When PV power station hit by torrential rain you do these

Polaris solar PV net news: since June 30, and the Yangtze River middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and huaihe River, South-Eastern woes into the strongest since flood season rainfall, caused severe flooding in some areas. Southern part of the PV power station in the provinces affected by heavy rains and flooding affected into a veritable “sea of photovoltaic”. Rain-soaked component can use? How to prevent losses caused by storm or flood to PV? All tell you below.

Recently, the PV people around in a circle of friends has it that a group of pictures. According to reports, this PV power station in Macheng of Hubei Province, has just completed shortly, are blisters into “Yue Kwong mutual complements”.

When PV power station hit by torrential rain you do these

Before the flood

When PV power station hit by torrential rain you do these

When PV power station hit by torrential rain you do these

When PV power station hit by torrential rain you do these

After the flood

(Picture from beans you circle of friends)

It is understood that after blistering PV power station, in addition to part of the PV module can salvaged, electrical equipment for scrap. Distressed owners, just installed power plant just scrapped.

In love above power plant owners, while bean King also guest star on today Weatherman, along the Yangtze River and Southeast coastal area owners built a PV attention!!

When PV power station hit by torrential rain you do these

(Photo source: China Meteorological Administration)

Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, heavy rain will continue.

When PV power station hit by torrential rain you do these

(Photo source: China Meteorological Administration website)

1th Typhoon “nepartak” has formed in the Western Pacific Ocean, is expected to be in the afternoon of 8th log in coastal areas of Fujian and Zhejiang. Will to Fujian, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu and other provinces brought heavy rain.

When PV power station hit by torrential rain you do these

(Pictured under the China Meteorological Administration and the Chinese Department of energy information, and for information purposes only)

Deeper blue in the diagram above, may result in greater impact of heavy rainfall and flooding. In heavy rain in the area, Jiangsu Province in 2015 when the total installed capacity of power station of 3.04 million-kilowatt, at the 890,000-kilowatt in Anhui Province, Yunnan province, 630,000-kilowatt, Hubei Province, 430,000-kilowatt, greater risk of ground power station water, ground power station owners pay special attention to protection of these provinces.

Were soaked PV power plant should do?

According to the Japan Photovoltaic Association (JPEA) published last September of photovoltaic equipment approach after the soak, photovoltaic power generation system was under water or flooding, very close or touching PV inverter (PCS) and the solar panel power supply cables and connectors may get a shock when, therefore do not use near or touching.

When PV power station hit by torrential rain you do these

(Source: JPEA official website)

JPEA said suffered flood damage to the solar panel insulation faults may occur. Contacts there is risk of electric shock. In the process of recovery operations, and when you must contact to avoid bare-handed operation, and to take measures against electric shock (use rubber gloves and rubber boots, and so on) to reduce the risk of electric shock.

More than one solar panel to connect the wind or swept away by the water, if it is powered on, may Sun power and high voltage and current. Need to pull the protective rope around it, avoiding staff accidentally entered.

Flooding of the PCS, the DC circuit may short circuit. If the solar panel is powered on, PCS through a short circuit may cause a short circuit and heat. Find construction of PCS when you want to contact a sales operator to seek countermeasures. For processing, to be safe, JPEA is recommended to take measures against electric shock at the same time, disconnect breaker PCS.

How to reduce the impact of floods on the PV power plant

Careful site selection

Integrate PV site administrative requirements, Sun resources, such as climatic conditions, geographic and address, hydrology, air quality, transportation and power transmission conditions.

In the area of hydrologic conditions to consider short-time maximum precipitation precipitation, such as depth of water, flood and drainage conditions, these factors will directly affect the support of PV systems systems, frame based design and installation of electrical equipment.

High water depth, the components and other electrical equipment installation height is high.

The bracket base flood safety.

Poor drainage conditions, the long-term flooding of base metal stent.

Additional drainage systems-protection systems

Effect of rainfall on the station are mainly rain-soaked, ground station, catch the light complementary power stations and water power station should be based on the location of meteorological and hydrological conditions set the appropriate drainage facilities, or in heavy rain before the arrival of additional temporary drainage facilities.

Family distributed PV installed on flat roofs should also pay attention to drainage to prevent damage due to rain-soaked for PV power plant.

Choose the right solar insurance

1, power plant operation of all risks: this covers mechanical or electrical accidents; non-mechanical or electrical accidents, such as fire, explosion, fall of flying objects,; natural disasters: tornadoes, lightning, storm, flood, Blizzard, ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain, mudslides, avalanches, sudden losses of property caused by landslides.

2, consequential loss insurance: interruption of operation and extra expense insurance: this covers natural disasters, accident lead to interruption of operation of photovoltaic power station, such as indirect losses, including the expected increase in generating capacity and subsidies to diminish, and fixed costs.

Some people say that the face of natural disasters, no amount of prevention and remedial measures are of no use; others say the South flooded ground station to tell us, is installing roofs in the future distributed PV, so that the water level to rise to at least cover the whole House were covered in order to “get” photovoltaic devices, do not worry about the roof water problem.

This is consolidated from JPEA website and other online information.

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