15 State owned Yunnan Provincial price Bureau teamed up to challenge the expert

Polaris solar PV net news: energy companies joined forces against the local file, this is rare in the energy field.

Because of Huaneng, electricity and 14 innings, Huadian, China Guangdong nuclear, the three gorges, such as new energy mass opposition 15 new energy subsidiaries of State-owned enterprises, renewable energy in Yunnan province plan to benchmark prices for electricity prices from a power plant rate to electricity is still in question.

“This thing has its truth, in Yunnan province, Yunnan Provincial Government must first ensure the development of the local economy; businesses need to eat, survive. “China renewable energy society, Vice President, China solar energy society General Secretary Meng Xiangan on August 4, first financial said in an interview,” so who is this? who is right and who is wrong? local government, enterprises, all 50 strokes. ”

Companies if the price adjustment was due to profits

Previously of July 14, Yunnan province prices Council had held Conference, on “in national can renewable energy subsidies electric price standard not variable of situation Xia, reference Yunnan province hydropower enterprise average set sold price as Yunnan province wind electric, and PV benchmark Internet settlement electric price” policy sought views, including China China can group Yunnan province branch, and in the wide nuclear new energy holding limited Yunnan province branch, zainei of 8 home wind electric, and PV power Enterprise participate in.

Programme in Yunnan province, in case of State subsidies for renewable electricity standard price unchanged, reference average were sold as a set of hydropower enterprises in Yunnan province, Yunnan province, wind power, photovoltaic new benchmark settlement price.

But the policy promptly rejected by China and electricity 14 innings, China three gorges, China Guangdong nuclear, new energy and other 15 central enterprises, State-owned enterprises of subsidiaries and branches of the opposition. On July 15 joint authorship published a report titled of soliciting opinions on Yunnan wind power, photovoltaic power price policy feedback on this feedback, and passed out “not recognized”, “serious misunderstanding” and other words. Also said it reserved the right to appeal to the relevant ministries of the State.

In accordance with the view of the Yunnan Provincial price Bureau, the renewable energy sources Act, renewable reference price is based on conventional energy sources. So far as the Yunnan province, water and electricity are conventional energy in Yunnan province. Yunnan province, according to the data provided by the Department of energy, in 2014, generating capacity of 72.57 million-kilowatt, when the electricity 255 billion-kilowatt, dominated by hydropower and renewable power generation accounted for more than 70%.

But new energy enterprise is think, can renewable energy method on general energy of defined is station in national power structure of angle Shang consider of, so thermal power still is China of General energy, and thermal power is desulfurization coal-fired Internet electric price about for 0.33 Yuan/degrees, hydropower only for 0.2 Yuan/degrees, so, each degrees wind electric and PV power of price on will virtually cut 0.13 Yuan.

Studies have pointed out that, generally speaking, (the Internet) price per 1 cut hair, the plates (new energy) revenue revenue impact is about 5%-10%. In Yunnan province, the PV, wind power for areas without formation of scale, prices are down 1 cents on revenues of enterprises is very large. And enterprise on the original project is in accordance with the local government approved and promised the price system of investment, the Government says, projects would certainly face a revenue decline of dilemmas that have been implemented.

North China electric power University energy and power economic research Advisory Center Director Zeng Ming in accept first financial reporter interview Shi said, Yunnan Provincial Government introduced such of views, is full aspects consider to related factors and balance the aspects interests Hou proposed of, local Government on place power enterprise, and energy enterprise and place economy development are has demands; State-owned enterprises on Internet electric price has objections, main consider to from currently of using hours number and at investment of cost view, such of price to get due of profit, is due of. In the case of current overcapacity, decline in demand, prices from different angles and power plant request makes sense.

Do not price adjustment in Yunnan province not to dissolve the burden of new energy development in the past

Zeng ming believes that contributing to this phenomenon in the past inadequate planning and power enterprises invested irrational about, “wind solar power plants significantly too much plan weaker and there is a mistake in the past, irrational investment caused significant excess capacity. ”

Meng Xiangan further explained that is blind expansion of the enterprise; the second is local Government to expand the production scale, ignored the needs of local economic development. “I participate in many local photovoltaic program (meetings), (are) hard big scale of billions of revenue. ”

Data show that from 2014, the accelerated wind energy resources development and utilization in Yunnan province, the province added 1.033 million kW of installed capacity, representing an increase of 47.2%, as of 2014, Yunnan province, has approved the construction of the wind power capacity totaled 7.9585 million kilowatts. Grid-connected wind power industry in Yunnan province in 2015 the cumulative installed capacity reached 4.12 million-kilowatt, when 9.4 billion-kilowatt wind power generating capacity, wind power cumulative capacity approved 9.39 million-kilowatt, an increase of 1.4315 million kilowatts, the cumulative capacity under construction 5.27 million-kilowatt, rose 534,500 kW. From the cumulative approved today and building capacity, 2013-2015 approved by the wind power industry of Yunnan Province today volume growth year after year, 2014 rose 118.04% 2015 rose 17.99%.

