization demonstration projects, improve energy efficiency, increase effective supply, meet reasonable demand, promote effective investment, promoting stable economic growth, makes the following suggestions:

First, building

More can complementary integrated optimization model engineering main has two species mode: a is oriented Terminal user electric, and hot, and cold, and gas, variety with can needs, adjusting measures to local conditions, and and manpower development, and complementary using traditional energy and new energy, optimization layout construction integration integrated for can based facilities, through gas thermoelectric cold triple for, and distributed can renewable energy and energy intelligent micro-network, way, achieved more can collaborative supply and energy integrated cascade using; II is using large integrated energy base wind, and solar, and water, and coal, and Combined advantages of natural gas resources, promoting the construction of wind-hydro energy storage can complement system running.

Construction more can complementary integrated optimization model engineering is building “Internet +” wisdom energy system of important task one of, conducive to improve energy supply and demand coordination capacity, promoted energy clean production and near elimination na, reduced abandoned wind, and abandoned light, and abandoned water power, promote can renewable energy elimination na, is improve energy system integrated efficiency of important hand, for construction clean low carbon, and security efficient modern energy system has important of significance and far-reaching of strategy meaning.

Second, the main tasks

(A) Terminal integrated energy supply systems

In new town, and new industry Park, and new large public facilities (airport, and station, and hospital, and school,), and business district and Island area, added with can regional, strengthening terminal for can system and manpower planning and integration construction, adjusting measures to local conditions implementation traditional energy and wind, and solar, and geothermal energy, and biological quality can, energy of collaborative utilization, optimization layout power, and gas, and thermal, and for cold, and water tube Gallery, based facilities, through gas thermoelectric cold triple for, and Distributed renewable and intelligent energy micro-grid to achieve complementary and collaborative supply, for the user to provide intelligent and efficient energy supply and related value-added services, and implementation of energy demand management, promoting clean production and energy to dissolve, and improve the efficiency of energy utilization.

In existing industrial parks, large public buildings, residential and other focus areas, implementation of integrated energy supply system for energy cascaded use transformation application available for models, while strengthening the heat and pressure, as well as industrial by-products, solid waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of energy and resources.

(B) wind-hydro energy storage can complement system

In Qinghai, and Gansu, and Ningxia, and Inner Mongolia, and Sichuan, and Yunnan, and Guizhou, provinces, using large integrated energy base wind, and solar, and water, and coal, and gas, resources combination advantage, full play basin cascade hydropower station, and has flexible regulation performance thermal power unit of adjustable peak capacity, established supporting power scheduling, and market trading and price mechanism, carried out scenery fire storage more can complementary system integration run, improve power output power of stability, upgrade power system elimination na wind electric, and Photovoltaic power generation and other intermittent renewable energy capacity and overall efficiency.

Third, the goal

In 2016, on the basis of existing projects and project upgrades and system integration, started construction of the first demonstration projects. “Thirteen-Five” during the National Terminal integration built for demonstration projects of more than 20, national demonstration project of landscape water storage can complement more than 3.

By 2020, the provincial (district, municipal) by Terminal integration of new industrial park reached 50% per cent of the energy supply system, both implementation of comprehensive energy cascading utilization ratio of transformation of the industrial park reach 30%. National demonstration project of landscape water storage can complement split-air ratio control within 5%, abandon rate contained within 3%.

Four, principles and methods

(A) optimization, improve efficiency

Terminal integrated energy supply systems to maximize energy efficiency, heat, electricity and cooling load balance adjustment for economic and reasonable competitive market as the main target, and optimizing system configuration, the average fossil fuel conversion efficiency should be greater than 70%. Wind and hydro energy storage can complement system in order to optimize the stock-oriented, focus on regional abandon wind or deserted, abandoned water; for wind and hydro energy storage can complement system-building conditions, new project which takes precedence.

(B) innovation, science and technology

Complementary optimization demonstration projects of innovation policy environment, institutional mechanisms and business models, qualifying demonstration projects give priority to countries on flexible price policies, incentives and reform initiatives. Promoting integration, strengthening system integration, optimization and other related technology research and development, promoting technological progress and equipment manufacturing capacity upgrades. Demonstration projects should be given priority by the independent technical equipment for independent projects with a high level of priority and scheduling.

(C) the pilot advance to progressively extend

Push Terminal integration for demonstration projects, energy base model construction on landscape water storage can complement, industrial model and management system, market building, combining price mechanism reform, exploring promotes complementary effective mode of large scale development of integrated demonstration project, and applied on a pilot basis.

