Zhao Yonghong PV industry in transition period to a good science

Polaris solar PV net news: some recent experiences, often makes the author into fear.

For example, to participate in the Organization of an energy industry expert, the project undertaker is professional research organization in the field of energy. But in their report, the local photovoltaic no features, no technology, no innovation, no leading enterprises, not the local market, struggling.

This and the author in the daily work of the Association in the industry familiar with the local actual situation is completely different.

Again, experts participating in the recommended PV demonstration project review, hear some projects such as “roof PV power station difference, is not about”, “characteristics of our projects is maintenance-free, installed never go after” unprofessional argument.

Perhaps, the previous example in the field of energy photovoltaic experts know, more data collection from network, plus some of their own rational inference.

But this is also where the author worries, in PV manufacturing has been out of the high pollution, homogeneity, low innovation stage, who does so in understanding solar energy experts, the public awareness of the PV was perhaps more difficult objective.

Understanding of PV photovoltaic application units come from practices, but in photovoltaic applications have entered the technical differences, patterns of diversity, building operation and maintenance safety and standardization of new era, operation and management of large data, as a professional power plant investment unit with understanding PV applications, they don’t expect the general public to tell what road.

Now, as distributed in photovoltaic applications in towns and large scale, focus, and more and more people into the photovoltaic industry. However, PV project developers facing what development environment?

Business leaders have told me that their local government leaders not to accept PV industry not only think this industry is both pollution and poor quality over the years, no other explanation and resolution.

There are business leaders told me that its seat of enterprise, more and more people are beginning to make a roof photovoltaic projects, but a lot of people on the product quality control and system optimization design almost nothing. For example, some project most of the panels were shadows; some projects on the roof a large bracket and does not take into account the wind load.

As more and more people to join the PV applications when this irregular, unprofessional is increasingly common, serious work enterprises will inevitably feel anxious and powerless to market development.

Perhaps, PV people’s time to jump out of the circle of the industry recognize PV, promotion of PV.

Science to go out, the industry should exercise self-discipline

At present, renewable energy industry association, Hangzhou City have industry association of popular science as a key work, plans, games and series of events throughout, from the community to the school, from rural to industrial parks, from the science and technology museum to a newspaper column, expand the full range of industry knowledge, science. This is not an education, but a service.

Photovoltaic industry is at a very special time. On one hand, more public focus on PV, more and more people are beginning to know some more or less solar concepts. For example, green energy, alternative to coal, State subsidies, and so on. But on the other hand, very few people have a clear and complete understanding of PV and its application, and even more misunderstood. For example, is expensive and unreliable power quality, and so on.

Each awareness training for industrial park owner, I must say a Word is: industry self-regulation and examining the most effective form, is the customer understanding of the PV applications in place. If customers do not understand anything, just think cheap is good, the Association’s effectiveness is impossible to industry self-regulation work.

Perhaps, photovoltaic applications have spread after three or five years, science is no longer important. But at this time, I think, science to bear on a special mission, not to justify to the industry, nor speak for PV sense of social existence, but is committed to building a sound development of the industry and market environment.

Who we want them to change the understanding of the PV industry groups, as well as people with potential demand for photovoltaic applications, we should be sincere, serious science and lively, rigorous and popular propaganda and popular science.

Zhao Yonghong: PV industry in transition period to a good science

In May 2016, organised by the Association “renewable energy development and utilization of popular science exhibition, Hangzhou City” campaign entered the Hangzhou Crystal community, through experience, jigsaw puzzle games, award-winning, interactive forms, so that the general public find pleasure in the experience and improve public awareness of PV and other renewable energy applications.

Dependable and reliable dock

Such propaganda and popularization need people inside and outside the industry. For example, to make of people inside and outside the industry will understand that rooftop PV Application projects is not contravariant components, and electrical equipment all together can; rooftop PV projects when maintenance, not as long as the solar panels without control can bask in the Sun.

Power grid’s friends told the author that they frequently receives “lightning man” PV Tel. For example, some people through in his roof DIY shop equipment a photovoltaic power station, does not at all it’s a high-pressure job; for example, the incorporation of some factory equipment in hot temperatures, since there is no maintenance, even the inverter is bad and no one knew.

Of course, a different perspective, because the future of solar thermal, photovoltaic, so that’s what this type of phenomenon, and this does not mean that photovoltaic and photovoltaic market is all about.

After all, the industry seriously on a distributed project promotion enterprise of many in society seriously think people there are plenty of PV Application projects. Between them, mutual needs, this also makes it possible to build a sustainable business environment.

Though, to form a market mechanism, making reliable projects can always give honest businesses to do.

Psychological research shows that spread the good of others is an act of sale, and sales process, communicators do not need too much psychological cost. But on the contrary, spreading the good of others and personal referral sales behavior, because their credibility as collateral, then Communicator will bring major psychological cost.

Therefore, need a professional third party platform, to make serious and reliable customer needs and meet serious and reliable project developers here, project resources who not only more secure, project investment and construction companies are also more at ease.

Propaganda relies on data do the talking

So, who is the steadfast work of distributed PV industry does? We advocated by the outside world, would in reality, and their performance in line with what?

At a Conference on rural work system, the author has discussed with the new head of the Energy Department photovoltaic applications. When I say PV products can be used for 25 years, and during this period the above 80% of power generation capacity, opposite someone started shaking question: how is this possible? We have done many PV applications, solar panel problem with up to five years.

I believe that saying to each other must be the fact that they have ever experienced. Knowing full well it incompatible with the PV industry consensus at this time is far, but it could not be evidence at the scene, can only sigh at too large a gap between image and reality.

Need to pay attention to is, the other party does not refer to a quality no manufacturers of photovoltaic products, but there is that PV only five years of life.

PV is such an image in the eyes of some, are we surprised the industry?

Psychology there is a term called “generalization”, refers to the one thing people tend to understand, quickly into awareness of the sort of thing up.

To remove the extension, it is necessary to clearly tell each other, the doorway where, where is the difference.

On specific PV publicity, is to let people know that not all businesses are the same, not all projects are the same. While reliable professional enterprise, product, project, distinguishable from the industry, in order to prevent market “bad money drives out good money”.

For the professional judgment of whether to rely, is not to see who pay high taxes to the Government, is not to see who pay dues to the Association, not to see who influential people behind.

But by analyzing large data through expert advice, by objective, impartial third-party data or expert consensus is most persuasive.

So, to make industry more solid social acceptance.

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