This has attracted the attention of national energy authorities. This year, the National Energy Board issued by the National Energy Board issued a 2016 programme pointed out that the construction of photovoltaic power generation, without the new PV market conditions in Gansu and Xinjiang, Yunnan delay or release 2016 new PV capacity (PV poverty).

In fact, as early as 2012, Meng Xiangan warned: “to control the blind expansion of renewable energy development”.

Meng Xiangan analysis to reporters, although Thirteen-Five energy development plan, China has not announced, but the development of hydropower is expected to increase. He said current renewable wind power and photovoltaic also has abandoned wind up light, transportation to dissolve, as well as subsidies, a lot of problems, “could not be rushed.”

For conveying acceptance of wind power and optical problems, he had told the media that China’s economic development is extensive. So-called extensive is not scientific research and calculations, so often unbalanced. Behind the unbalanced, one is our poor management, lack of scientific planning management; another is the tangle of interests. In the course of development in recent years, China’s renewable energy development is very fast, the scale becomes the world’s first. Power grid construction couldn’t keep up, the fundamental problem is the problem of power system.

Both sides should calmly face of Yunnan hydropower rich, the reality of supply and demand highlights

Worth noting is that Yunnan province, even if the do not choose price adjustment, photovoltaic, wind turbine project in Yunnan province, will confront the reality of project approvals have been tightened.

As early as February of this year, Yunnan province Energy Department issued the guidelines on promoting the development and utilization of solar (hereinafter referred to as the views). The opinion states that, in Yunnan province, rich in hydropower resources, seen from the power structure does not need to develop photovoltaic power generation. Also points out that the opinion, Yunnan province are no longer developing terrestrial photovoltaic power stations, mainly focused on future development in photovoltaic farm (forestry, animal husbandry and fishery), solar water, solar refrigeration (dehydration, preservation), solar heat (drying, food processing), household PV poverty and urban and industrial park area of distributed PV roof.

On July 21, the Yunnan provincial development and Reform Commission issued a notice, to ease the problem of power supply-demand contradiction, according to optimize power supply layout, and strictly control the principle of incremental, focusing on the proposed project, Yunnan province has built and planned wind power and photovoltaic power generation project the economic, social and environmental benefits of third-party assessment. Notification noted that wind power building project strictly limited in 2014, agreed by the Yunnan Provincial Government the province restored wind turbine construction item in the list.

In 15 companies against price adjustment requests in Yunnan province, Yunnan Provincial price Bureau responded on August 4, a media interview, “if not timely adjustment of wind power, photovoltaic power generation settlement price, massive abandoned wind up will be hard to avoid. ”

This was interpreted by industry in Yunnan province, may hope that these companies can price and power consumption to make effective choices.

Yunnan province further explained that the adjustment of wind power, photovoltaic power generation enough of policy backing to the settlement price, both comply with the relevant provisions of the renewable energy law, also in line with the reform of electric power market, but also reduce the burden of social power necessary. New energy price adjustment is mainly to take advantage of price signals guiding and encouraging expansion of urban and rural residents use electricity, reducing fuelwood harvesting and consumption of primary energy resources such as coal and further release of electric power system reform dividend.

In addition to local restrictions, as requested by the strive for establishing electricity spot market within two years, renewable energies will compete in with other power supplies. Particularly in Yunnan province, solar wind turbine to face direct competition from hydropower, and price points are hard to keep.

Though released at the management level in the opinions on promoting the power market construction, proposed, arrangement throughout annual power generation plans full provision for generating space. Among them, wind power, solar power, biomass power generation, waste heat and pressure by gas resource conditions in accordance with arrangements in full power generation, hydro-balance condition, historical value and comprehensive utilization of resources requires electricity, nuclear power in the context of security taking into account peak needs electricity. But photovoltaic and wind power, Yunnan province, is facing competition with fellow renewable hydropower in Yunnan province, in terms of future prices and electricity generation are under a lot of pressure.

Zeng ming, wind power, solar is about to enter the market for trading, is expected to enter the market after the electricity costs and electricity prices will be reduced, “more clearly at the national development and Reform Commission, wind power, photovoltaic electricity prices by local desulfurized coal-fired generator sets new benchmark prices and national renewable energy subsidies in two parts. But the overall trend, subsidies will be less and less. Instead, fossil fuels before bidding, renewable energies must be involved in the market in the future. Renewable real market values are reflected in the existing environment is not, therefore, the current generation is hard to bid together. But the only way out is to power into the market and competitive, reflect its values, formed their own prices. ”

But Zeng Ming stressed, the Yunnan Provincial Government introduced the mode specified in the file is not modified, but with administrative measures to regulate the interests of all parties, Yunnan province and energy enterprises should adhere to market principles on the basis of further consultations.

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