Vigilant PV poor yanguobamao

Polaris solar PV net news: as China’s poverty alleviation campaign began, precise and efficient photovoltaic poverty alleviation in the country burn a prairie fire, PV accurate poverty reduction strategy important to poverty alleviation has become a central. But in actual practice in a variety of “local color”. In this regard, the senior expert of the photovoltaic industry, the national development and Reform Commission’s Energy Research Institute researcher Wang Si reminder, some local governments have yet to understand the national PV pro-poor policies, local policies, and should note and corrected in a timely manner.

Called “tender”, it is for the “investment”

Has learned the PV in Taihu County, Anhui Province, poor tender, clear bidders are required to provide investment and construction programmes, investment programmes should be unconditionally in accordance with the requirements of government investment in Taihu County progress, investment, invest and build factories and other requirements, minimum investment amount is 50 million. Bidding to obtain the full score, investments of more than 150 million Yuan, and shall make a written commitment in the bid documents, or this item is not. If corporate willingness to invest and build factories, will eventually not be able to participate in PV for poverty alleviation.

Was also noted in the bidding process of the investment plan for the construction of a factory is 15 points, while directly related to power plant proceeds and effect of technical solution only 10 minutes. Conditions of this unilateral increase investment in Taihu County, asked to be involved in equipment manufacturing industry enterprises investment behavior, in fact, is the photovoltaic project “yanguobamao”, be the type of national pro-poor policies, bait-“tender” to “investment”, and countries help poor poverty objective “meat soup”. Move not only makes willing to participation PV poverty, and active perform social responsibility of enterprise investment cost sharply increased, contusion General enterprise more widely participation PV poverty of enthusiasm, even has “those involved in” smacks of, forced part enterprise to bid will additional increased of cost transfer to PV poverty project quality Shang, for big area quality problem buried Xia hidden, more important of is cannot guarantee poverty returns, damage Government public letter force, damage national advance full built well-off social overall.

Avoid “PV poverty” deviation “photovoltaic pastes of poverty”

Earlier, the National Energy Board issued the notice on the specification for PV power plant investment and development order explicitly prohibiting local protection and increasing the burden on enterprises, energy Bureau of Anhui Province in May this year, also issued the circular on promoting the sustained and healthy development of photovoltaic power station, which provides that “no acts that violate the rules of market economy, … … In principle there will be no supporting capacity-building, as the preconditions of enterprises to invest in PV power plant. “

Now to a critical period of poverty in our country, poverty alleviation is an important political task at present, is a priority, the first livelihood project, according to local conditions develop photovoltaic poverty alleviation, the fundamental objective is to help poor people to become rich. Taihu County, Anhui Province, the Government has done, let us ask, they are poor, or for a moment of achievement?

The answer is obvious! Taihu ignored policy provides, using tender mark, take “PV poverty” name, blatant requirements enterprise to investment built factory as into “threshold”, actually is use public power forced assessed, and strong buy strong sold, using national give poverty masses poverty of “cost” reached other purpose, makes “poverty” into “paste poverty”, this aggravated poverty burden, and ignored poverty development livelihood engineering of behavior, must caused competent sector of height alert and attention.

The end of April this year, XI Jinping in jinzhai County, Anhui Province, General Secretary PV studied poverty alleviation, a few days ago to visit a village in Ningxia’s agricultural photovoltaic poverty, praised “the poverty here (PV poverty alleviation) did a solid”. But to poor PV is solid, it’s not that easy.

PV anti-poverty work is a large and complex project, only pay special attention to every project, promotion of the get rich project landed as soon as possible, in order to speed up the pace of poverty, poverty really hold true, poverty alleviation, support real “direction”, and constantly open up a new situation for China’s poverty relief and development.

Original title: vigilant PV project “yanguobamao”

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