Why repeated evictions photovoltaic plant on the roof

Polaris solar PV net news: first look at several cases:

Wuhan residents, Mr Tung uses its own single rooftop photovoltaic power station construction, were illegally built by city demolition

According to the Changjiang daily reported: Jiangxia district, Wuhan City, “sunny 100” residential property owners, Mr Tung has invested 200,000 yuan, using its own single-family home roof construction of photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic power stations built on the first day were urban demolition on the grounds that it is illegal construction.

Take on Mr Tung to PV power station construction in Wuhan’s first rooftop PV power station owners–Takamatsu, his company in Wuhan has met with Mr Tung was removed contrary to the situation many times.

Wuhan urban management Bureau said, roofing to build photovoltaic power station is the meed of city management, before law enforcement in this regard may refer to the policies and regulations in the blank, the urban management Bureau specially to the national development and Reform Commission to understand relevant policies, require uniform enforcement of various city departments.

Reports of Wuhan urban management Bureau said that roof PV power station construction needs to meet two conditions. One is relying on the buildings and facilities should be legal; second, involving public roof Builder should be with the consent of the other owners agree, otherwise regarded as unauthorised.

Second, Mr Li used his terrace installed PV power plant of Wuhan residents, property rights were urban demolition

According to the chutian metropolis daily reported: residents who lives in Wuhan huangpi district, capital of Northern Han Li, invested 100,000 yuan to take advantage of outside his house when installing the PV power station more than 50 square meters of Terrace, terrace property incomplete, just began to build steel frame was urban demolition.

On May 23, 2016, Mr Li is when installing a steel frame, and she Kou city Squadron found the situation. Mr Li cannot provide proof of terrace of his home alone, City law enforcement officers concluded that this was illegal construction, to dismantle it. Law enforcement officials said, as long as the housing management Department demonstrate terrace of Mr LI’s House, he can again install photovoltaic power stations.

Third, Mr Tsui in linquan, Anhui residents build distributed station was suspended by city stopped construction of the roof construction equipment

According to Yingzhou evening news reported on June 10, 2016, linquan County linquan County in Anhui Province, Mr Xu chengnanxinqu new communities in liuzhuang village resident qifengxian, xiaoyingda on the roof of the home-building distributed PV power station, was sudden, linquan County rural and urban Administration Bureau of law enforcement officers halted construction, and suspend the construction equipment.

Given by law enforcement officials on the grounds that, for such construction must obtain approval from planning and safety sector.

Reports said Xu photovoltaic power stations construction in June of this year, he reached an agreement with qifengxian, and Xiao Ying, in which the roof construction of distributed PV power stations, building area of about 180 square meters, installed capacity of 30-kilowatt.

According to past experience, the Mr Tsui in linquan County power supply company departments for the filing procedures, and grid-connected applications, construction commenced immediately.

For the temporary suspension of construction equipment, linquan County rural and urban Administration Bureau surnamed Yang said that when he received orders to go to law enforcement and to Mr Xu, who ask for the planning and approval procedures of the safety supervision Bureau, the other cannot provide.

Linquan County Planning Bureau and work safety supervision Bureau, staff respond to that, they never apply for related operational and administrative examination and approval procedures. Therefore, urban-rural Administration to Mr Tsui, linquan requested procedures, they are unable to provide.

Linquan County power supply company, said Xu, Xiao Ying, who has come to the company’s filing, through field investigation, in line with the construction of distributed PV power station conditions. Meanwhile, Xiao Ying has provided the company with a grid-connected applications. According to the regulations, after the installation of related equipment, the Department will organize personnel to check, upon the acceptance of grid-connected power generation.

Four MS, CE, Wang used the balcony in front of the open platform construction of photovoltaic power plants, was torn down by Nanchang city

According to the Jiangxi daily reported on July 11, 2016, who lives in spring of Cheng Cheng Lake, Lake Road, Nanchang district Wang, balcony in front of an open platform for housing construction of photovoltaic power plants, in the case of Wang family is not present, is torn by Nanchang County Committee law enforcement team.

Ms Wong said the platform owner Chen has authorized her to use.

Urban Management Department’s reply is, stainless steel frames are illegal structures. Given Wang’s correction of the notice of violation, removal of requirement for owners to 10th building.

Nanchang, head of the energy Bureau of national development and Reform Commission said, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project construction to maximize simplify approval and procedures must take into account the carrying capacity of buildings, but owners will be required to clear the housing ownership and construction of grid access such external conditions.