Five policy measures

(A) implement a new pricing mechanism

Implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the reform of price system in accordance with the “Control Center, release the two” general idea, advance the reform of electricity, natural gas and other energy prices, promoting the diversification of market competition, primarily determined by the market mechanism for energy prices.

Terminal integration for demonstration projects in energy prices before the formation of the market mechanism, in accordance with the market-oriented reform, implemented to improve efficiency of electricity prices, price and gas price new price formation mechanisms. Implementation of peak-Valley price, season prices, interruptible price, high reliability, price, two-part pricing science price systems, promote the implementation of the gas and electricity price linkage price mechanism, leading electricity, natural gas users to actively participate in demand-side management. Specific policies and level of prices by national and local Department in charge of price determined according to the permissions.

For landscape water storage and complementary demonstration projects, integrated and simulated market price market price formation and the Government two means of speeding up the spot market for electricity and natural gas, electric power construction of the ancillary services market, perfect peak, frequency modulation, standby and other auxiliary services market-oriented price mechanism. In front of a market-oriented price formation and implementation to play various types of power regulation performance of power price, gas price and service price mechanism.

(B) increase policy support

Recognized by the State of complementary optimization demonstration projects the province identified priority on our national energy planning (district, municipal) thermal power installed capacity, size and the total amount of subsidies for renewable energy development indicator lines. Scenery model projects on hydro-thermal storage can complement in situ after the Elimination of surplus capacity, priority participation in inter-provincial power to dissolve. Qualified complementary optimization projects will be the focus of investments in the energy field. Eligible projects may apply for additional renewable electricity price subsidies according to the procedure, the provinces (regions and municipalities) can be combined with local realities, through investment subsidies or subsidized, offer special bonds to give specific support policy related projects.

(C) innovative management systems and business models

Active support for the Government and social capital model (PPP) building complementary optimization demonstration projects. Combined with the reform of the electric power, oil and gas work, innovative terminals integrated energy supply system management and operation mode, carry out reform of the electricity sales business open. National Energy Board, in conjunction with relevant departments to improve electricity (gas, heat), network access, network operation and other technical standards and specifications, coordinating energy, energy, electricity (gas, heat) net interest, addressing Terminal integrated energy supply system for grid-connected electricity, heat and Internet issues. Network, gas network, heat and other network related businesses responsible for providing convenient, timely, barrier-free access to the Internet and emergency services, the implementation of fair scheduling. Terminals integrated energy supply system of innovation business model, encourage the taking of power grids, gas, heat, holding company or equity participation to form integrated energy company engaged in the marketing of services for, the sale of electricity and other services, actively promote services such as contract energy management, integrated energy market mechanism. Speed up the construction of information service platform for intelligence of the Internet and provide users with open sharing, flexible, intelligent integrated energy supply and value-added services.

Six, implementation mechanism

(A) the overall planning layout

The national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board national energy planning clearly complementary integrated optimization model in construction tasks, and relevant to the national-level demonstration projects included in the plan. The province (district, and city) energy competent sector should in provincial energy planning in the clear local district construction target and task, for this province (district, and city) new town, and new industry Park, added with can regional, Organization related place energy, and urban construction, about sector research developed regional for with can system integrated planning, strengthening and city, and land, related planning convergence, through market tender, way optimization investment subject, and manpower arrangements for with can based facilities construction. Focus on projects with a national model, by the provincial energy Department submitted to the national development and Reform Commission and the State Energy Bureau, the national development and Reform Commission and the State Energy Bureau, the Organization has qualified third party audit found, announced to the social Union.

(B) to strengthen organization and coordination

The national development and Reform Commission, National Energy Board, in conjunction with relevant departments to promote integrated optimization and guidance with complementary implementation of demonstration projects, and organizations to develop policies and demonstration project evaluation standards, coordinate major issues in policy implementation. The province (district, and city) energy competent sector should research developed more can complementary integrated optimization model engineering implementation programme, is responsible for province (district, and city) model project of organization coordination and supervision management, optimization and simplified project approved program, coordination solution project implementation process in the of problem, timely to about sector report implementation in the appeared of problem and the policy recommends, ensure model project construction progress, and quality and model effect.

(C) intensified supervision

Local Office of the national energy Administration should strengthen the complementary integrated optimization model in engineering supervision, fiscal planning and implementation, project approval, price support policies, incorporation and operation issued opinions, promote complementary effective implementation of integrated demonstration project.

The national development and Reform Commission

National Energy Board

The July 4, 2016

Original title: two ministries and on promoting the complementary implementation of integrated optimization model construction

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