Photovoltaic industry, according to photovoltaic power generation facility in Nanchang urban management Department dismantled, has happened several times. Urban Management Department dismantled photovoltaic power generation facility, guise may be worried about residents installed PV power, irregularities in other structures.

Five new district, Nanchang, and stone city departments, PV power generation projects at the top houses additional silicon plate frame height exceeds the provisions of 2.2 meters, belong to illegal structures, shall be ordered to dismantle

According to the new legal newspaper in July 2016, Nanchang city, as designated by the national development and Reform Commission, “thousands of rooftop photovoltaic power generation demonstration project” one of the ten service providers, people Wang Hongping company in Nanchang, Jiangxi new ban Shi BU Zhen was urban management Department. Local urban management Department said that PV power projects due to house additional silicon plate frame at the top, over provisions of 2.2 meters, belong to illegal structures, ordered removed.

Wang Hongping later learned that city departments adhere to found Silicon frame equipment for “building”, and the NDRC approval is identified as “ancillary equipment”.


Recently, the “rooftop PV” seems to be “illegal” and “urban management” on it.

According to the industry, other than publicly reported, was urban management Department to request demolition of rooftop PV power plant more and more in the near future, because agreement belongs to the illegal construction.

This no doubt is promotion of distributed PV industry players a heads up.

For residents to use their roof or a total roof construction of venues and other resources distributed PV power station, supported by the Central Government to the local governments at all levels will undoubtedly have a positive attitude. Set up across from the EPC number of service companies, as well as the ever-growing province of grid-connected distributed project data, we can see that the momentum in the markets.

However, due to distributed PV is still a new thing, community understanding of PV will not too much will inevitably encounter not to be understood in its promotion, which requires the parties to work together to solve.

For distributed PV investors or EPC services, urban management should also be a little more understanding, after all, the urban order rests with the management of the task. Therefore, in the case of possible, can not communicate in advance? Or, took the opportunity to go to PV science officers do?

On the competence of the Urban Management Department has jurisdiction over residents built the roof PV power plant problem, you don’t have to struggle.

Wikipedia shows that urban administrative enforcement Bureau or administration of comprehensive urban management enforcement Bureau, referred to as the “City Council”, “City”, is the urban management in China responsible for the integrated administrative law enforcement departments.

Its duties is on city sanitation, and city planning management (no card illegal construction punishment), and road traffic order (for example punishment vendors illegal accounted for road), and business administration (no as business punishment), and municipal management, and utilities management, and city water management, and parking management, and garden green management, and environmental protection management, and construction site management (containing demolition site management), and city River Lake management, and black, and black Guide, city management of the aspects for integrated administrative law enforcement.

Distributed solar PV application is undoubtedly the most broad market, is to mobilize the whole society to participate in clean development of energy conservation and one of the best ways. The healthy development of the market, and related to the PV industry’s future, but also the great cause of clean development.

Therefore, regardless of whether people in the industry, have a responsibility to protect this.

For the industry, in addition to projects in accordance with specifications and construction, should also consider more projects and surrounding environment of harmonious relationship between issues.

I simply summed up the views, only for distributed PV industry and wants to invest in friends of distributed PV reference.

If you want to build a photovoltaic power plant 1, residents, it is best to do consulting work, particularly looking for professional service providers generating process is set up to understand, to not jam in the clearance process;

2, even with their rooftop photovoltaic power plant construction, as prior communication with the property, neighborhood, and neighbors. It is a positive representation of harmonious community construction, but also the development of clean, green energy in should. But communication, listen to what other people think, and nothing to lose, may also reap praise it, why not?

3, in the PV power plant building process, support should be avoided (not too high and too wide, and even to allow for shade in the shadow area has also covered other people’s sites, think more of such consequences is not a bad thing), construction should be strictly in accordance with building and construction codes. Of course, more important is to avoid “illegal construction” suspects;

4, PV power plant in the process of establishing, if urban management Department investigation should be the first time all the relevant procedures and licensing, and actively communicate with city departments to listen to each other, even if there have been problems with, should also work to avoid being dismantled on the spot of bad luck.

5, before the station intends to build the roof, take some time, took the design drawings, specifications and materials, the initiative to city and subdistrict offices and other departments “registering” to consult.

All in all, residents distributed PV market prospects, but due to the different realities all over, whether distributed PV developers, EPC, or a resident individual, intends to build a distributed solar projects before, should, where possible, to learn more about solar power basics, and to prepare more carefully, and then standardize construction.

So, make an environmental contribution for promoting green clean energy at the same time, you are also more likely to get a good feel, good mood, so why not?

Original title: why your photovoltaic plant on the roof will be urban demolitions?

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